New SIRIUS PNP Radios - We got the Photos..

Thursday, June 29, 2006

GSI has gotten some photos of the NEW "Streamer GT3" the Brix version of the Starmate (note the GT3 will not have replay functions), and the Streamer 3 is the Brix version of the Sportster, with a Amber display in place of the blue found on the Sportster 4, the Streamer 3 will not have replay functions.
We are also told that the Sportster 3 will be out with an Amber display and will not have replay.. This will be the "poor mans" new Sportster... We are told the Amber display is cheaper and will be found on the "lower" end units.. The blue display is an upgrade, and will be on more costly units..

From what we are told the Streamer GT3 (and a new Starmate unit) will be the first in the Starmate Family that will be dockable.

We are told the Sportster 4, Streamer 3, Streamer GT3 will fit in the same dock! (Also look for some new units from Directed that will also fit into a Universal Plug N Play dock and boombox!

Here is the photos -
Streamer GT3 - ST3TK1B

Available November 2006
- Bright 5-Line Amber Display
- Easy to Use Cross-Hair Navigation
- GameAlert, GameZone
- 30 Presets, S-Seek
- Slimmer/Lighter Design
- Docking Connector Enabled

Streamer 3 - SP3TK1B

- Available November 2006
- Large Streamer Sized Display
- Rotary Encoder Knob
- Amber Backlighting
- GameAlert, GameZone
- Up to 30 Artist & Song Alerts
- One-Touch Jump
- 30 Presets (3 bands; A, B, C)
- Full-Frequency Wireless FM Transmitter
- Full-Frequency Wireless FM Transmitter
- FM Preset Short-cut Button
- Common Accessories with Streamer GT3
- Support for “Smart” Docks & Accessories

Some may see this and say nothing new here.. (but some would be wrong) but the big news is that the new Starmates and Sportsters will fit and work in the same docks..

SIRIUS Gets Fabulous with The Gay Games

SIRIUS announced it will be the exclusive national radio broadcast partner for the Gay Games VII which take place July 15-22 in Chicago.

Chicago Gay Games - The Gay Games feature over 12,000 fierce athletes from over 70 gorgeous countries competing in 30 fabulous sports ranging from softball to swimming to tennis. Sirius will broadcast the Games on OutQ//SIRIUS 106, and will feature coverage from the Opening Ceremony at Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, and the Closing Ceremony at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Other sponsors giving the Gay Games two snaps include Walgreens, The New York Times, American Airlines, Gatorade and Ernst & Young.

The Gay Games will also feature performances/appearances by Cyndi Lauper, Megan Mullally, Margaret Cho, former Olympian Greg Louganis and "Star Trek"s George Takei among others. Work!

Blind Can Now Listen to SIRIUS Online

Back on June 14th GSI Reported that the Blind was having a hard time listening to SIRIUS online after SIRIUS added some security to the online player.

Today SIRIUS has added a way for the Blind to listen online..

Way to go SIRIUS!

You will now notice the little speaker Icon... This will play an audio code to enter.. In place of the text from the images..

Mel Shows off new Portable

FIRST ON GSI:Thanks for the Photos and Story.. Brian!

During the Convergence 2.0 conference Mel Karmazin talked about a new, fully-portable Sirius receiver/MP3 player. He showed a beta version of the device. He pulled it out of his pocket and flashed it to the crowd. Below is a transcript of Mela keynote in which he talks about this new device...

"Regarding the iPod, I wish it didn't exist [laughter]; I wish over the air radio didn't exist anymore, but there's only 24 hours in the day, the consumer has a ton of choices. I don't really think about the iPod as being any more of a competitor than any other distraction that a customer or subscriber could have, so we have a product, it's in my pocket; I was listening to it on the way over, it's in beta testing now; we've said that we will have that product in the stores by the end of the summer, but what it is, is a product that, in a wearable mode, will get you live satellite radio, so you can walk around, and this is the size of it, listen to it in satellite radio, and you'll be able to store all of your music that you might want on it, so the idea is that we sort of have everything that an iPod might have, which is your ability to store and navigate through your music, and have the ability to get live satellite radio at the same time, but if you're spending time on your iPod, that means you're not spending time on Sirius, so therefore, I do think of it as a competitor, and something that we keep our eye on."

Update: Engadget has also just posted this story, and photos

SIRIUS and Variety Will Launch Radio News Bureau

This PR is out today from SIRIUS.. It looks like more then just traffic and weather on "Local" Sirius Stations..

SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Variety, the "show business bible," today announced the launch of a radio news bureau, based in Variety's Los Angeles offices, that will provide the latest in entertainment news to SIRIUS' national radio audience multiple times each hour of every day.

Launching this fall, Variety Radio News will broadcast regular reports on SIRIUS' Los Angeles channel 150. With contributions from veteran Variety reporters and editors and SIRIUS' national reach, listeners will now be able to hear the latest from the worlds of film, TV, publishing and online media, as well as industry gossip, anywhere they are, including as they drive to and from work and industry functions.

Variety is recognized throughout the world as the entertainment industry's newspaper of record, covering the global media and entertainment marketplace in 84 countries. With its seasoned editorial team and the largest newsgathering staff in the industry, Variety delivers breaking news, exclusive "scoops," box office reports, plus film and TV production charts.


Update on SIRIUS PNP units "Not In Stock"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get Sirius Info was the first and only to report yesterday that has every PNP unit with a wireless FM Transmitter as "out of stock"

Today Xact and Directed list many units as out of stock.

As we reported this is due to a report on the wireless FM transmitters bulit in these PNP units.

