3rd Generation Sportster Coming Soon...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

We don't have a picture, don't have any stats, don't have a release date... BUT...

Get SIRIUS Info has gotten some new information on the new SIRIUS Sportster. This will be the 3rd generation of the Sportster unit. We are told that this unit will be around the size of the XM roady XT. It is also rumored that the display will be like the S50 in color and with a sports ticker. We are told that the unit will still be a docking unit, with car, home, and boombox docking stations. GSI is told that this new unit will be widely available by father’s day, and could be hitting the market as early as May. We are told that SIRIUS has changed its view on new product announcements, last year SIRIUS showed off the S50 months ahead of its planned release date. This caused some internet message boards and forums to have some false information posted about the S50. Look for the official news about the new Sportster coming out soon. We are told that it could happen around the 1Q conference call. (That will be announced the day after XM announces there conference call) We will follow info on this new unit.

More on all the new SIRIUS hardware soon, you can also get updates from our content partner "Satellite Standard Group"


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