Papa John's and SIRIUS Team Up!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

UPDATE: Thanks to JR who emailed a photo of his Pizza Box...
It appears that Sirius and Papa John's pizza have teamed up."Try Sirius Online for 10 days Free"-Sirius Satellite Radio offers over 125 channels of the best music,sports, news, and entertainment. And right now, you can get a taste ofall we offer with this limited-time free 10-day online trial. Go to and start listening to all the SIRIUS musicchannels -- 100% commercial-free.An interesting promotion to say the least. Also some SIRIUS promotional papers are coming with the Pizza Box to your door!

There is also some promo codes here

via our Alliance Partner, Satellite Standard Group

Jay Thomas Fan Forum

It is always nice to see SIRIUS fan pages pop up.
This one is all about The Jay Thomas Show on SIRIUS Stars//102 weekdays 2-5p (live) 1a-2a (1h Replay) & 6a-9a (Full Replay). Check out for a fan forum of his show. You can also get more info on The Jay Thomas Show here
(photo of The Jay Thomas Show Broadcasting live from the 2006 NYC Auto Show)

Stones to Stay? The Globe never to be?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

It looks like the Globe is gone for good, or really never will start. All the Globe pages and listings are gone from the new Also more and more marketing has the Rolling Stones 24/7 station listed. The Globe never did hit the air. Rolling Stones Radio kicked started on SIRIUS//99 back on 8/23/05 and was only to run until 9/29/05 when the Globe was to start on SIRIUS//98 at that time Rolling Stones Radio moved to SIRIUS//98. It has been extended many times.. Who knows what the deal is with the Globe?? But it looks like it is gone for good, for now..

Sterns Old DC Station Falls to 16th

CBS Radio's WJFK-FM (Washington, DC) lost a significant portion of its market share in the first ratings period since Howard Stern left for satellite radio, according to Arbitron Inc. ratings released yesterday. Now a COLLEGE radio station is #1 in DC.. WOW!

"Coming off of Howard's best book last year, there was a decline of only 30 percent," and the numbers grew month over month during the winter quarter, Mr. Hughes said. "I'm real excited about the base for the Junkies." Michael Hughes, general manager of CBS Radio in Washington.

Read the full story here

More Free Press for SIRIUS, from Stern Bashers

Friday, April 28, 2006

It all started with this headline:
"Mixed signals: If you hear Howard Stern instead of NPR, bad satellite radio equipment is to blame"

Not only did the Baltimore Sun.. start this BS news story calling SIRIUS PNP units "bad"
Not only did the AP pick up this BS story
But tonight, both FOX News, MSNBC, and others ran this story on their air..

You can watch the MSNBC story here


This morning when the new was first launched, there was something that looks like it could be a new SIRIUS unit. Thanks to Tim who emailed this from around 5am this morning. This image is now gone... As GSI has reported, look for the new SIRIUS portable unit to be shown off this Tuesday during the 1Q conference call.

SIRIUS Unfairly Hit by XM's Issues

UPDATE: You can read the full story be Joan Lappin here (without a Subscription) thanks Luke!

As XM's share price has fallen, it has pulled Sirius down with it. Howard Stern drove Sirius' subscriber growth into the lead. Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin controls costs and drives advertising growth. has an article about how XM's problems and mismanagement is pulling SIRIUS stock down also.. They add that, good news should come out of the SIRIUS camp on Tuesday... There is also praise for Mel Karmazin in the story..

The full story by Joan Lappin is here by subscription only.

Stern, on NPR and Christian Radio???

Some commuters hoping to ease into their day with National Public Radio or Christian broadcasts are instead hearing shock jock Howard Stern.