Something is up, we are told it is to rework the wireless transmitters.. Also look for 87.7 and 87.9 to be removed.

According to the NAB report.. (who are ass holes if you ask me)
  • The FCC limit for FM transmitter emissions is something like 48dBuV/m.
  • The Sirius S50 came in at an average of 74.7dBuV/m.
  • The Sirius Sportster 4 came in at an average of 74.8dBuV/m.
Get more and the full report here.. via

A SIRIUS Summer Rebate - "$100 Sirius Summer"

This kicked off on June 25 and Runs to July 29...Really nothing new but check out the pdf with radios and rebate amount...
S50 is $100.00 off

SIRIUS PNP Units with FM Transmitter.. Getting a re-tool

Monday, June 26, 2006

GSI is told that SIRIUS is reworking the FM Transmitters in PNP units. As we know the new Sportster 4 has a much weaker FM Transmitter, and is not letting you use 87.7 and 87.9FM like older SIRIUS PNP units have. We are told the next shipment of Starmates, Sportsters IR, SIRIUS one, and S50 will have a much weaker FM wireless Transmitter, and will not let you use 87.7 and 87.9FM. The is because of the FCC looking at the power of FM wireless Transmitters for both SIRIUS and XM..

If you notice is also "out of stock" of every radio with a built in FM Transmitter.

With the weaker power coming down the road and the weak power of the New Sportster 4, get your Wired FM Modulator Relay... Today!!!

Barbara Walters Joins SIRIUS

UPDATE-- It looks like Barbara will have a show called "Ask Barbara Anything" and it will start this FALL.. The classic interviews will start in 2007...
Sirius will air a weekly two-hour series, starting next year, that replays many of the interviews Walters has conducted since joining ABC in 1976. About four interviews will be featured in each program, with new introductions by Walters to place them into the context of the time.

"It is a wonderful way for them to be heard," Walters told The Associated Press. "So many of them are classics. It is everything from Lucille Ball and John Wayne and Bing Crosby and George Burns to Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts."

Separately, Walters will also conduct some call-in programs for Sirius.

more here

Sirius' Karmazin - would like to buy XM Satellite

SIRIUS Chief Executive Mel Karmazin said on Monday that he would like to buy arch-rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., but price and regulatory hurdles would be an issue.

Karmazin, speaking at a conference in New York, however stressed that Sirius' business plan "doesn't really involve our doing a deal" and indicated he wasn't interested in Sirius being bought.

"Regarding XM - would we like to buy them? Sure. We'd love to buy them. Price would matter, so that would be an issue ... (and) there would definitely be the regulatory issue," he said.

"From our point of view, we don't see -- other than if it was in the best interests of our shareholders -- that we would be interested ever in being acquired," Karmazin added.

via Reuters

Playboy Radio on SIRIUS Hits One Million Subscriber Milestone

Playboy Radio has been burning up the airwaves and continues to increase in popularity as more than one million subscribers have opted to tune in to the station. The 24-hour-a-day, seven day-a-week channel debuted in March of this year on SIRIUS channel #198. Playboy Radio also went international for the first time when SIRIUS Canada launched the channel in Canada earlier this month.

more via this PR

Cindy Margolis to Co-host SportsEdge Radio Show for Wagerweb

Super Model Cindy Margolis is set to co-host the Sirius radio show, SportsEdge with Dan the Man and Jimmy G. The popular and top rated SportsEdge airs Monday-Friday from 4-7pm eastern on Sirius radio channel 122. In addition to talking about sports odds Margolis will also give her special 'spin" and set lines on entertainment related items like Celebrity break ups. Other entertainment odds Margolis will focus on are..who will be the winners of tv competition based show like America's Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, Big Brother etc. Even awards shows like The Emmys and Oscars will be fair game.


SIRIUS Files for 16 New Repeaters

Friday, June 23, 2006

SIRIUS Satellite Radio applied for 16 new repeaters today. Well actually, they filed two days ago, then withdrew it yesterday, and then re-submitted today (correcting some errors in the first app).

A majority of the new Sirius repeaters are in coastal cities. Here's a list of the cities applied for:

  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Clearwater, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA (4 repeaters)
  • Valenca, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • Hillside, NJ
  • Rutherford, NJ
  • Lake View, NJ
  • Boca Raton, FL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Norwalk, CT

Here's the STA description:
Description: Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. herein requests a modification of its Special Temporary Authority to operate sixteen additional satellite digital audio radio service terrestrial repeaters.

[Download the STA Application] (PDF)

This is assumably in preparation for the upcoming Sirius Wearable.


SIRIUS to Launch "Fangoria Radio"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

First National Radio Program from Fangoria Magazine, the Leader in Horror Entertainment Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Hosts Live Weekly 3-Hour Evening Fright Fest...

SIRIUS and Fangoria Entertainment today announced the launch of Fangoria Radio, the first national horror-themed entertainment radio show. Hosted by renowned Twisted Sister frontman and horror film producer/actor Dee Snider, Fangoria Radio will air Friday nights from 10:00 pm - 1:00 am ET on SIRIUS Stars channel 102. The show will debut on Friday, June 23, 2006.

Fangoria Radio, a live, 3-hour weekly radio show from the creators of the world's most popular and longest running horror publication, Fangoria Magazine, gives horror fans a place on radio to call their own. Listeners will be able to interact and get close to the best and scariest in horror entertainment. The program will feature interviews with celebrities and stars in the horror world, listener call-ins, updates on horror movies, and even on- location visits to the biggest horror films in production. In addition, Fangoria Radio will highlight the latest horror gossip as well as reviews of movies, television shows and video games.

