More talk of the "Stern Effect"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just wanted to share this great article from Crave Magazine written by Johnny Firecloud (think that's his real name?) this week. It is a really great article about Stern and not only his effect on Sirius, but sattelite radio as a whole. It is a GREAT article for Stern and Sirius

LONG LIVE THE KING: Howard Stern Still Rules the Airwaves. By Johnny Firecloud

***Plus you can enter to win an autographed copy of Artie Lange's Beer League on their website

Bubba the Love "Manning"??

Well much like Peyton Manning, our Howard 101 favorite is becoming an advertising juggernaut of sorts... Well at least Bubba is out and about promoting and pushing not just Sirius. Bubba has been seen in many ads in print media for Prosource Performance supplements, saying that he lost 70lbs with diet, training (with Hogan), and that using one of Prosouces products. Bubba has been seen in a few fitness magazines and is now a spokemans of sort for Prosource, a role which he is sharing with Survivor star Stephanie LaGrossa who is pushing Prosources protein supplements products. Bubba will be spending time this spring doing appearances for Prosource at The Arnold Classic in Columbus, signing copies of his article in Muscle & Fitness magazine due out on news stands in a couple of week.

But to GSI, at least Bubba is out there building not only his name, but Sirius' image as well.

Check out more here (I really like them calling Bubba a Radio Superstar)!

Jamie Foxx's "FOXXHOLE" Channel

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sirius Announced that they will have a new comedy channel sometime this spring. Sirius Channel 106 will be FOXXHOLE, a channel for exclusive urban comedy, entertainment and lifestyle Programming. Academy Award winning Actor and American Music award winning singer, Jamie Foxx will be the executive producer for the channel. Foxx won the Best Actor nod from the Academy in 2005 for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie "Ray." Also co-executive producer will be Marcus King who has worked with Foxx in the past on may of his entertainment ventures including the short lived "The Jamie Foxx Show."

The Channel will be a 24/7 of programming focused around urban comedy bits, skits, music, and radio theatre. "SIRIUS Satellite Radio gives me the opportunity to create urban entertainment and programming like you have never heard on the radio." says Foxx. Foxx will host a weekly show on the channel as well as daily "segments" in which he will record no matter where he is or what he is doing in the world.

Check out more here at Variety.

Barbara Walters Weekly show on Sirius

Monday, January 22, 2007

InterVIEW specialist and Rosie O'Donnel's Best friend, Barbara Walters will have a weekly show on Sirius Stars Ch 102. The show will be a review of over 30 years of interviews with famous leads, actors, and the like! The premiere broadcast of Barbara Walters' Best of the Very Best will air January 22, 2007 at 6am. The show will re-air during the day and new shows will continue to air weekly on Mondays.

PENNY CRONE let go from Howard 100 News

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Howard Stern confirmed on his radio show this morning that one of the Howard 100 reporters was let go due to budgetiary reason. Penny Crone has been with Howard 100 News since she left Fox new in NYC. She made her Stern debut on Howard Sterns first day press confirence last year on January 9th 2006. She was let go 1 year and 7 days later.

Check out more at the NY Daily News


The AP reported today that Sirius and XM stocks plundged yesterday afternoon after the FCC commisioner said that there is no chance that the two satrads will be able to merge. Kenin Martin said that the 2 lincenes that were granted to the companies procluded them in ever joining together. The more and more you hear about the possible merger the more and more Mr Martin comes out with guns blaring that the FCC will not allow it. THE SAGA CONTINUES!

Read More Here


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here is more and more talk about the prospect of the possible Merger between XM and Sirius. No real hard news has come out of either camp, but it seems to be more and more of a possibility as the weeks pass. Here are numerous articles from the past few days about the possible Merger.

From Space News

From Blogging Stocks

and From The AP

and from Forbes (today)

Also in the wake of all the Merger Talks a group of Law Students at George Washington University have started an advocacy group to prepare to protect the subscribers or both services. Check it out at FMQB and PRNewsWire

Keep checking back at GSI to see if anything new happens!

Bubba the Love...COLE?

GSI sends out its best wishes to Howard 101's afternoon drive jock got hitched over the weekend to girlfriend Heather Cole. Joining the whole "Sponge" crew at the wedding was Howard Stern and all of the shows regulars. Also there was Hulk Hogan and family, who hopefully where there with their "Hogan Knows Best" Crew (I doubt it!).