Baltimore Sun FRONT PAGE Headline: "Mixed signals: If you hear Howard Stern instead of NPR, bad satellite radio equipment is to blame"Looks like in some big cities like Baltimore and even small ones like Bethlehem, Pa... People are getting SIRIUS, and are using the FM mod to get SIRIUS on their radios.. The Baltimore Sun, who gets shit wrong all the time reports that this is because, "Normal car radios can't pick up signals from satellite-based subscription services such as Sirius, which carries Howard Stern's show. Instead, engineers blame badly installed, intentionally altered or defective equipment that transmits signals from Sirius receivers into their owners' car radios on FM frequencies." It is not defective equipment when the FCC puts its little sticker on it.. It is because SIRIUS and XM subs just keep the FM freq at the factory default. A good paper would report how Satrad subs can change the settings on their plug and play units.. But that would be too much work for the fine minds at the Baltimore Sun... Can you tell I do not like the Sun?!?! If you need to know how to change the freq your plug and play broadcasts on check this out.. Oh here is one more clip form the Sun, "six small radio stations have reported broadcast interference from Sirius Satellite Radio, with Stern and his potty-mouth" Oh they said potty-mouth.. F**K You! Baltimore sun..

Oh one more thing... take a look by clicking on the diagram to the right, made by the Baltimore Sun.. Look at number 4.. They say if you do not have a relay on your plug and play it is an illegal FM transmitter.. Once more WRONG.. Read up on FCC rule 15.239 you can own a personal FM transmitter in the 88-108 band as long as it is 250 microvolts/meter at 3 meters.. All SIRIUS and aftermarket personal FM transmitters follow that rule, and ARE NOT ILLEGAL.. (ok sorry done my little rant)

here is more of the story that the AP also picked up..

The General manager at 88.1 WYPR, a NPR affiliate in Baltimore, said he has sent 60 complaint letters to the Federal Communications Commission, which says it is investigating.

Neil Hever, PD for 88.1 WDIY, an NPR affiliate in Bethlehem, Pa., said he has forwarded 38 letters to the FCC.

Mike Starling, chief technology officer at NPR, said Sirius' chief competitor - XM Satellite Radio - can also be an offender. He said NPR has been speaking to Sirius and XM about the issue, and "they've offered their full support to look into the problem."

read it all here from the Sun and here via the AP


Today SIRIUS.COM has got a face lift ...Still no updated online player.. BUT check out only on SIRIUS part..
It looks like there is still some changes to be made.. But over all a very nice page...
Check it out..

XM Conference Call Wrap Up

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Our alliance partner Satellitestandard has a wrap up of today's XM Conference call. SIRIUS will have a 1Q conference call on Tuesday and we will have full coverage of that event right here..

You can also get more: like news on the 2 federal probes looking at XM here via Reuters

Bill to Require Satellite Radio to Compensate Music Industry

According to industry and congressional sources, with satellite radio services now becoming distribution services, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has presented legislation that would require satellite radio companies to compensate copyright holders in the music industry for downloads, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

Executives in the record industry want so-called "parity" among various download platforms, arguing that XM Radio's new free-download devices cheat the copyright holder.

Unlike XM, SIRIUS Satellite Radio has cut deals with record companies to compensate them for downloads on Sirius's S-50 receiver, which lets customers record content.

more on all this from our post yesterday
also more here

Coming to SIRIUS: The Best Music from Sweden and more

Nordic Rox will be produced under the creative guidance of Per Gessle, one of the world’s most successful songwriters, producers and musicians. As a member of the band Roxette and other performing bands, Gessle has sold 45 million albums worldwide and written dozens of songs that have been blockbusters on European and American radio, including “It Must Have Been Love,” which has been aired more than 4 million times on US radio, according to BMI, and is one of Roxette’s four No. 1 US singles.

The program will be hosted and programmed by Radio Stockholm on-air personality Viktor Petrovski, a prominent figure in the Swedish music scene. Also contributing to the program will be the lead singer of The Hives, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, and highly respected ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm (on behalf of ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus).

The first episode of Nordic Rox will be broadcast on SIRIUS channel 18, The Spectrum, this Sunday, April 30 from 8 pm to 11 pm ET.

New Show: "Brian & The Judge" on SIRIUS//145

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

GSI was the first to report on the open slot coming to Fox News Talk here..

"Brian & The Judge" will replace The Tony Snow Show on Fox News Talk, SIRIUS 145.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX senior legal analyst, and Brian Kilmeade, co-host of the popular morning show "FOX & Friends" as the new hosts of "Brian & The Judge," weekdays from 9 a.m. - noon ET, on SIRIUS 145. Tony Snow, has taken a job in the White House, as the Press Secretary for President George Bush.

