Rumor: Xact Power Pod II is a NO GO

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

UPDATED Below...

An email tipster, tells Get Sirius Info that yet again a new SIRIUS item that has been announced by Xact Communications will never happen, or be significantly delayed. The XS088 aka the Power Pod II for the Xact Replay Unit (and Starmate Replay) has been scraped. The tipster tells us that they contacted Xact about the XS088 and was told the Power Pod II is a “no go” We at GSI are working to confirm this tip, but we fell it is important to report this. As you know Xact has a habit of announcing new SIRIUS units, and accessories that never happen. Like in infamous REGO that is still a big NOGO. Xact also talked about their own Spotster Replay like packaged unit. The odd thing is that has the Rego STILL on its web page, two years after it was it come out. GSI is treating this as a rumor and will follow this news.

(Thanks TK09443)

UPDATE: We have gotten some more emails on this.. Someone has emailed us that they know that this unit has tested well, and was working just fine. They also said that was the case with the Rego as well. The units work just fine.... They do not know anything about this unit getting cut, but they do know it has been working just fine in testing....

Again GSI is working to get more info on this and to check on the Power Pod II ...


Blogger jmcn72 said...

"an XM, er, email tipster"...

Wed May 17, 10:06:00 PM EDT  

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