Host Dee Snider's sidekick will be celebrated 'Scream Queen' and radio veteran Debbie Rochon. Fangoria Radio will be produced by Mike Kostel, an Emmy and Ace award winning producer. Fangoria Magazine editor Tony Timpone will appear frequently on the program to provide his trademark insight and opinions on the latest horror news and happenings.

get more via SIRIUS PR HERE
and more here

SIRIUS/GPS Combos coming in 2007

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some little note about SIRIUS/GPS combo units...

Sirius does not expect Sirius/GPS combos to appear in 2006, but "by next year, you'll start to see it on a more widespread basis," said senior VP Bob Law.

more here via Broadcastnewsroom

Ford Quadruples The Number Of Vehicles Available With SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Satellite Navigation and SIRIUS Radio Grow. Responding to another consumer trend, Ford is dramatically increasing the number of vehicles with DVD-based navigation systems and SIRIUS satellite radio.

"In 2005, less than half of our vehicles were available with a navigation system, satellite radio or auxiliary audio inputs. For 2007, we're doubling the models available with a navigation system and quadrupling the number with SIRIUS satellite radio," Fields explains. "In addition, we're increasing the number of models with auxiliary audio jacks from zero to nearly half of our lineup."

Ford's intuitive, DVD-based navigation system will be new for 2007 on the Ford Fusion, F-150, Mustang, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Mark LT.

Also, for 2007, Ford Motor Company is broadening its relationship with SIRIUS satellite radio, adding the feature on Ford Five Hundred, Fusion, Mustang, Ford SiriusExpedition, Ranger, Sport Trac, Mercury Montego, Milan and Lincoln Navigator. Ford's new vehicles -- Ford Edge, Ford Shelby GT500 and Lincoln MKX -- will offer SIRIUS radio when they go on sale. By the 2008-model year, Ford will offer available SIRIUS satellite radio in 90 percent of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

More via SIRIUS FAN Network

Fake SIRIUS Commercial - A School Project

Monday, June 19, 2006

OK, just wanted to link to this, and emailer sent in. Looks like a SIRIUS fan did a school project, making a SIRIUS Commercial, it is over 2 min long, and really f-ed up.. It is worth taking a look at, and it makes fun of Oparh.. Enjoy.. take a look here

Thanks Mike, and Youtube

Todays Update.. Canada gets 10 more, US renames 3

What was the update today about??, is what many SIRIUS Subs are asking today. If you look around you will not find any new stations, unless you are a SIRIUS Canada sub, our friends up north got 10 new stations added, get more on that HERE.. But some little things did change for US subs also. Most would never notice but PRI World is now called "Talk", BBC World Service is now just "News", and BBC Mundo is now "Spanish News".

GSI tried to get some more information from SIRIUS on this issue, we do not want to post any reckless rumors. This is what we know, Public Radio International (PRI) and SIRIUS contract is up soon. BBC World Service & Mundo are distributed in the United States by PRI.

Some things to note, SIRIUS and the BBC do have an ongoing relationship with BBC Radio one, and that is not a part of the PRI deal.

GSI was the first to report CNN Espanol is coming to SIRIUS later this year.
Expect CNN Espanol to replace BBC Mundo. Look for a new international service from the BBC or CNN to replace BBC World Service.

SIRIUS would not comment on PRI, but we do know contact talks are due to take place. Could this all be a FOX news thing again, were SIRIUS would not pay more for the service, these temporary name changes have happened before.

All we know for sure is that something is up... One other thing to note... BBC World Service got a box on the front of ?!?!

Conversation with Mel Karmazin

Kai Ryssdal talked with SIRIUS CEO, Mel Karmazin.. Read it all here from (Mel is making the rounds he talked to over the weekend)

This interview was from Public Radio.. you could tell there was an anti-Satrad spin on the questions. Mel did not let that fly; here are some clips..

RYSSDAL: Let's talk about this company for just a second. It's been around for a good long while, yet still isn't really turning a profit, though.

KARMAZIN: Well, I don't know what you mean "a good long time." We got our first subscriber in 2002, and here were are in 2006, and we're saying that we're going to have over six million subscribers. And we said that we will make a profit - that we will have free cash flow as recently as the fourth quarter of '06. So if you were to compare SIRIUS to many other start-up businesses, I think that it's a great accomplishment.

The other thing about the business is that it's a high fixed cost business so that when - before we got our first subscriber, we had to spend $1.5 billion in putting up satellites. Obviously, no one was going to subscribe to a service if the service didn't exist. So we spent $1.5 billion on satellites. We then had to provide all of the programming because, again, if you're going to - before you get a single subscriber, you need to have the programming offering. So all of these fixed costs were in there already before we got a single subscriber. Now we're dramatically adding subscribers, and the revenues that you generate fall to the bottom line, and therefore you make the turn pretty quickly.

RYSSDAL: You brought him here in a $500 million deal. Isn't that a whole lot of the company's money to plow into one guy?

KARMAZIN: Just for the facts - you know, I did not bring him here. I joined the company after Howard did, but stand behind the decision that was made and absolutely was a tremendous amount of money. There's no way of saying that that's not a lot of money. The difference is that Howard's - that decision has paid off significantly for SIRIUS. That we sell subscriptions at $12.95 a month - a very low price in our opinion - and if in fact Howard were to bring a million subscribers, then we would have more than paid for itself. So we would have brought in well over $140 million as a result of Howard, pay him about $100 million, and therefore there was a profit in it for us in making that decision.