Just some more BS legislation....

Bill seeks music royalties for satellite downloads
The guys over at Sirius Fan Network have an interesting piece relating to a bill that a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced. The legislation would require satellite radio companies to compensate the music industry for downloads, industry and congressional sources said.

You can read more about the story at Sirius Fan Network HERE

Thanks to everyone who sent the link also to us.. Yes this looks like it is going to be a hot bed in the Satrad world!

Bill Bennett to Joing SIRIUS May 1

SIRIUS announced that it will be the exclusive satellite radio provider of Bill Bennett's Morning in America. William J. Bennett, former Secretary of Education and leader of federal anti-drug efforts, is also a bestselling author, established public speaker, and commentator.

Beginning May 1, 2006 Bill Bennett's Morning in America will begin airing on SIRIUS Patriot, conservative talk radio with a patriotic flair, channel 144. The show airs Monday - Friday from 6:00 - 9:00 am ET.

Bill Bennett's Morning in America is a fast paced issues-oriented talk show that covers news, politics, culture, sports, media and more. Bennett frequently has guests on and takes listener calls. Although he is a well- known Republican, Bennett has often crossed party lines in order to pursue important common purposes.


FCC Chairman: Satellite Radio ok To Offer Local Content

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Over on the SIRIUS FAN NETWORK, they found this article today in the National Journal's Insider Update....
Satellite radio operators are free to offer local content says FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

The NAB opposes local programming by satellite radio, defending their position by saying satellite radio companies were licensed for national radio programming services exclusively.

Currently SIRIUS and XM offer local weather and traffic reports, but both companies have been signaling they may offer even more local content, including local news.

more via Sirius Fan Network

NEW SIRIUS Sportster.. SP4-TK1 Info

A real photo of the SIRIUS Sportster Replay SP4-TK1 is now available, courtesy of Crutchfield. GET SIRIUS INFO and had excusive "artists concepts" posted on 4/13 , which showed the unit having a color display, which obviously this one doesn't. Note the difference in the whole product code thing, originally the SPTK3 and SPTK4 were the new Sportster units (one non-color, and one with a color display). Could the SPTK3 be the sportster with the color display?!?!?

One very cool thing is the line in-put jack in the front of the unit! Many head units now have a line in, but only one.. So with this new unit you can line out from the Sportster right into a line in on a head unit.. This will let you plug an Mp3 player into the sportster line-in.. Also will this let you use the FM Mod of the Sportster to play stuff off your mp3 player???.. I think this is a very smart add... GSI is told that this unit was to be hush hush to next tuesday.. Look for more new units then.. or when they are posted by Crutchfield...

Either way, color or not, this is one nice looking unit.

SIRIUS Sportster Replay SP4-TK1
Cost: $169.99

* Plug-and-play SIRIUS satellite radio
* Car accessories included: cradle, suction-cup mount, power adapter, roof-mount antenna
* Internal memory continually stores the last 44 minutes of the channel you're listening to
* Built-in FM transmitter broadcasts on any FM frequency
* 6-line display
* 30 channel presets
* S-Seek lets you save up to 30 song titles or artists, and alerts you whenever one is playing on SIRIUS
* Game Alert lets you know when your favorite team is playing
* Jump button lets you go to a preprogrammed channel instantly
* Short-cut button lets you save a wireless FM transmission frequency
* Car cradle includes an auxiliary audio input
* Search by category, channel, artist, or song title
* Wireless remote control
* Dimensions: 4-1/2"W x 2-15/16"H x 5/8"D

via and Crutchfield

Hole Coming to FOX News Radio Lineup???

Monday, April 24, 2006

CNN Reports: "Sources: Tony Snow Likely To Take W.H. Press Secy. Post" "Sources close to the White House say that Fox News anchor Tony Snow is expected to accept the job as White House press secretary," Anderson Cooper said at the top of 360 tonight.

CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux said there may be an announcement in the next few days -- possibly as soon as Tuesday.

Now if this happens with will make a big hole in the Fox News Talk, SIRIUS 145 Line up...

The Tony Snow Show is live Weekdays 9a-12noon (et) with weekend reruns....

