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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We had reported on the SiriusConnect Home Tuner earlier this year. The SiriusConnect Home is a little device that can plug into a home stereo system to allow you to play and control your SIRIUS content through your home stereo.

Unlike the SIRIUS Conductor, the SiriusConnect Home (SCH1) must be used with a SiriusConnect compatible stereo system.

In January we had reported that Thomson had announced the first SiriusConnect Home-compatible device, the RCA RS2100 Bookshelf Audio System with "Rip & Go" Functionality, but we hadn't heard much about this device in a while.

That's why we were intrigued when we saw a review of the RCA Home Connect system at the TSS-Radio Blog. Let me be the first to say, this product is much cooler than I thought it would be.

Be sure to read the full review but here are some highlights:

  • The RCA system is a small bookshelf system that is only slightly larger than a large boombox. The main unit and speakers are separate, so the speakers can be placed apart to improve the stereo image
  • Next I set up the SIRIUS Home Connect, which was also very simple. It required connecting a single 8 pin cable between the stereo and Home Connect, connecting the SIRIUS antenna, and then plugging it the AC power. The one trick in this setup is that if you only connect the 8 pin cable, you will not be able to record SIRIUS content. You will need to connect either the RCA or optical audio outputs to you recorder. In the case of the RCA unit I tested, you need to connect the audio to the auxiliary inputs to be able to record SIRIUS
  • The bass boost was overkill for most styles of music besides Hip Hop and R&B were it really added some ommpp to the bass. While listening to rock, jazz or classical it was just to muddy with the bass boost on, but without the boost it sounded great
  • The big selling point for the RS2058 besides the SIRIUS Ready feature is the included MP3 Player. The top of the main section of the unit has a cut out with a USB port where the MP3 player rests while docked

With this setup, you can record whatever you want on SIRIUS and then save it as an MP3 to the harddrive of your computer. That's pretty damn cool.

As far as I know, TSS-Radio is the only company selling the RCA RS2058 Rip and Go SIRIUS-Ready Home Stereo System ($199) and the Sirius Home Connect Tuner ($49). Both are available together as a package for $239 with free shipping here.

Click here to get an idea of how easy the Home Connect install is...


Blogger jbrose said...

The RCA RS2100 I just bought from MICRO Center is not sirius ready. There is no port for the SCH1 tuner/antenna. I do not see how you could have connected this to your home stereo unless you got a different model. I just two days sorting this whole mess out.

Fri Jan 04, 03:42:00 PM EST  

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