All SIRIUS Radios in full FCC Compliance

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

SIRIUS CFO, David Frear, confirmed that all SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers are in full FCC compliance. Frear stated that some reveivers went to the manufacturers and they took care of the problem a while ago. He added, All SIRIUS Radios are in full FCC compliance. Case closed.

Now if you talk to Banc of America Securities analyst Jonathan Jacoby, yesterday he was suggesting SIRIUS could be the next satellite radio operator to temporarily halt production of their radios over concerns that transmitters in their radios are also out of compliance with FCC regs. (more on this BS here)

Hey Jonathan, you are wrong once more buddy... Banc of America should take a look at the guy. He is so pro XM, and so anti-SIRIUS.. This is one dude that I would never trust with my investments.

If you are out of the loop on all this XM has confirmed that they had to suspended shipments of some XM radios.. Get more on that via


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