The SIRIUS Store - is now tss radio

The SIRIUS Store, the best place to get everything SIRIUS, has changed its name. It is now "tss radio"... In the past some folks were very confused, and were thinking "The Sirius Store" was really SIRIUS.. tss radio is the same people, same selection, same service, just a new shorter name. We at GSI have had good luck in getting all our SIRIUS Stuff from these guys and just wanted to post that they got a new name. We are told that SIRIUS did request that the name of the store change to cut down on the confusion. tss radio is a SIRIUS authorized retailer.

Mavericks owner getting 2-hour show on SIRIUS

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is getting his own two-hour weekly show on SIRIUS.

“Howard Stern won’t have anything on me,” Cuban wrote in an e-mail. “I’m going to cover everything and anything, from sports to business to technology, movies and entertainment. I’m going to take full advantage of the no-holds barred opportunity that Sirius is offering me.”

Cuban, 47, who has been fined more than $1 million for criticizing National Basketball Association referees and who drew the ire of Commissioner David Stern for saying the Kobe Bryant rape case would bolster the league’s popularity, will host his weekly talk show beginning this summer.

Mark Cuban’s Radio Maverick will air on Sirius - the official satellite radio partner of the NBA - Sundays from 11 to 1 p.m. CDT.

more via Star


A week ago we reported on some on the NFL Draft events on SIRIUS, now here is some PR via SIRIUS...

SIRIUS, the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, will provide the most comprehensive radio coverage available of the 2006 NFL Draft....

SIRIUS’ NFL Draft coverage begins Saturday, April 29 at 11:00 a.m. ET and continues throughout all of the day’s selections. On Sunday, April 30, SIRIUS’ coverage continues from 11:00 a.m. ET through the draft’s completion. In all, with SIRIUS covering every pick of both days, 20 hours of live NFL Draft coverage will be presented.

SIRIUS’ programming will feature live announcements of all 32 teams’ selections; analysis by SIRIUS’ lineup of NFL experts including Randy Cross, Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan, Adam Schein, Steve Cohen and Bryan McGovern; interviews with top draft picks and players around the country; and team reactions from coaches and general managers.

Get more here via SIRIUS NFL Radio

Rumor: Stern Online Stream Starts Next Week?!?!

GSI is hearing a rumor that Howard Stern will start to stream online next week. We are told the news could break during the 1Q conference call next Tuesday. According to this rumor, if two people try to log in with the same username and password, it will bump you. Some chatter is if you have 2 ESN numbers under that account, then it will let 2 people listen, and so on.. 3 ESN, 3 people can listen. Back on April 16 we reported an update on the Stern online streaming story, that "significant progress" has been made. Again this is just a rumor, but that chatter is picking up.

Charlie Daniels to promote Road Dog Trucking on SIRIUS

Sirius Satellite Radio has named music legend Charlie Daniels to be the voice of Road Dog Trucking, or Sirius Channel 147.The Daniels song “Road Dogs” (originally about traveling musicians, not truckers) will be the official theme song of the channel, and Daniels will make personal appearances for Sirius throughout the year at various trucking industry events.

Daniels also will appear April 24 as the first guest on the debut Road Dog broadcast of Carl P. Mayfield & the P-Team. Mayfield’s program airs weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.

more via eTrucker

SIRIUS Will Offer Live TV has some info on SIRIUS TV, coming to a car near you in 2007, and it's not going to be something that could be duplicated by a DVD...

They report, Sirius Satellite Radio's upcoming car satellite video service is expected to offer the same programming that is broadcast on certain children's cable stations and at the same time, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin told analysts at the recent Morgan Stanley Global Automotive Conference here.

Karmazin said, "We want the consumer to have some live TV channels in the back seat. Your kid is watching Disney or Nickelodeon [in the home] and you go into the car and pick it up, right in the car."
asked SIRIUS to confirm that they are partnering with Disney or Nickelodeon, Sirius consumer electronics division senior VP Bob Law said, "We are talking to people like that."

Law said of the Sirius video programming, "It's definitely going to be some live relevant broadcasting. It's not going to be something that could be duplicated by a DVD."

