Todays Update.. Canada gets 10 more, US renames 3

Monday, June 19, 2006

What was the update today about??, is what many SIRIUS Subs are asking today. If you look around you will not find any new stations, unless you are a SIRIUS Canada sub, our friends up north got 10 new stations added, get more on that HERE.. But some little things did change for US subs also. Most would never notice but PRI World is now called "Talk", BBC World Service is now just "News", and BBC Mundo is now "Spanish News".

GSI tried to get some more information from SIRIUS on this issue, we do not want to post any reckless rumors. This is what we know, Public Radio International (PRI) and SIRIUS contract is up soon. BBC World Service & Mundo are distributed in the United States by PRI.

Some things to note, SIRIUS and the BBC do have an ongoing relationship with BBC Radio one, and that is not a part of the PRI deal.

GSI was the first to report CNN Espanol is coming to SIRIUS later this year.
Expect CNN Espanol to replace BBC Mundo. Look for a new international service from the BBC or CNN to replace BBC World Service.

SIRIUS would not comment on PRI, but we do know contact talks are due to take place. Could this all be a FOX news thing again, were SIRIUS would not pay more for the service, these temporary name changes have happened before.

All we know for sure is that something is up... One other thing to note... BBC World Service got a box on the front of ?!?!


Blogger bill said...

CNN International would be a nice addition, but not if it means BBC WS going away. I went my whole life without the ability to tune in to BBC WS in my car, but over the past few years I've gotten VERY used to having it...and I would think an XM receiver would be in my future if Sirius drops BBC WS.

Wed Jun 21, 09:51:00 AM EDT  

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