David Frear Talks About New SIRIUS Wearable Unit

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Via Orbitcast.com
At the CIBC Conference today, David Frear, SIRIUS Satellite EVP and CFO, said this about their upcoming live wearable satellite radio:

"You can expect it to have not only to be a live wearable, but you can expect it to have a great form factor, a great battery life and also some storage and playback capabilities. And the full functionality of that device will be unveiled in the course of the next several weeks."

He then continued to shine a bit more light on SIRIUS' beliefs behind the wearable market:

"Providing the option of wearability to consumers is an important option to provide them with. We don't believe that there's anything about live wearable that really is category changing. We don't think it's going to change the trajectory of growth [and] doesn't alter the guidance that we've given you.

For 50 years, 5% of radio listening has been done in a wearable mode. We don't think these products change that because we don't think that a product can really change consumer behavior. But we do think it's an important option to offer.

The MP3-like functionality that [we have] offered since October, in the S50, is something that our subscribers like. They like the ability to have a single device where they can listen to their radio in the car or home and they can take content with them as they go. So you want to offer the functionality, and you want to offer the option."

More via Orbitcast.com

GSI is told that this unit will be something that will out shine any thing on the market.


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