Eric Deggans in his St Petersburg Times article said that the wedding was "Unusually Normal" and that Clem and Cole got married at the First Baptist Church of St Petersburg.

Well I bet the videos on Howard TV are going to be worth the monthly charge. According to Stern this morning, Howard TV filmed "everything."

Check out More on Bubba's Wedding.... Here @ Radio Ink

Spectrum's Dave Mac passes away at the age of 43.

Friday, January 12, 2007

For those of you who are Spectrum fans you probable noticed that mid-day host Dave Mac left the air sometime in early December. Announced on Tuesday that Dave passed away to Brain Cancer over the weekend and the Spectrum has been running a tribute to him all week. Here is his Obituary as posted at

Long time SIRIUS host Dave McNamara (�Dave Mac�) passed away Saturday morning, succumbing to cancer. He was 43 years old. For the better part of his life, Dave was a musician...playing in and producing a number of bands along the same New Jersey shore that gave rise to Bruce Springsteen. Dave Mac was also a lifelong fan and connoisseur of music of all varieties. A great host here at SIRIUS, and before SIRIUS, at various radio stations across the country. Hopefully you were able to hear him on the Spectrum, SIRIUS Disorder, or SIRIUS Blues. He made SIRIUS a better place � and if you knew him, you know that his contributions were far greater than merely his on-air work. Dave Mac could evoke laughter, tears, and significant thought...all within the course of one radio show. Dave Mac was a great communicator...and also, perhaps above all else, a great interviewer. If you were lucky enough to hear Dave's conversations with some of the biggest stars in the history of rock music, then you were the beneficiary of some of the most frank and forthright discussions you could ever hope to eavesdrop on. From The Rolling Stones to John Mayer, Neil Young to Coldplay, The Who, B.B. King, Bob Seger, Pete Yorn, Keb Mo, Beth Orton, and so many others, Dave�s engaging nature brought out the absolute best in those he spoke with. He is survived by his parents, Leon A. and Patricia D. McNamara, his fiancée Rita C. Truex and his brothers, Duncan McNamara of San Carlos, CA, and Malcolm McNamara. In lieu of flowers, donations in Dave�s memory may be directed to the American Cancer Society.Our tribute to Dave will air Saturday at 8am ET and Sunday at 11pm ET.

...on a personal note. I listened to Dave Mac every weekday from noon until I left work at 4 over Sirius Internet Radio. Not only was he one of the best andknowledableedable jocks I had ever heard. I always looked forward to his interviews with artists and just loved to hear his random knowledge of some track his was about to spin. If you get a chance listen to the tribute show... It really does showcase his great on-air abilities! I will say from working in the industry for year. Dave Mac was a DJ's....DJ! I will miss listening to him.

Sirius @ CES

Mel and the boys from Sirius have been busy this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sirius' big annoucement this week was the introduction of the "Sirius Backseat TV." Backseat is going to be a TV service fed via Sirius satellites to you car with programming geared toward children. The service is dues to be available in cars as soon as the spring of this year. The Unit, The SiriusConnect SC-V1 Audio/Video Tuner, (which I assume will just be called the "SiriusConnect") will allows listener in the front set to listen to sirius radio broadcasts as passengers in the back can listen to the audio from whatever program they are watching on the "Backseat TV." No real information was given out other than that, except it is due to be available by Spring of this year.

Check out more information about Sirius at CES and some great product pictures here at ORBITCAST

FCC's Kevin Martin threatens to block Sirius/XM merger

FMQB reports that the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin would block any attempted merger between the 2 satellite radio giants. Just like the FCC did with DirecTV and Echostar a few years back, the FCC may block the possible merger of the only 2 SatRad companies.



GSI would like to congratulate Howard Stern and Sirius on a great year! Those of us who have been listening to Howard for awhile (back in the K-Rock/WBCN days!) think that the show sounds better than ever! It has been a great year for Sirius and Howard. 6 million subscribers (I started listening when there was less than a million!) and a profitable year. I am sure that all the stock holders are happy!

Posting Again

I know GSI has been not updating for over 2 months now. But as one of the GSI team members, I am going to try and make an effort to post more and keep fans of Sirius up to date. I hope that the other team members can start up again as well, so that us fans of Sirius can keep up to date on the happenings with the satellite Radio Service.

Thanks.... GWEEDOE!

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