When Howard was announced that he was joining SIRIUS, we had 700,000 subscribers. Today we have over 4 million subscribers. It's our belief that Howard was responsible for more than a million of those incremental subscribers. And obviously if he did that, not only did he increase the awareness and the visibility and the promotion, but he also paid for himself with the additional subscribers.

Read it all here

SIRIUS Canada adds 10 (New) Channels

As we reported it would happen Today.. When SIRIUS Canada hit over 100,000 subs up north, they said to mark the milestone SIRIUS Canada added 10 more stations. One this is brand new to SIRIUS. The "TWN" or The Weather Network. This is a station with weather and info about Canada. The other adds are Howard 101, Playboy radio and some other music stations like SIRIUS love. Get the full list here..If you own a Sporster 4... In the USA.. You can pick up all the SIRIUS Canada stations normal US SIRIUS subs can not... Get more info on that here... If you want to get a sportster 4, buy it here.. Pushing Stern Online is pushing the fact that you can now listen to Howard Stern online. Howard 100 and 101 are live online 24/7. As GSI first and only reported, that when the online streams did start it would be a "test" or beta. GSI is told that SIRIUS had a beta running for a few weeks hidden from the public, and then on Friday they launched it to the public. There is some worried that the SIRIUS player will crash due to all the hits due to Stern. If you have noticed that you can only log in to one computer at a time, this is due to new restrictions SIRIUS added to prevent people stealing the feeds. If you have 2 or more radios you need to log into your account and add more log in names so each radio can have its own log in name.. Here is how to do that..

Mel Karmazin: Bring It On

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Mel Karmazin always seems to be in the middle of a good scrap. In high school in New York, he was picked on by bigger kids. Later, as CEO of CBS and then as president of its parent Viacom, he waded into battles with the government over indecency. Now CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, he confronted critics of his company's hefty payout to fill more than 125 channels with talent from Howard Stern to Martha Stewart, from NASCAR to Cosmo Radio, the NBA and NFL - not to mention the talk shows and commercial-free music. With the stock currently around $4, he disputes Wall Street's valuation of his company. Now Sirius and rival XM Satellite Radio are targeted by the National Association of Broadcasters, which urged the Federal Communications Commission to "open an investigation" into such offenses as the availability of "sexually explicit and profane" content to non-subscribers via rental cars, free trials and "bleed-through" to FM stations. He talks to B&C Executive Editor Mark Robichaux about the NAB's shot at Sirius, why his stock is a winner, the government's misguided war on indecency, and why Stern doesn't mess with him. Read this full interview with Mel here on

Howard 100 and 101 NOW ONLINE

Friday, June 16, 2006

As SIRIUS said it would happen by Fathers day.. nothing like waiting to the last min. Howard Stern is now live online.

We are told that it was pushed back twice to make sure that could deal with it.
Also with the new online player set this will only allow 1 log in per radio on your account. Also "Word Verification" was added to make sure that only SIRIUS subs can listen to SIRIUS online.

Listen now at

Prospec Electronics New MR18 SIRIUS Receiver

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Via Sirius Fan NetworkProspec Electronics has introduced its latest marine stereo product for boaters that's Sirius ready. The JBL MR18 AM/FM/CD and Sirius ready receiver boasts an output of 180 watts with Electronic Shock Protection, allowing for uninterrupted listening while cruising, in rough or calm waters.

The MR18 features a waterproof flip-down face, an electronic preamp fader and volume controls, and 2 extra pairs of preamp outputs. The LCD panel can be viewed in the brightest sunlight. This receiver is compatible with JBL Wired Remotes for music control from just about anywhere on board.

The JBL MR18 retails for $289.95.

The MR18 Sirius ready radio is designed to work in conjunction with the JBL SIR2.5 Sirius Satellite receiver. -The SIR2.5 includes all necessary wiring, antenna and 6" data cable.

Get more info from SFN

The May 2006 NPD Data has been released


MAY 2006

Sirius - 54%
XM - 46%


Sirius - 58%
XM - 42%
Click Chart To Enlarge


1. Satellite radio sales were up 18% over the previous month.

2. Satellite radio sales were up 8% over last year

3. Sirius sales were up 16% over the previous month.

4. Sirius sales were up 23% over last year.

5. XM sales were up 19% over the previous month.

6. XM sales were down 9% under last year

In the past NPD has always seemed to "overstate" the retail share of Sirius. In Q1 2006, NPD "understated" the retail share of Sirius by about 6 percentage points. This revesal of how NPD compares to the NET retail subscribers as reported by Sirius and XM is likely attributable to Sirius beefing up sales at NON-NPD channels such as Wal Mart, and direct on line sales.

NPD partners represent more than 120,000 doors worldwide. Additionally NPD works with distributors in targeted industries to provide comprehensive views of the market. Their network spans key retail distribution channels such as department stores, national chains, specialty stores, mass and more.Equipped with NPD information, retailers and the manufacturers that supply products to them can better understand how their performance compares to what is happening in the rest of the market.

Get more info and numbers at SSG

Blind people can not listen to SIRIUS

As of yesterday, added a new security feature to the online SIRIUS player. This requires the user to enter username, password, and “autocaptcha”

This is when you have to enter the letters and numbers shown in an image that changes every time the page is loaded.

GSI got an email from a blind person bringing this issue to our attention.

We are told this change to the online player is to get ready for Howard online.

Other companies like Google owned pages have added an audio version of this security measure that plays a sound clip that reads off the letters and numbers in the image.

Rear View With Wade Jessen: The History of Country Music

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wade Jessen has been tapped to host a new weekly show, "Rear View With Wade Jessen: The History of Country Music," on Sirius Satellite Radio's the Roadhouse channel. The program will debut June 24 and will showcase Jessen's deep knowledge of and passion for classic country music, the stories behind the songs and the artists who made them timeless classics. On his new Sirius show, Jessen will play rarities and deep cuts from his personal music library.

