A SIRIUS Misunderstanding about Zing player

Monday, June 05, 2006

GSI has gotten some more emails about the New SIRIUS Zing player due out later this year. Some new reports are out that the Zing player is the new Sirius wearable unit.

We are told that the Zing is NOT the wearable SIRIUS has been talking about for a year now.

Directed Electronics will be distributing the wearable SIRIUS unit, that will work off Satellite and terrestrial repeaters. The Zing unit is in addition to this unit..

So when you read misguiding stories like this by Alex Baranovskiy from digital lifestyle mag “This is quite disappointing, considering that competitor XM already has several units out on the market, which are able to hear satellite radio, no matter where the user is located…. This isn’t exactly great news for people who have chosen Sirius over XM For me, radio means that I can tune in to broadcasts, whether I’m connected to a hot spot in McDonalds or walking down the street next to my house. I shouldn’t be limited to certain regions!” Alex you need to make sure your assumptions are fact before you present it as a fact. If you want to express your comments, make sure you make it clear you do not know what the hell you are talking about!

Now it would be nice to see a Zing unit that will also pick up SIRIUS off the birds, and via WiFi.. But there is no word on that yet..

So just note, the Zing Player is NOT the new Sirius wearable unit!


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