Law said Sirius will likely unveil satellite video at International CES in January and launch the service shortly thereafter.

Are you Ready for some Football. EH?

The Canadian Football League announced today with Sirius Canada that the CFL and Sirius have signed a 3 year deal to broadcast CFL games and The Grey Cup (CFL's Superbowl). From the looks of the Press Release the games will be broadcasted to US and Canada's Sirius Subs. There is currently no word on how many games will be broadcasted, but Sirius does retain the rights to use the CFL logo and all of the team trademarks for marketing and promotion.


Sirius Satellite Radio boss Mel Karmazin raked in $3.45 million in compensation last year...

Karmazin's top deputy, the entertainment chief Scott Greenstein, earned more than $1.3 million last year - which includes $602,831 in salary and a $700,000 bonus.

Stern makes in 2 weeks what Mel makes all year?!?!?

More in the NY Post


Friday, April 21, 2006

Ok this is just a rumor, but today on the Stern show, Howard joked (or not) about having Roth joining SIRIUS. In an interview with Howard 100, Roth also said he would love to talk with SIRIUS about working on SIRIUS. Now if you check out the Howard 100 page, there is an online pool asking:

If David Lee Roth jumped to Howard 101, what would you want to hear?

- Talk. Just like it was on old fashioned radio.

- Music. He's better when he's rocking out.

You can take the poll here

Now GSI has talked with some at SIRIUS regrading this.. Not real buzz to report about this, but in the Howard 100 News report, Roth wants to keep working in radio and do the show that CBS would not let him do!

Now to get all the info on O&A doing both XM and CBS shows here via

Some reports are that XM is not worried about O&A fans jumping from XM becuase of this.

Public Opinion Of SIRIUS And XM Radio Celebrities

Our alliance partner, the SIRIUS Fan Network has found this very cool story..

In Adrants today looks at data from the celebrity appeal research company E-Poll . The company looked at satellite radio services and how they rack up against each other in their celebrity appeal.

According to E-Poll, their research showed incredible differences between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio in public opinion for each company's celebrity talent.
The data suggests XM's celebrity talent has more universal appeal, compared with much more polarizing celebrity talent at Sirius.

Get the full story via the SIRIUS Fan Network.

SIRIUS Conference Call Outlook

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Satellite Standard Group (SSG) an Inside Sirius Alliance partner, would like to point out what the expectations are, and what investors may want to watch for.

What The Street Is Expecting

The street is looking for a loss of 35 cents per share with revenue of $122,870,000.

What To Watch For

1. Watch for the reaction by the street to the size of the loss. Sirius announced that they were taking the full cost of the Howard Stern shares issued in January of this year in Q1. The value (cost) of those shares is about $220,000,000. The impact on the loss for one quarter is very big, and there may be some out there who are not expecting it despite the fact that this event is well known.

2. Watch for a lower Subscriber Acquisition Cost. One of the benefits of a big spill-over of subscribers fro Q4 into Q1 is that those subscribers SAC costs were already absorbed in Q4. This should help bring down the SAC number. However, you should also be aware that there were inventory crunches, and Sirius apparently did go "back to manufacture". This type of activity has costs associated with it. There were also rumors during the quarter that Sirius was flying over product to meet demand. While that did get product to stores more quickly, it is also a more expensive method of getting hardware stateside.

3. Watch for ramped up OEM's. This channel of Sirius' subscribers has seen substantial growth, and will continue to see growth. Sirius is anticipating about 826,000 NET OEM subscribers this year, so one might imagine that on average we should see a bit over 200,000 in each quarter.

4. Watch for improved advertising revenue. Mel Karmazin has stated that advertising revenue has been doing very well, but has not yet raised guidance from ad revenue being 10% of 2006 revenue. This call will offer the first taste of how well the ad revenue is doing. Investors should run a quick check on the numbers to see if Q1 ad revenue is better than 10% of overall revenue. In our opinion, if ad revenue is anything over 12.5% we may see Mel increase guidance in this area.

5. Watch For Strong Discussion about CFBE. Sirius has stated that they anticipate that they can be CFBE in Q4. Look for Mel to hone in on the metrics that illustrate this.

