Study Says 30% of Stern Listeners Moved To Sirius

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

or how about, Study Says 70% Of Stern Listeners Stayed With Terrestrial Radio..

The same story? Sure.. it is.. It is all about the SPIN!

Now, which one do you think was the headline bantered about in radio trade publications?

"Study Says 70% Of Stern Listeners Stayed With Terrestrial Radio.." was, essentially, the headline used in nearly all radio industry trade publications about data on Stern's move to Sirius. Radio & Records but even more spin on it: "Most Listeners Stayed With Radio, Waved Goodbye To Stern." (WTF) We must point out that Billboard Radio Monitor choose to use a more Pro SIRIUS headline: "Study: 28% Of Stern Fans Shift To Sirius."

One thing this report did do; many so called radio experts now have egg on their face; as many predication were that Howard Stern would have around 10% of his audience move to SIRIUS.

It's clear that Stern helped SIRIUS get one million plus new subscribers.

An analyst placed the number of Stern-related subscribers at 1.2 million. That puts the percentage of Stern fans that moved to SIRIUS at 10% (based on 12 million pre-SIRIUS Stern fans).

Thanks to this new "study" by Jacobs, they say 28% made the move.. So what this study did was show that more then 10% made the move..

You can only spin a headline, but not the facts..

You got to love how Audiographics points all this out..


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