Jessen is the country, bluegrass, Christian and gospel charts manager for Billboard Information Group, which includes Billboard Radio Monitor. Before joining Billboard in 1994, he was an on-air host at KSOP Salt Lake City and WSM-FM Nashville, where he also served as MD.

"Rear View" will air Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (ET), with a repeat broadcast Sundays from 6-9 p.m. (ET).

via Billboard Radio Monitor

NFL Legend Jerry Rice to Host Exclusive Show on SIRIUS

As we first reported here...

Rice will begin hosting on SIRIUS NFL Radio on Tuesday, June 13th when he co-hosts "The Afternoon Blitz" with Adam Schein from 3-7 pm ET. He will be heard three days a week on SIRIUS every week throughout the year.
"I'm thrilled to be joining the SIRIUS NFL Radio team. SIRIUS is the Super Bowl Champion of satellite radio companies," said Rice. "I'm going to approach my broadcasting career with the same energy and enthusiasm I had during my playing career and we'll put on a fun and informative show for all the listeners out there."
On SIRIUS NFL Radio, Rice joins a lineup of NFL experts that includes Cris Carter, Randy Cross, Gil Brandt, Tim Ryan, Pat Kirwan, Solomon Wilcots and Adam Schein. NFL fans can tune in to SIRIUS NFL Radio throughout the calendar year for the only 24/7 radio channel dedicated entirely to pro football talk.


BMW Canada Signs Long-Term Exclusive Agreement with SIRIUS Canada

SIRIUS Canada and BMW Canada today announced along term exclusive agreement that will make SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiversa factory and dealer option for BMW vehicles sold in Canada. Starting in fall2006, SIRIUS Satellite Radio will be available in select Canadian BMW modelsbundled with a subscription to SIRIUS Canada's premium 110 channel satelliteradio service. By 2007, all BMW models will be SIRIUS Satellite-ready.

SIRIUS Canada Announces 2006 CFL Broadcast Schedule

26 CFL games including the playoffs and Grey Cup will be broadcast across North America on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Hardcore Sports Radio // ch. 186 and Sports Action // ch. 123

SIRIUS Canada Inc. and the Canadian Football League (CFL) today announced the SIRIUS Satellite Radio 2006 CFL broadcast schedule. Starting with B.C. vs. Saskatchewan on June 16 and running through the entire season, CFL football fans throughout North America can catch CFL action every Friday night on Hardcore Sports Radio (SIRIUS Channel 186) and Sports Action (SIRIUS Channel 123).

In addition, on Saturday June 17, SIRIUS will broadcast the home opener of the Toronto Argonauts, featuring running back Ricky Williams, when they host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. SIRIUS Satellite Radio will also be the exclusive satellite broadcaster of the Scotiabank Semifinals, Scotiabank Championships and the 94th Grey Cup from Winnipeg on November 19, 2006.

The schedule is available online at:

NAB To FCC: Leave Localism To Broadcasters

Friday, June 09, 2006

The NAB aka the National Association of Babies, is once more crying about Satellite radio. The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) are the same group who have said in the past the AM and FM radio is strong and Satellite radio is not a treat to them, the spout off numbers, and want to make people believe that terrestrial radio is doing just fine.. (as many stations ratings drop and the listeners go missing)…

The NAB on Friday urged the FCC to adopt permanent rules for the terrestrial repeaters used by both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio - the devices are currently regulated under temporary authority - that would prevent the companies from offering localized content via the devices.

In its pleading, filed in conjunction with a related wireless proceeding, the NAB says, "Although technology has rapidly developed since the 1997 [satellite radio] authorization, the commission must ensure that XM and Sirius do not utilize new technology to fundamentally alter the nature of satellite radio service. NAB is particularly concerned that XM and Sirius may be actively developing a next generation of receivers that can deliver 'localized' programming."

It is also funny to point out that many “local” stations are now full of nationally syndicated shows. Some “local” stations have dropped all on-air talent and have a “Jack”-ass playing 40 minutes of music mixed in with the commercials.

Oh one more thing NAB, last time we checked SIRIUS and XM are Broadcasters...

more via Radio Ink

SIRIUS Canada Online Player & News

Just a quick note of some news from the north!

SIRIUS & Muchmusic Video Awards:
SIRIUS Canada said that they have teamed up with MuchMusic to bring their subscribers the 2006 Muchmusic Video Awards. SIRIUS will air the award show on IceBerg95, which is available in the US and Canada on Sirius channel 95. This year's event takes place on June 18 - "stay tuned" for broadcasting dates.

This year’s guests include, Nelly Furtado, Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, City in Color, Simple Plan, Hedley, Mobile, Fallout Boy, Rihanna, + many more of your favorite artists.

SIRIUS is also in the gift bag; MuchMVA guests will be able to choose from a variety of fantastic gifts, including.... a SIRIUS Satellite Radio Sportster Replay.

SIRIUS Canada Online player coming soon?
As it stands right now, Sirius Canada does not offer their subscribers a online player for listening VIA a computer. However, The SIRIUS Fan Network can confirm that that is about to change.

We contacted Sirius Canada to confirm our information and we can now report that Sirius Canada "will definitely be offering an online player."

However SFN did receive conflicting information on possible launch dates.

Sirius Canada has inked the middle of July for their target launch date, with the possibility it might not occur until the end of July if they experience technical delays.

But, at least two reliable sources told SFN to expect Sirius Canada online listening by Father's Day.

