The Stiletto 100 Hits Germany

Monday, October 09, 2006

GSI: Exclusive
Our good friends at TSS Radio sent us out a brand new Stiletto 100. I live in Germany and we wanted to see how the WiFi would work in Europe. So here is what we did, we activated the radio before it left the United States, to let it get the updates from the birds. Then shipped it international express DHL, on FRIDAY, and it got here today! MONDAY!! Right out of the DHL box the Stiletto packing was very extractive. When I was in the United States I owned an S50, and have been using over here with as a Mp3 player. Right away you can tell SIRIUS really thought this one out. The user interface is so easy to use. I scrolled right to SIRIUS internet radio, it found my local WiFi access point in my house, asked for the WAP code then the music started to flow. As most S100 owners know right now the 129Kbps internet radio stream is not on the Stiletto yet.. GSI is told that this will happen “soon” right now the audio is not the best over the WiFi but it works and it is not a band width hog. I did some testing driving around, and was able to pick up many hotspots, and enjoyed the live content. It is important to note that in Germany Hotspots are all over the place, and a good deal of them are open. Most of the time I have had to play with the S100 was in my home on my own network. You can see in the photo the Stiletto next to my T-COM Speedport, aka my wireless router. Coverage in my 4 story house was just fine, and I also cut my grass today with the S100 in m pocket, only once did it buffer. I’m very impressed with the display when streaming internet radio, it looks like you are getting content off the birds. If anyone is wondering there is no sat signal in Germany.. I also loaded a crap load of Mp3s off my computer, to me the load time was MUCH faster then the S50. So our little test of the S100 in Europe will go on, and I will keep you up to date on it. Once SIRIUS gets the better quality audio streaming on the Stiletto they have a BIG market in Germany with thousands of Americans stationed over here, be it military, or other international companies people want the content over here. I personally know of many who have subscribed to SIRIUS Internet Radio online, and are in love with getting the Music, Stern, and other SIRIUS channels. I love to listen to Jay Thomas, BUT SIRIUS Stars is not listed on my S100.. Why is this?!??! SIRIUS you need to get this FIXED ASAP.

So our review of the Stiletto is not for the average person in the USA, but if you travel, or know someone living around the world, this is a cool development. Now for a few review of the S100 check out our alliance partner Satellite Standard Group, they will have a full review very soon..

So here are the pros and cons:


WORLD WIDE Coverage with Internet Radio

Better user interface

Very Easy to use

Bight and colorful display

Buttons in right space


Not full 129kbps audio on internet radio (YET?)

Headphone jack out the bottom of the unit

No belt clip

Only 802.11b WiFi

Can not use pay-per-use hotspots (YET?)

So I will update you on how it is working over here, also post photos of the Stiletto around Europe. We are going to make the S100 the most traveled unit in the world, look for photos in a few weeks, when the S100 will make a Trip to Prague, Munich, and this winter we are going to take it skiing in the Alps!

Thanks again to TSS-RADIO, for sending out the first S100 to Europe! You can get you S100 from TSS-RADIO here. If you have any questions about the Stiletto in Europe email me


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