SIRIUS 1Q 2006 Conference Call - Play by Play

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Updated info from the SIRIUS 1Q 2006 Conference Call, updated during the call live.
- More Ad revenue in 1Q then all of 2005
- Revenue gave $.65 per month to sub revenue
- SIRIUS will remain AD free on MUSIC STATIONS
- SIRIUS added more net subs and Ad revenue then XM
- Stern will be ONLINE BY Fathers Day
- SIRIUS Canada is #1 over XM Canada and growing faster.. .
- New PNP in time for fathers day
- The new sportster 4 in production will be in stores in late may.
- New live portable with more memory, buy button, MP3 functionality, and more
- 400,000 opt in to Playboy radio
- Rolling Stone Radio to go to the end of the year?!?
- SIRIUS.COM is way up..
- Radio China still on the way. .(Oh.. Thank God, now I can sleep)
- Price bump? SIRIUS cost more in Canada, and yes in the future there will be a increase from SIRIUS in the US.
- SIRIUS has new blue chip advertisers , like "Verizon and Subaru".
- Unique Programing will cut cost on marketing and save
- Developing chipsets in cell phones.. but need to find the right market
- SIRIUS has $715 million in cash, equivalents, and marketable securities
- SIRIUS and XM working down in DC over any new laws on digital music..
- SIRIUS has good relationships with music industry.. (but they still want more money for SIRIUS)
- SIRIUS wants to get subs, and not sell or share content with non-satradio..
- Howard wants online streaming show to be free for his fans
- SIRIUS likes to have exclusive content, and they see no need to sell it.
- Looking at enhancing repeater network
- New wearable unit, lots of money and time to get it right, spending money on antenna.
- SIRIUS has better satellite footprint then XM. This get better coverage without as many repeater.
- SIRIUS S50 is the only unit under the deal with music industry.
- Mel added if SIRIUS feels that it falls under the law, no deal may be needed..
END 0904et


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