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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Via our Alliance Partner The Satellite Standard Group.

Sirius Satellite Radio has been showing strong growth in the OEM channel. They have solidified long term exclusive deals with DCX, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Volkwagen, Audi, Kia, and Rolls Royce. All of these exclusive partners are ramping up factory installation programs.

In today's Q1 Conference Call, there were some interesting mentions regarding the OEM's that Sirius has dealer and port install programs with.

Sirius expects the consumer to be the determining factor in what satellite radio service they want. Sirius is seen as more than a commodity, and Sirius has compelling content that consumers are seeking out. People don't just want satellite radio, they want Sirius Satellite Radio.

Sirius stated that they anticipate that the split in these OEM's that offer both services will likely mirror what is happening at retail. This comment was specific to Toyota, which has a factory program with XM. A Sirius executive stated that he recently had dinner with another OEM partner that offers both, and was informed that Sirius had 60% of the installs in the past 4 months. Sirius did not offer up which OEM partner it is, but Nissan is a likely candidate in the opinion of SSG (we have heard speculation to this effect back in December).

The key point with Sirius and OEM's seems to be that with the exception of GM and Honda that Sirius is widely available. For those with GM and Hondas that desire Sirius, there are products in the pipe-line to satisfy that need.

via Satellite Standard Group


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