April Winchell is Joining SIRIUS, soon...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

GSI is happy to report that we have confirmed that April Winchell is going to Join SIRIUS. She will be a part of a new channel, currently under construction. GSI is told that this "Personality based Channel" will be adult rated. We 1st reported this rumor back on Dec 25th 2005. We are told that April Winchell has signed the dotted line.. IMDb also has SIRIUS listed on April Winchells' credits, quoting Feb 2006 as a start date, this has not happened yet, but is when GSI first reported her start on SIRIUS.. We are told that she will start once this new station launches. GSI could not get any comment about this new channel.

You can get more about April Winchell here.. and listen to air checks here and here

UPDATE: GSI: AUDIO - Listen to April Winchell talking about coming to SATRAD, on the KABC airways here


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