SIRIUS Wearable Unit Update.. (Not a Zing Player Update)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

As GSI reported yesterday, SIRIUS fans need to note that the new SIRIUS Wearable aka the S100 or Bellagio unit and the two Zing devices that were displayed by Zing are not one in the same... Our Inside SIRUIS Alliance Partner, SSG is reporting the following update:

The Zing Players differ from the live wearable device that was held up by Mel Karmazin at the annual shareholders meeting.

This article deals with the unit that was held up at the shareholders meeting. According to our sources, here is what you can expect:

What to expect from the device commonly referred to as the SW100 or the Bellagio.
1. Expect a form factor similar to the S50 in terms of size.

2. Expect the unit to be equipped with an "internal" live antenna.

3. Expect the unit to be equipped with a headphone antenna.

4. Expect (similar to what Zing displayed) the unit to have WI-FI capability.

In simple terms, the unit will indeed be a live wearable without the use of WI-FI. The WI-FI gives added capability to the unit when someone goes into an office building gym, etc. The intent is for Sirius to be able to deliver the best sound quality in the maximum number of locations.

Rumors as to storage capacity have circulated, and Sirius subscribers should anticipate 2 GB of storage at a minimum, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Sirius Satellite Radio has indicated that this device is scheduled for release this summer.

via SSG


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