New Sportster - Real Photo of Unit

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Satellite Standard Group our Inside Sirius Alliance partner has this real photo of a Sportster 4 from Sirius Satellite Radio. To date we have all seen the airbrushed pictures of the unit, and while they present a nice image, they simply are not the real deal.

The unit is both FCC and Canadian ICES-003 compliant, so it looks like those North of the border will get to enjoy this unit as well.

There still seems to be some question about whether the screen on the unit will be color. The documentation that we have reviewed indicates that the screen is NOT color. (GSI and others got reports of new SIRIUS PNP units with color screens, most were thinking the new sportster could/would have one. Many still think there will be a PNP unit out this year with a color display, but the Sportster 4 will not be in color.)

It should be noted that there was correspondence between the FCC and the manufacturer of the unit regarding rule 15.21(b). As many are aware, this is the rule that limits what frequencies fm modulators can transmit on, or what levels those transmission can be. the FCC requested additional information on April 25, 2006. The engineers from the manufacturer answered the questions on May 3, 2006.

Despite the question and answer session, this unit should be hitting stores soon.

Get more info on the New Sportster Here

via Satellite Standard Group


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