NAB To FCC: Leave Localism To Broadcasters

Friday, June 09, 2006

The NAB aka the National Association of Babies, is once more crying about Satellite radio. The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) are the same group who have said in the past the AM and FM radio is strong and Satellite radio is not a treat to them, the spout off numbers, and want to make people believe that terrestrial radio is doing just fine.. (as many stations ratings drop and the listeners go missing)…

The NAB on Friday urged the FCC to adopt permanent rules for the terrestrial repeaters used by both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio - the devices are currently regulated under temporary authority - that would prevent the companies from offering localized content via the devices.

In its pleading, filed in conjunction with a related wireless proceeding, the NAB says, "Although technology has rapidly developed since the 1997 [satellite radio] authorization, the commission must ensure that XM and Sirius do not utilize new technology to fundamentally alter the nature of satellite radio service. NAB is particularly concerned that XM and Sirius may be actively developing a next generation of receivers that can deliver 'localized' programming."

It is also funny to point out that many “local” stations are now full of nationally syndicated shows. Some “local” stations have dropped all on-air talent and have a “Jack”-ass playing 40 minutes of music mixed in with the commercials.

Oh one more thing NAB, last time we checked SIRIUS and XM are Broadcasters...

more via Radio Ink


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