Motorola reveals FM Capable Cell Phones

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

With the electronics market changing and becoming increasingly competitive, Motorola hopes to dip into the buyers market established by this years "super phone/mp3 player/camera/palm pilot/laser cannon" phenomenons like apples "i-phone" and the Microsoft's "Zune" by introducing the "W-series", A line of sleek new phones with the ability to feature internal FM radio capability.

In light of the recent popularity of satellite radio, the move to FM seems like a risky venture for Motorola, but it does hold some advantages over satellite radio, such as the ability to receive radio signal indoors, which for some consumers who commute on public transportation, work indoors, or live in a large urban area, would be a huge selling point against satellite radio, especially the portable versions. It will be interesting to see how these FM radio phones will pan out and if Sirius or XM will be able to provide a similar type of integration to jump the hurdle that the lack of reception indoors creates. In the long run, Satellite radio still holds the deck of cards so to speak in advantages over FM (Variety of Selection, Editing, Lack of Commercials etc.), but the ability to reach EVERBODY, easily could sway some consumers to come back to their long lost friend FM.

These trends should be interesting to watch in the upcoming months as the W-Series makes its debut. Also any consumer interested in industry trends can't help but wonder, what will they come up with next? In other words: only time will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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