NEW SIRIUS Sportster.. SP4-TK1 Info

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A real photo of the SIRIUS Sportster Replay SP4-TK1 is now available, courtesy of Crutchfield. GET SIRIUS INFO and had excusive "artists concepts" posted on 4/13 , which showed the unit having a color display, which obviously this one doesn't. Note the difference in the whole product code thing, originally the SPTK3 and SPTK4 were the new Sportster units (one non-color, and one with a color display). Could the SPTK3 be the sportster with the color display?!?!?

One very cool thing is the line in-put jack in the front of the unit! Many head units now have a line in, but only one.. So with this new unit you can line out from the Sportster right into a line in on a head unit.. This will let you plug an Mp3 player into the sportster line-in.. Also will this let you use the FM Mod of the Sportster to play stuff off your mp3 player???.. I think this is a very smart add... GSI is told that this unit was to be hush hush to next tuesday.. Look for more new units then.. or when they are posted by Crutchfield...

Either way, color or not, this is one nice looking unit.

SIRIUS Sportster Replay SP4-TK1
Cost: $169.99

* Plug-and-play SIRIUS satellite radio
* Car accessories included: cradle, suction-cup mount, power adapter, roof-mount antenna
* Internal memory continually stores the last 44 minutes of the channel you're listening to
* Built-in FM transmitter broadcasts on any FM frequency
* 6-line display
* 30 channel presets
* S-Seek lets you save up to 30 song titles or artists, and alerts you whenever one is playing on SIRIUS
* Game Alert lets you know when your favorite team is playing
* Jump button lets you go to a preprogrammed channel instantly
* Short-cut button lets you save a wireless FM transmission frequency
* Car cradle includes an auxiliary audio input
* Search by category, channel, artist, or song title
* Wireless remote control
* Dimensions: 4-1/2"W x 2-15/16"H x 5/8"D

via and Crutchfield


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