SIRIUS going World Wide FOR FREE, for 2 days

Monday, October 16, 2006

On October 25th & 26th, SIRIUS will give away Sirius Internet Radio and Howard Stern. The regular monthly cost for SIRIUS Internet Radio is $12.95 or $2.99 to upgrade the basic internet feed, SIRIUS Internet Radio lets you hear 75 channels (64 music channels) over the internet.

SIRIUS has posted this page... ALSO it is important to note the video on this page, SIRIUS is marketing to the World Wide Market.

GSI: has a reporter in Germany who is using the new Stiletto and its WIFI connection. Read more here..


Blogger Pat38s2 said...

I see today the initial steps being taken behind closed doors with the FCC and other monopoly regulation organizations for the two companies Sirius and XM to merge. This is brilliant from a marketing, sales, and profit standpoint. Regulators will be certain to keep the price of the product in line. However will this let complacency slip in to such a new industry. Competition has kept these two on the edge of product development both in programing and technology. It will be great for stock holders of Sirius, but does it hurt in the long run? Is it too soon? I guess it does not matter if it is a done deal. So just a note to management. You know my opinion! Thanks

Thu Nov 16, 11:22:00 AM EST  

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