More FCC drama

Monday, July 24, 2006

RadioWorld writes:

In SEC filings this week, both Sirius and XM reveal what's working, what's not and what still needs to be done to ensure certain products do not exceed allowable Part 15 emission limits and bandwidth occupancy requirements.

In an internal review, Sirius says it discovered "certain Sirius personnel requested manufacturers to produce Sirius radios that were not consistent with the FCC's rules."

As a result, the company says it's taking "significant steps" to ensure this problem does not recur, including the adoption of a comprehensive compliance plan, approved by the Sirius board, to ensure that future products comply with FCC rules.

This is pretty obvious. Of course someone at SIRIUS told the manufacturers to make the FM transmitters stronger than allowed by the FCC. It is pretty obvious why they did it - the radios with the stronger transmitters work significantly better for the customer.

This is one of those difficult situations where following the rules is good for society at the expense of the individual.

On a related note - Best Buy is out of S50s and TSS-Radio is out of S50s. The S50 is by far the best selling sirius radio - it is hard to imagine that this won't have an effect on SIRIUS subscriber adds this quarter.

Circuit City still has S50s, and there are a few other models that seem in better supply, like the Sirius Sportster 4 and the Streamer Replay are still available, so all is not so dire.


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