Epcos & SIRIUS Relationship

Saturday, April 01, 2006

GSI: Has been provided info that SIRIUS has a relationship with Epcos, Inc. (symbol EPC), This is a Non Disclosure agreement between the two companies.

Back in Dec 2005 Epcos put out some PR about the development of a new series of SAW filters for digital satellite radio systems and receivers for home, vehicle and portable use.

GSI: has been able to get info that this deal is with SIRIUS..

Now for the Tech info: Compared to other multimedia applications such as TV sets, digital satellite radio receivers and equipment require several different IF SAW filters due to the diverse terrestrial and satellite paths.

The new EPCOS' B170 series of IF bandpass filters in a ceramic SMD package are designed for low insertion attenuation. In the stopband, attenuation rates up to and exceeding 50 dB are attained.

Other filter series employed for digital satellite radio systems include the X730 series in a plastic case and the B171 series in a ceramic SMD package. All of the packages developed were designed to suit the application in both consumer and automotive electronics environments.

Via SSG - Satellite Standard Group
Get the Epcos PR and Epcos Data sheets

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