The first Zing-powered players should ship this year, carrying the SIRIUS brand.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here is what the first Zing proto-type player looks like.

The first Zing-powered players should ship this year, carrying the SIRIUS brand.

Could this make SIRIUS a world-wide service!?

Most people will probably start using a Zing-powered player by first loading it with music that they have on their computer. But say you have just one track by Johnny Cash, and when you're playing it you realize you want more. On your player, you can flag the album it came from, and next time you're in Wi-Fi range, the player will download it for you. The player will stream SIRIUS radio content (via Wi-Fi, not a satellite connection) and will enable you to do the same thing when you're listening to radio tracks.

GSI is told The Zing prototype shown at D4 had both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios built in. The radios are used to download music and to upload data about what you are listening to. If you have one of these players, you can do cool things, like see what your friends are listening to, then play samples of those tracks, or buy songs and albums directly from the player. If you try buy items when you're not in range of a Wi-Fi access point, the product will queue up your requests and batch-process them when you do eventually connect.
(via Cnet)


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