More via SIRIUS Fan Network

Review Update: SIRIUS Sportster 4

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I just wanted to update on a week with the Sporster 4. It is a very nice unit, very nice looking and the display has been working nice in the sun and at night. The only major problem with the unit is the Wireless FM Transmitter.. It sucks, and this is the work of the FCC... But i'm not a fan of the wireless transmitters to get the best sound use the line if your car has one.. If you get the wired FM transmitter, so you can run a wire from the unit to any radio.

TSS-Radio is now for a limmited time, shipping a FREE INCLUDES FREE WIRED FM MODULATOR RELAY! This is something that will make this PNP radio some much better.

If you have any questions about the New Sportster 4, email us at

Also read our full review here
The best to buy on of these Hot new units.. right here at TSS-Radio

SIRIUS Agreement with Loral Space & Communications

SIRIUS announced that it has entered into an agreement with Space Systems/Loral, a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications, for the design and construction of a new satellite that will be one of the most advanced and powerful communications satellites ever built.

Construction of the satellite is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2008. SIRIUS plans to launch the satellite on a Proton rocket under a contract previously announced between SIRIUS and International Launch Services (ILS). The satellite will be launched into a geostationary orbit to complement SIRIUS' existing three satellites, which were also manufactured by Space Systems/Loral and operate in a highly elliptical geosynchronous orbit. This unique hybrid constellation will provide unparalleled redundancy, enhanced coverage and exceptional performance.
"This investment in next generation space technology will improve SIRIUS' already exceptional service experience," said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS. "Not only will this satellite support our other three satellites currently in orbit, but it will also improve reception for all SIRIUS subscribers whether they are in their car, office, home or jogging in the park."
The aggregate cost of designing, building, launching and insuring the launch of the satellite will be approximately $260 million. As part of its commitment to SIRIUS, Loral has agreed to provide a $100 million vendor financing facility. SIRIUS has no current plans to draw under the vendor financing facility.

SIRIUS continues to expect that its first quarter of positive free cash flow, after capital expenditures, could be reached as early as the fourth quarter of 2006, and that the company will be free cash flow positive, after capital expenditures, for the full-year 2007. The payments associated with the purchase and launch of this satellite were anticipated in SIRIUS' guidance concerning free cash flow positive.



Wednesday, June 07, 2006

SIRIUS files for Trademark on the word STILETTO... Could this be the name of the new SIRIUS unit... or are they getting into the shoe market?!?! Humm.....

By the way Stiletto = sleek and sexy.

Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Electronic hardware device for receiving satellite broadcast transmissions, and playing, recording, organizing, manipulating, and reviewing text, data and audio files
Standard Characters Claimed
Design Search Code
Serial Number 78892447
Filing Date May 25, 2006
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Owner (APPLICANT) Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 36th Floor 1221 Avenue of the Americas New York NEW YORK 10020
Attorney of Record Erica D. Klein
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

Thanks Tim for the Info! MORE
Also more about the Sirius Stiletto on

Classic Stern Shows Announcement Coming Soon

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

UPDATE from SFN - Howard Stern says the second wave of the revolution has begun. As first reported here Tuesday on the Sirius Fan Network, Howard Stern today announced that he will be making use of his master tapes to provide his fans with even more Stern. Stern said the content is staggering, and he asked his listeners for their input on how to make use the new content. As an example, Stern mentioned one listener's suggestion to run classic shows all weekend.

The guys over at Sirius Fan Network, our Inside Alliance partner, are reporting that Stern is to make any announcement regarding the classic shows that SIRIUS now has the rights to. Sirius Fan Network has learned that Howard Stern is expected to make an announcement on his show Wednesday morning concerning the recent breach of contract lawsuit settlement that saw Sirius Satellite Radio agree to pay CBS Radio $2 million in exchange for the rights to the master tapes of Stern's terrestrial radio program. The master tapes represent about 20 years of Howard Stern's classic terrestrial radio program. Stern is expected to announce to his audience this week (probably Wednesday) that SIRIUS will be airing more Stern, in the form of classic Stern shows. There has been widespread speculation that SIRIUS would launch a third Howard Stern channel dedicated to classic Stern shows, but we are unable to confirm that rumor at this time.

GSI has talked to inside soures about this, and they confirm the SIRIUS will have the classic shows on the air soon, but the source would not even talk about a 3rd channel. We at GSI think a classic Stern 24/7 Station would be a big pull for subs. It would be like ESPN Classic.. These tapes are with out beeps and drop outs... We and our alliance partners will follow this.

SIRIUS Wearable Unit Update.. (Not a Zing Player Update)

As GSI reported yesterday, SIRIUS fans need to note that the new SIRIUS Wearable aka the S100 or Bellagio unit and the two Zing devices that were displayed by Zing are not one in the same... Our Inside SIRUIS Alliance Partner, SSG is reporting the following update:

The Zing Players differ from the live wearable device that was held up by Mel Karmazin at the annual shareholders meeting.

This article deals with the unit that was held up at the shareholders meeting. According to our sources, here is what you can expect:

What to expect from the device commonly referred to as the SW100 or the Bellagio.
1. Expect a form factor similar to the S50 in terms of size.

2. Expect the unit to be equipped with an "internal" live antenna.

3. Expect the unit to be equipped with a headphone antenna.

4. Expect (similar to what Zing displayed) the unit to have WI-FI capability.

In simple terms, the unit will indeed be a live wearable without the use of WI-FI. The WI-FI gives added capability to the unit when someone goes into an office building gym, etc. The intent is for Sirius to be able to deliver the best sound quality in the maximum number of locations.