6. Watch for Discussion about the retail channel. Sirius captured 59% NPD share in Q1. Look for Mel to talk about this, and look for him to give the number with the inclusion of Wal Mart, Sams, and Costco. Look for Mel to speak about what consumers are doing when they have a choice.

7. Subscribers. Sirius has not yet announced the subscriber total for the 1st quarter. They will surely announce it in the call, and will show that they are well on their way to reaching their stated guidance of 6,000,000 subscribers by the end of the year. At this points most analysts feel that Sirius can indeed obtain that goal. Sirius does in fact have a distinct sector where they can grow even further. The Friends and family section of the Sirius subscriber base makes up about 11%. Rival XM is at about 20%, and has aggressively marketed to this section of the market. If Sirius were to decide to be aggressive in this sector, they could garner a good number of subscribers on top of what they are already projecting.

8. Hardware. Watch for Sirius to finally offer some more flavor on the new hardware. People know it's coming, but are in hopes that it comes in time for the Fathers Day sales push.

via Satellite Standard Group (SSG) an Inside Sirius Alliance partner

Exclusive New Bruce Springsteen Interview to Air on SIRIUS This Sunday

Springsteen will discuss his forthcoming album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions on the weekly SIRIUS program Kick Out the Jams with Dave Marsh on Sunday, April 23, starting at 10 am ET on SIRIUS Stars channel 102. It will also be broadcast on Monday, April 24 at 1 pm and 7 pm ET, and on Tuesday, April 25 at 1 pm ET, on channel 18, The Spectrum.

Springsteen's new album features his personal interpretations of 13 traditional songs associated with folk artist Pete Seeger, and will be released by Columbia Records on Tuesday, April 25. The album's extensive liner notes were written by Marsh, and can be viewed at .

SIRIUS and the Boss have a good thing going.. SIRIUS was the home of a 24/7 station with all Springsteen music, and now this.

SIRIUS to Announce1st Q 06 Financial and Operating Results on May 2

As we reported it would, it did in fact happen today (ok the call it self was a few days off, but still SIRIUS is ready to one up XM), SIRIUS plans to hold a conference call at 8:00 am ET to discuss 1st Q 06 financial and operating results. Investors, the financial community and the press can listen to the conference call via, and on its satellite radio service by tuning to SIRIUS Channel 125. A replay of the call will be available on the company's website, after the fact.

More in this PR

SIRIUS signs long-term distribution agreement in Canada

SIRIUS Canada Inc. and Pana-Pacific, a division of the The Brix Group, today announced they have formalized their wholesale distribution agreement for SIRIUS Satellite Radio products in Canada.

Effective immediately, Pana-Pacific and SIRIUS Canada will jointly market SIRUS Satellite Radio receivers and accessories through participating OEM truck dealerships and truck outlets throughout Canada. The announcement was made today at Truck World 2006 where Pana-Pacific and SIRIUS Canada are exhibiting together.

The extension of the distribution agreement includes the top-rated SIRIUS Canada plug-n-play satellite radio receivers developed exclusively for the trucking industry including the Streamer GT; Streamer Replay; Streamer GTR Replay and the SIRIUS One. In addition, Pana-Pacific will supply Delphi’s new heavy duty integrated SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers to truck manufacturers including Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, International Truck and Engine, Volvo, Sterling, Western Star and Freightliner.

get more info here


“Fred’s Trailer Park Bash” to debut on May 6 exclusively on SIRIUS Outlaw Country

Fred Imus (not Don), country radio DJ and the brother of renowned radio broadcaster Don Imus, is joining SIRIUS Satellite Radio to host a new weekly country music program.

Fred’s Trailer Park Bash will launch on Saturday, May 6. The show will be broadcast each Saturday from 6 am to 10 am ET exclusively on SIRIUS’ Outlaw Country channel 63.

Imus joins Outlaw Country personalities Mojo Nixon, Cowboy Jack Clement, Shooter Jennings, and Hillbilly Jim as hosts of the only music channel dedicated to the rebels, renegades, and rogues of country music. Created by “Little Steven” Van Zandt, Outlaw Country is heard exclusively on SIRIUS.

