Buyer Beware! Some "SIRIUS" rip off artiest popping up!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now that Satellite radio is getting more and more popular, there has been an increase in online retailers chasing in. Some of these online stores are misleading and trying to trap folks in these lies.

We at GSI want to point out some scams that are currently being run by some online retailers selling SIRIUS items.

1. Posting what they call "Regular Price" then posting a deep discounted price they call a "Sale Price".. It is important to know what the MSRP is on an item, MSRP is the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price.. Some retailers do set their price higher then the MSRP… Then make a fake sale, and set a price that is right around the MSRP.
2. Misleading shipping dates… Many of these underground retailers are posting lines like "In Stock and Shipping" as a headline to an item.. Then when you read the small print, it states "Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days"
3. Running many online stores under what is called "Fronts" many different names under the same umbrella.
4. Having very low prices for Items then adding high shipping cost.. Some even add "Other Fees"

How to make sure you are buying SIRIUS items from an online store that is not trying to rip you off:

1. Make sure the store you are buying from is an "SIRIUS authorized Retailer". Most pages post this at the top right around the store name.. If you have to look for it.. Question it.
2. Make sure you know the MSRP, if the item is way below the MSRP question it! It is important to note the MSRP will change as a product is on the market for some time.

The reason we are posting this is because we have gotten many emails about a certain online store. We will not name this store for legal reasons but they are currently baiting customers with some false and misleading info. The store in question is stating that they have the Sportster 4 "In Stock and Shipping" (we are told by Directed Electronics that the Sportster 4 will be shipping this week to retailers) This same store that tells us the this unit is "In Stock and Shipping" also on the same page has this line "Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days"… Now that line is most likely the truth.. The units will ship from Directed on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) getting to retailers 2-3 Business Days after that.. Then they will ship it out.. The other shitty thing this store is doing.. is posting a "Regular Price" of $229.00 for the Sportster 4.. Now that is odd because this Press Release from SIRIUS states, "With an MSRP of $169.99…"

So as new SIRIUS stuff hits the market be on the look out! Now please note there are some very good online retailers out there.. Just do your homework on who you give your money. I personally get all my SIRIUS items online, and do most shopping online… It is the best way to shop, but there are some assholes out there!!!


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