Starmate Boom Cube Review

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today I got a Starmate Replay Boom Cube from TSS Radio. I have had a few hours to play with it, and over all this is a much better "boom box" then the Sportster one. The sound quality is much much better. It has a deeper sound, and also is very crisp. The shape of the Boom Cube us just that a cube. It is a very sold unit, and also feels and looks to be much better quality then the Sportster Boombox. The Starmate replay is not a docking unit but the cube has a plug that just hangs around when the receiver is not in the cube. You just plug the wire harness into the Starmate Replay unit, and you are all set. Sure the Sportster units dock into its boom box a lot easier, but this works just fine. My only concern is the plastic clips that hold the unit in the cube. How much stress can these clips take? They feel ok to me but only time will tell on that. You can see in the photo that you can pop the unit out with two fingers. The only cheep feeling part is the pop up handle, it works just fine, but it feels a little cheaper then the rest of the unit. I put the 8 D batteries in the cube and that sure did add to the weight, not that bad, but it will load down anyone running to the beach with their hands already full. (The Boom Cube also works off the AC power cable provided) I will do more testing on battery life this weekend. On the front of the unit the buttons light up to match the Starmate Replay blue lights, this looks very nice. There is also a headphone and aux in jack on the front of the unit. Headphones sound good coming out of the cube. I have not done much with the aux in yet. Over all so far so good! This looks to be some steps ahead of the Sportsters Boom Box. I will post updates as I have more time with the unit. Is it worth the 100 bucks, Sure! If you want to take SIRIUS out by the pool ,to the beach or with you when working outside. I think it is also worth it to get the Boom Cube as your home dock. TSS Radio has them in stock as of now but GSI is told that they are moving fast, you can also get some package deals and save check them out here..


Blogger Mike said...

Where is the antenna at?

Thu May 11, 06:43:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

It clips to the back on the unit

Thu May 11, 07:55:00 PM EDT  

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