Imus will broadcast his show from his trailer in Tucson, Arizona. He will continue to appear as a regular guest on his brother Don Imus’ syndicated radio program Imus in the Morning, which is also broadcast on MSNBC.

XM Q1 Call Set, SIRIUS to Announce this week

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

XM satellite radio has scheduled their first quarter conference call for Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 10:00 AM EST. GSI is told that SIRIUS is once more playing the game they did for the 4Q 05 numbers. SIRIUS we are told will make an announcement Thursday or Friday. We are told the SIRIUS 1Q conference call will be set for Friday April 28. In the past SIRIUS was always the first company to have their conference call allowing XM to spin information for thier call.

We are told some news about new SIRIUS units will come out around the SIRIUS conference call. (more) also more info on the new Sportster here

A Look at The New NPD Data

First let us get the March market split out of the way. For March 2006 the NPD market share was as follows:

Sirius – 56%
XM – 44%

For the entire first quarter the NPD share split was as follows:

Sirius - 59%
XM - 41%

Sirius Satellite Radio has led XM Satellite Radio in the last seven consecutive months, and 8 out of the last 10 months. Some have attributed this to the Howard Stern Effect, and certainly that would appear to have had an impact.

What is clear from this data is that Sirius Satellite Radio is performing very well at the retail channel, and it would appear that the brand recognition of Sirius remains to be strong.

via The Inside Sirius Alliance partner Satellite Standard

Pioneer's Multimedia AV SIRIUS Compatible Receiver Introduced

Pioneer has introduced the AVH-P7800DVD, a new product that the company describes as the first in-vehicle entertainment product to handle a wide variety of high-resolution audio technologies and high quality video in a one-box solution.
Read all about it via SFM: Sirius Fan Network

For Sirius fans, you'll want to pick up Pioneer's optional attachment unit the 'SIR-PNR2' made for use with the new AVH-P7800DVD unit.

Get Sirius Info joins The Inside Sirius Alliance

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We are happy to announce that we are a part of the new "Inside Sirius Alliance". GSI: Get SIRIUS Info is excited to be a part of this family of top notch SIRIUS related sites. We are working to build the ultimate SIRIUS community of sites. The power of this new alliance will bring our readers into a new world of SIRIUS news, insight, programming information and much more. This new alliance currently consist of; The Sirius Fan Network, a place for SIRIUS news and info, and a new SIRIUS Fan Discussion area. The Sirius Fan network will provide content and resources to this alliance. The Sirius Fan Network is also home to the Inside Sirius Alliance "Fan Discussion boards" this is a place to chat about SIRIUS, post comments about the service, talk about SIRIUS news and events, chat about Howard and just get deep into everything SIRIUS! is a resource every SIRIUS fan needs to check out, and use everyday! Not only is this the interactive tool a part of the Inside Sirius Alliance, it is the backbone of everything SIRIUS! Want to know what time a show is on? Need to search for SIRIUS on-air talent? is the place to Enhance Your SIRIUS Experience! You can make personalized schedules and so much more. is also a valuable part of this alliance, providing SIRIUS fans the place to see what is on every SIRIUS station 24/7 with song and artiest search capabilities, and station play list, is the place to check out what station plays your type of music, when a song last played, and so much more. is also ideal to have up when listing to SIRIUS online. Satellite Standard, brings something to this alliance that is very unique; in-depth insight to the satellite radio industry, not only news, but profiles, interviews, and investor related content. Look for not only headlines but the who, what, were and why behind the headlines! With these four partners, GSI: Get Sirius Info will continue to provide, SIRIUS news, updates, product profiles, and so much more. The power of FIVE SIRIUS fan sites with unique, powerful, and helpful information, which you can only find in this alliance! Each member site is managed on its own, each operating independently from each other. The Inside Sirius Alliance is an agreement and working group to provide the best SIRIUS info to the millions of SIRIUS fans. Members of this alliance are dedicated to providing the best information, tools, and resources available! We are just starting this new adventure, and have some big things in the works. As a team we feel that, each member site brings something to the table, not only different views, but the power of five. Please check out all of our members pages, and also look for big things coming to

Bluff Poker Radio Expanding On Sirius 122

Via our InsideSiriusAlliance partner Sirius Fan Network
The only nationally syndicated Poker radio show announced today that it is expanding coverage. Bluff Poker Radio has now grown its lineup of poker radio shows to Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights on Sirius Satellite Radio SPORTS BYLINE USA (channel 122) at 8-10pm ET. The show is also available on a variety of terrestrial stations.