Rumors as to storage capacity have circulated, and Sirius subscribers should anticipate 2 GB of storage at a minimum, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Sirius Satellite Radio has indicated that this device is scheduled for release this summer.

via SSG

Brand Areness Level with SIRIUS and Howard Stern overtaking XM

Via FMQB and Bridge Ratings
The latest satellite radio study from Bridge Ratings suggests a shift at both the retail and brand awareness level with Sirius and Howard Stern overtaking XM. Just three weeks ago, Bridge reported that XM had survived the "Stern-effect" to regain the lead in the satellite sector, but that proclamation may have been premature, as Bridge now reports: "In recent weeks the number of consumers who mention an XM purchase has slowed while Sirius is on a tear lately."

Bridge now projects 6.5 million subscribers for Sirius while XM's total subscriber count will land at 8.4 million by year end 2006, which is 100,000 less than what XM recently stated in a subscriber projection adjustment (that was lowered by XM).

See all the Numbers and charts here

How important is the "Howard Factor"?

According to the "2006 Technology Poll" report, from Jacobs Media, in the satellite radio wars between XM and Sirius, the momentum may be shifting toward Sirius.

"For Sirius, Howard was the difference maker," said Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media. "More than any other reason, his show's move to satellite was the key factor in driving new subscribers. While most of his former listeners are staying with terrestrial radio stations, his presence on Sirius has been a defining difference."

Based on subscription data released early this year from the two providers, XM was the lead in 2005, with 5.9 million subscribers versus 3.2 million for Sirius.Jacobs Media, however, now claims there is currently a dead heat between Sirius and XM, both being tied at a 6% level among all respondents.

Could the "Howard Factor" be that potent?

For XM, the top reasons for signing up are the music channels, commercial-free music programming (not 100% like SIRIUS), the belief that XM is good while traveling, based largely on the fact that the service came with the vehicles that respondents had purchased or leased..

Sirius subscribers, on the other hand, were heavily motivated by the arrival of Howard Stern. Overall, one-third of the respondents who now pay for Sirius list Stern as the key factor in their decision. Other reasons correspond to XM subscriber responses, including music channels and commercial-free programming.

"Howard has altered the hierarchy for Sirius, passing the music channels and commercial-free assets," said Mr. Jacobs.

The good news for both services is that the vast majority of satellite radio subscribers in the survey were pleased with XM and Sirius. Three quarters (75%) said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their respective services, while only 8% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction.


2006 Tony Awards Live on SIRIUS

Monday, June 05, 2006

2006 Tony Award nominees Harry Connick, Jr. (The Pajama Game), Sutton Foster (The Drowsey Chaperone), Michael Cerveris (Sweeney Todd), Chita Rivera, Phil Collins (Tarzan the Musical), and Tony Award winners Bernadette Peters, Matthew Broderick, Marvin Hamlisch, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Betty Buckley join Christine Pedi, Michael Bourne and Seth Rudetsky for six hours of "ahmazing" live coverage of the 60th annual Tony Awards on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

The show will air live on
Sirius channel 77, this Sunday, June 11, at 6:00 pm ET on Broadway's Best.


SIRIUS in BMW's Easier To Get

BMW will reduce the pricing of SIRIUS receiver kits at BMW centers and MINI dealers across the country. New car buyers of the BMW 3 Series and X5, MINI Cooper and Cooper S, will be offered a center-installed SIRIUS receiver kit for a MSRP of $395, plus installation. Pricing of the center-installed SIRIUS receiver kit for the X3 is set at $325, plus installation.

"We are committed to providing our loyal owners with added benefits and value at a competitive price," said Alan Harris, Vice President, Aftersales Marketing and Sales for BMW and MINI. "SIRIUS is a key component of our vehicle accessory strategy for all BMW and MINI models; and by providing this option at a reduced cost, we plan on turning even more BMW and MINI owners into SIRIUS fans."

Most BMW and Mini Dealers have been selling SIRIUS for around this price for some time now.. But it looks like they could be lower then the MSRP..

GSI Review: The Sportster 4

Click on Images to the right to enlarge

The Sportster 4 is the thinnest SIRIUS radio to date. Thanks to TSS-Radio, we got our hands on one to play with... The big question is.. is it the best radio yet? Well with about 5 hours of use.. I have hold off on the answer to that question...

The Sportster 4 has some things that puts it above the other Sportsters on the market.

1st - The size, and look, a sleek and thin body. Nice brushed metal look, and easy to use round knob and buttons.

2nd - Getting more stations, the Sportster 4 is picking up all the stations carried by SIRIUS Canada. This has something to do with the new chipset. How long will this last? We do not know.. SIRIUS has not said a word about the Sportster 4 getting more stations then other radio.. This is something we will have to keep an eye on.

3rd - Song and Artiest seek, this will let you set a memo, to let you know when a song is playing on any SIRIUS station, and like the Starmate replay you can set a Artiest seek, and the radio will tell you when that artiest is playing on any SIRIUS station.

4th - Replay List Mode, view and play back individual selections from the Replay memory buffer. You can look at content in your 44 min buffer and scroll to play a song from that list.

5th - Aux input on dock, when you plug in a mini-stereo plug from your S50, Ipod, or DVD player, the dock will mute the audio from your radio, but still saving to your 44 min buffer. This is nice if you only have one line into your radio, or want to use the SIRIUS FM transmitter to get the Aux device to broadcast on the radio.

6th - Box and packing is very nice.. Small box, nice looking and the box sell SIRIUS as a service with a list of what sets SIRIUS above the rest on content.

