New SIRIUS Mp3 Unit.. Adheres to the Law? or Not?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mel Karmazin is in negotiating mode, during Tuesday 's earnings conference call he suggested the agreement reached between SIRIUS and the four major record labels for payments to the latter involving a specific portable receiver could be a one-time deal that won’t be repeated. Sirius is planning to introduce a new portable receiver this year..

“There’s nothing that says we have to come up with a deal,” Karmazin said, responding to a question today about new negotiations with the labels. “We decided to do a deal on the S50,” Karmazin said, “not to be bogged down” and to move the new device into the marketplace more quickly.

Karmazin said one tactic his firm might take is to adopt the notion that their portable device “adheres to the law” and should be considered a legitimate consumer device with recording and playback capabilities.

more via Billboard Radio Monitor


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