More here on the SIRIUS FAN NETWORK

S50 Executive Station at TSS: The Sirius Store

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Inside Sirius Alliance partner, Satellite Standard is reporting that the S50 Executive station is days away from shipping out from TSS: The Sirius Store. Read all about the S50 Executive station here.

UPDATE: TSS: The Sirius Store will get the S50 Executive Docking Stations tomorrow. They will also have one of the largest shipments around, they will fill all the pre-orders, and NOW non-pre-order customers to begin ordering them.. The Items will ship on Wednesday and/or Thursday.

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Eton SIRIUS 101 Unit: Coming Soon

We first told you about the Eton/SIRIUS partnership back in Jan.
Etón Sound Sirius 101 Features

* AM/FM/Sirius Satellite-Ready Radio
* Table top design
* Brilliant LCD display
* Large analog tuning knob
* Memory Presets
* Clock radio functions including alarm
* Dimensions: 8.26”Wx4.528”Hx5.098”D

Note this is a SIRIUS Ready unit. We do not have a price on this yet.

Get more info on the NEW Eton SIRIUS 101 in this .pdf file


Via PR
On Draft Day,'s coverage Presented by Diet Pepsi will feature pick-by-pick analysis from Brandt and Kirwan, a draft tracker with up-to-the-minute results, as well as live streamed audio from Sirius Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS NFL Radio will have live coverage of the NFL Draft on April 29 -30

SIRIUS NFL Radio was also streamed live (for free) around this past Superbowl

Get full NFL Draft info here

Satcaster Advertising On The Rise

FMQB reports today about the rise of advertising on satellite... They report, "As for Sirius, ad sales grew to $6.1 million last year. The satcaster is also considering increasing the spotload on Howard Stern's show from six minutes per hour up to nine, reports Business Week."

They also ask the question, will Satrad be like FM in a few years?!?!?

Read about it here

Sirius Looking Strong Ahead Of Q1 Report

UBS analyst Lucas Binder previewed Sirius Satellite Radio's financial results ahead of the company's first-quarter 2006 earnings report, which the analyst expects to be sometime during the week of April 24.

The analyst forecasts 711,000 net subscriber additions for the quarter, up 133% year-over-year.

The analyst also expects the company to benefit from its agreement with EMI Group, the last of the four major music labels, announced on April 13, regarding the S50 satellite radio receiver.

"We believe a favorable dialog on equipment (i.e., MP3 players) could lead to a more open discussion by year-end over performance rights with the Recording Industry Association of America, which could benefit both parties," he said.

The analyst maintained a "buy" rating and $8 price target on Sirius shares.

More via

Howard Streaming Online Update

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Get Sirius Info has obtained some new information regarding the Howard Stern Show streaming online. We are told that "significant progress" has been made, to get the infrastructure built to support what is expected to be a large demand for Stern online. We are told by a source that mid summer is the target to get stern streaming online. There is also a concern about non-SIRIUS subscribers hacking into the stream and get Stern for free. There is also a rumor that this new "backbone" to support Stern could also improve the bit rate of the SIRIUS music stations streaming online. SIRIUS added MSL Radio to stream online 24/7 back in Feb. A new SIRIUS online player is also in the works; we are told.

Sumner Redstone - Chairman of CBS Talks about Stern lawsuit

In a Newsweek interview, Sumner Redstone the Chairman of CBS was asked why CBS delayed suing for talking up his future at a rival Sirius Satellite Radio until the radio host was at the new job, Redstone tells Newsweek that, "Howard Stern used our airwaves to advertise a competitor. We are supposed to get paid for advertising. We did not. And he was incentivized to do that, as shown by the bonus that he got [from Sirius] ... We're suing not only for what he did on the airwaves, but for the bonus that he got as a result of misusing our airwaves. We are pretty confident of winning."

Read more here or at your newsstand in The Monday 4/17 Newsweek

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