7th - Better (so far the best) the Suction cup, and mount. Strong plasic and one hell of a suck..

Something’s I have noticed

1st - The FM transmitter is weaker then others, and you can not use 87.7 and 87.9 anymore. These were very good freq. for big city users, because no stations in the USA broadcast under 88.1FM. I did not get the FM whip wire to plug into the FM out. The Starmate Replay has a nice little button to have some preset FM Freqs, to change easily when you get interference. The new Sportster unit did not get this useful button, but it is on the remote. But it works a little different, it is a shortcut to pick the FM Freqyou have set, and will let you jump around the freq but not freq to freq, but from 88.1 to 89.1 to 90.1.. etc….

2nd – Display is just like the Sportster Replay, but when you hit the display button to make the display bigger, the large letters are very choppy, like a 80’s font.. Not a bad thing very easy to read. The display is easy to view most of the time.. I still like the Starmate replay display better, it works wonderful in all lighting.

3rd – New categories, Howard 100 and 101 are in there own category.. Some categories are not the same as the other SIRIUS radios out there.. Chip set?!?! Who knows…

4th – Power and very cool running.. Unlike the other Sportster units the Sportster 4 is 5V like the S50.. Most other radios are 12V. Make sure you only use the power plug that comes with this radio not the one from the old units. The lower volts equals a cooler running unit.

Overall, should you buy this radio.. Sure, why not.. .I would say this is the best docking radio, easy to take in and out of your car… Once the home kits and Boom boxes hit the street the docking option makes this radio better then the Starmate Replay, because the Starmate has the wires plugged right into the unit not a dock, so if you remove it, the wires just hand there.. I would rate this as of now as my 3rd pick behind the S50 and the Starmate Replay...

I have only had this thing for a few hours and will play some more, and update you as needed.. If you have any questions on this radio email us at

Were to get it?!?! Well right now it is in stock at TSS-Radio, this is the place we at GSI get all of our SIRIUS Stuff. Take a look at what they got, and you will be shocked at all they have. TSS-Radio is run by SIRIUS fans, and only sells SIRIUS, this is why I like them! The know the items and can get you the info you want. If you call, you get reall people who have SIRIUS and know the stuff they sell. You know you are dealing with good people at TSS-Radio, and they stand behind what they sell you have to watch the guys on the net who try to trick you and lie..
So if you think you want a Sportster 4 get it today from TSS Radio Here!

A SIRIUS Misunderstanding about Zing player

GSI has gotten some more emails about the New SIRIUS Zing player due out later this year. Some new reports are out that the Zing player is the new Sirius wearable unit.

We are told that the Zing is NOT the wearable SIRIUS has been talking about for a year now.

Directed Electronics will be distributing the wearable SIRIUS unit, that will work off Satellite and terrestrial repeaters. The Zing unit is in addition to this unit..

So when you read misguiding stories like this by Alex Baranovskiy from digital lifestyle mag “This is quite disappointing, considering that competitor XM already has several units out on the market, which are able to hear satellite radio, no matter where the user is located…. This isn’t exactly great news for people who have chosen Sirius over XM For me, radio means that I can tune in to broadcasts, whether I’m connected to a hot spot in McDonalds or walking down the street next to my house. I shouldn’t be limited to certain regions!” Alex you need to make sure your assumptions are fact before you present it as a fact. If you want to express your comments, make sure you make it clear you do not know what the hell you are talking about!

Now it would be nice to see a Zing unit that will also pick up SIRIUS off the birds, and via WiFi.. But there is no word on that yet..

So just note, the Zing Player is NOT the new Sirius wearable unit!

Update on Stern Online Stream

Sunday, June 04, 2006

UPDATE: Monday 600am, it looks like today is just a "soft launch" Today is the first live Stern show in a week, (they were off last week). So right now they want to test the online player, to make sure it will not crash. SIRIUS likes to lauch things on tuesdays... could this go down them?!!? We are talking to people on the inside, who tell us they are getting ready to start the streaming, at anytime. They just want to make sure it will not crash due to an overload. We will follow this....

GSI has an update on Howard Stern online. We reported here there could be some truth to what we called rumors about Howard online streaming starting Monday (tomorrow).

We have gotten an inside tip today that in fact there some type of launch happing tomorrow, but it could be a beta test version only available to a select few, VIPs, just to test the system before there is an official launch.

GSI has contact our first tipster reporting that it will kick off tomorrow, he tells us he is stilling hearing that it will launch on Monday. So as reported this is all a rumor right now, but we will update you as we get more…


Via The New York Post
After years of trading in near lock-step, the country's two giant satellite radio companies appear ready to put some space between them.

Sirius Satellite Radio, lifted in large part by Howard Stern joining its ranks, has been hitting its subscriber-growth targets and doing everything right in the corner office, while rival XM Satellite Radio has been hit with a litany of negative issues.

At the same time, Sirius has been none to shy in pointing out to investors that those issues aren't affecting them.

"Recently, there's been some noise in the market about softness in retail," said Sirius CFO David Frear. "We don't really see softness for us in retail. We see our market share up substantially."

Last week Karmazin spent $4.5 million of his own money to acquire 1 million Sirius shares on the open market - the second time he's done that this year.

By contrast, Panero has not bought any XM shares in the last 12 months. Indeed, in December, Panero sold 413,334 XM shares, or about 17 percent of his entire stake in the company.

The 6.5 million Sirius shares owned by Karmazin triple the amount Panero holds in XM. That prompted Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck to say in a recent report that [XM's] management credibility has been severely tarnished over the last six to nine months.

get Full Story via New York Post by Peter Lauria

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