Stern, on NPR and Christian Radio???

Friday, April 28, 2006

Some commuters hoping to ease into their day with National Public Radio or Christian broadcasts are instead hearing shock jock Howard Stern.

Baltimore Sun FRONT PAGE Headline: "Mixed signals: If you hear Howard Stern instead of NPR, bad satellite radio equipment is to blame"Looks like in some big cities like Baltimore and even small ones like Bethlehem, Pa... People are getting SIRIUS, and are using the FM mod to get SIRIUS on their radios.. The Baltimore Sun, who gets shit wrong all the time reports that this is because, "Normal car radios can't pick up signals from satellite-based subscription services such as Sirius, which carries Howard Stern's show. Instead, engineers blame badly installed, intentionally altered or defective equipment that transmits signals from Sirius receivers into their owners' car radios on FM frequencies." It is not defective equipment when the FCC puts its little sticker on it.. It is because SIRIUS and XM subs just keep the FM freq at the factory default. A good paper would report how Satrad subs can change the settings on their plug and play units.. But that would be too much work for the fine minds at the Baltimore Sun... Can you tell I do not like the Sun?!?! If you need to know how to change the freq your plug and play broadcasts on check this out.. Oh here is one more clip form the Sun, "six small radio stations have reported broadcast interference from Sirius Satellite Radio, with Stern and his potty-mouth" Oh they said potty-mouth.. F**K You! Baltimore sun..

Oh one more thing... take a look by clicking on the diagram to the right, made by the Baltimore Sun.. Look at number 4.. They say if you do not have a relay on your plug and play it is an illegal FM transmitter.. Once more WRONG.. Read up on FCC rule 15.239 you can own a personal FM transmitter in the 88-108 band as long as it is 250 microvolts/meter at 3 meters.. All SIRIUS and aftermarket personal FM transmitters follow that rule, and ARE NOT ILLEGAL.. (ok sorry done my little rant)

here is more of the story that the AP also picked up..

The General manager at 88.1 WYPR, a NPR affiliate in Baltimore, said he has sent 60 complaint letters to the Federal Communications Commission, which says it is investigating.

Neil Hever, PD for 88.1 WDIY, an NPR affiliate in Bethlehem, Pa., said he has forwarded 38 letters to the FCC.

Mike Starling, chief technology officer at NPR, said Sirius' chief competitor - XM Satellite Radio - can also be an offender. He said NPR has been speaking to Sirius and XM about the issue, and "they've offered their full support to look into the problem."

read it all here from the Sun and here via the AP


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