More Details on flat-panel Soloist

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Satellite Standard reported some more details about the Sirius Soloist, a docking station with really cool speakers from NXT. We have some more details in addition to our earlier post about the Soloist.

First, a picture, which we found at the press release from NXT:

Second, the best thing about this dock is that it works with a bunch of SIRIUS radios. TSS-Radio's product description for the Soloist, it will work with the Sportster 4 (SP4TK1) and the upcoming Stiletto 100 (SL100PK1), Stiletto 10 (SL10PK1), Sportster 3 (SP3TK1), Starmate 3 (ST3TK1), Starmate 4 (ST4TK1) and Stratus (SV3TK1). It will also connect to any 30-pin IPODs, which includes all the ipods except for the Shuffle.

Third, the sound quality is going to be very good for such a small package, due to the technology that was developed by NXT, a British company. Here is a small description of how it works:

"An exciter converts an electrical signal from an amplifier into force, which in turn produces bending waves in the panel. These bending waves then generate acoustic (sound) waves that travel from the loudspeaker to the listener." Unlike a traditional speaker diaphram, which "pulses" to translate electricity into sound, the NXT speaker speaker surface "bends", creating a more accurate representation of the sound.

Most of the products that NXT makes using this SoundSurface technology are building speakers into places where they usually couldn't be found, for example, in a ceiling tile.

Here are a list of features:

Generates full, wide sound field in all directions
* Panel surface vibrates in controlled operation to provide full-range stereo
* Exciters coupled at lower frequency to drive entire panel as a mono bass source
* 10WPC Tripath amplifier – full-range switching chip design
* Switchable equalization curves & DBBS Dynamic Bass Boost
* Built-in alarm clock with Snooze button
* Front panel AUX IN and headphone jacks
* Rear panel AUX IN and AUX OUT jacks for connecting to A/V system or computer
* Rear panel USB jack supports SL & iPod file transfer
* Remote control


Blogger Jessie said...

psst, it's SurfaceSound, not SoundSurface. :)

Thu Aug 31, 05:04:00 AM EDT  

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