Mel Shows off new Portable

Thursday, June 29, 2006

FIRST ON GSI:Thanks for the Photos and Story.. Brian!

During the Convergence 2.0 conference Mel Karmazin talked about a new, fully-portable Sirius receiver/MP3 player. He showed a beta version of the device. He pulled it out of his pocket and flashed it to the crowd. Below is a transcript of Mela keynote in which he talks about this new device...

"Regarding the iPod, I wish it didn't exist [laughter]; I wish over the air radio didn't exist anymore, but there's only 24 hours in the day, the consumer has a ton of choices. I don't really think about the iPod as being any more of a competitor than any other distraction that a customer or subscriber could have, so we have a product, it's in my pocket; I was listening to it on the way over, it's in beta testing now; we've said that we will have that product in the stores by the end of the summer, but what it is, is a product that, in a wearable mode, will get you live satellite radio, so you can walk around, and this is the size of it, listen to it in satellite radio, and you'll be able to store all of your music that you might want on it, so the idea is that we sort of have everything that an iPod might have, which is your ability to store and navigate through your music, and have the ability to get live satellite radio at the same time, but if you're spending time on your iPod, that means you're not spending time on Sirius, so therefore, I do think of it as a competitor, and something that we keep our eye on."

Update: Engadget has also just posted this story, and photos


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