Sunday, May 28, 2006

Via New York Post, Page Six:

"CALL out the strippers and bring in the lesbians, Howard Stern has settled his $500 million lawsuit with CBS Radio and insiders say he's making out like a bandit.

CBS says Stern's new employer, Sirius Satellite Radio, will pay $2 million to keep 20 years worth of Stern-show tapes it claimed he took without permission when he noisily bolted terrestrial radio last year....

While other terms of the settlement were confidential, industry sources say the shock jock and his agent, Don Buchwald, will shell out less than $10 million to end the fight over a jaw-dropping $220 million jackpot they collected from Sirius. Incredibly, that amount was bonus above and beyond Stern's already-juicy $500 million, five-year deal with SIRIUS.

And with the old tapes now in the shaggy-haired jock's sweaty palms, there's talk of a "Classic Howard Stern" station that would air his past K-Rock shows unbleeped."

More via NY Post


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