Update on Stern Online Stream

Sunday, June 04, 2006

UPDATE: Monday 600am, it looks like today is just a "soft launch" Today is the first live Stern show in a week, (they were off last week). So right now they want to test the online player, to make sure it will not crash. SIRIUS likes to lauch things on tuesdays... could this go down them?!!? We are talking to people on the inside, who tell us they are getting ready to start the streaming, at anytime. They just want to make sure it will not crash due to an overload. We will follow this....

GSI has an update on Howard Stern online. We reported here there could be some truth to what we called rumors about Howard online streaming starting Monday (tomorrow).

We have gotten an inside tip today that in fact there some type of launch happing tomorrow, but it could be a beta test version only available to a select few, VIPs, just to test the system before there is an official launch.

GSI has contact our first tipster reporting that it will kick off tomorrow, he tells us he is stilling hearing that it will launch on Monday. So as reported this is all a rumor right now, but we will update you as we get moreā€¦


Blogger Program Manager said...

Howard Streaming is now live: http://lifeofaprogrammanager.blogspot.com/2006/06/howard-is-streaming-on-sirius.html

Fri Jun 16, 01:18:00 PM EDT  

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