RUMOR: More SIRIUS and Toshiba chatter..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

GSI reported here that there is some chatter about a deal with SIRIUS and Toshiba. Once more this is just a rumor, you can read more on that here..

Yesterday we reported that Epcos and SIRIUS look to have some relationship.

There is now be a connection made with Epcos and Toshiba.. Hummm?!?!?

The Satellite Standard Group has a report about all this here is what they are reporting, "SSG was able to confirm the existence of a Non-Disclosure agreement between the two companies.

Further investigation has revealed the existence of a Non-Disclosure agreement as well as a Corporate Supply Agreement and an International Purchase Agreement between Epcos and Toshiba.

A relationship between Toshiba and Sirius has been rumored. Speculations has arisen that Toshiba may be a new hardware partner for Sirius on the upcoming release of a handheld live portable receiver with MP3 capabilities.

To date the most successful Sirius Hardware has been distributed through Directed Electronics. SSG has been unable to find the existence of a supply deal between Epcos and Directed. " (more via SSG)

Once more this is just rumor and speculation... We will keep you updated on this as we get more info.


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