Classic Stern Shows Announcement Coming Soon

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

UPDATE from SFN - Howard Stern says the second wave of the revolution has begun. As first reported here Tuesday on the Sirius Fan Network, Howard Stern today announced that he will be making use of his master tapes to provide his fans with even more Stern. Stern said the content is staggering, and he asked his listeners for their input on how to make use the new content. As an example, Stern mentioned one listener's suggestion to run classic shows all weekend.

The guys over at Sirius Fan Network, our Inside Alliance partner, are reporting that Stern is to make any announcement regarding the classic shows that SIRIUS now has the rights to. Sirius Fan Network has learned that Howard Stern is expected to make an announcement on his show Wednesday morning concerning the recent breach of contract lawsuit settlement that saw Sirius Satellite Radio agree to pay CBS Radio $2 million in exchange for the rights to the master tapes of Stern's terrestrial radio program. The master tapes represent about 20 years of Howard Stern's classic terrestrial radio program. Stern is expected to announce to his audience this week (probably Wednesday) that SIRIUS will be airing more Stern, in the form of classic Stern shows. There has been widespread speculation that SIRIUS would launch a third Howard Stern channel dedicated to classic Stern shows, but we are unable to confirm that rumor at this time.

GSI has talked to inside soures about this, and they confirm the SIRIUS will have the classic shows on the air soon, but the source would not even talk about a 3rd channel. We at GSI think a classic Stern 24/7 Station would be a big pull for subs. It would be like ESPN Classic.. These tapes are with out beeps and drop outs... We and our alliance partners will follow this.


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