SIRIUS and Toshiba partnership?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rumor: Could Toshiba be a SIRIUS partner for a portable/personal audio/video SIRIUS unit?

Toshiba released something called a gigabeat mp3 player, it is a dockable unit with a color display, you say that it is like an S50 without the satrad... and Toshiba having all of the electrical components in house could put something like an s50 or a new unit together.
There is now a new SIRIUS employment opportunity the wording of the job description has some interesting parts:
"portable/personal audio/video, the word partner (singular), and Irvine California"

If you look up the chamber of commerce for Irvine to see what big business is there. The only one that came up that would relate to the above interest was Toshiba.

So we know that Apple didn't want to play ball with SIRIUS, some are thinking that Mel and Toshiba (One stop electronics components for ease and simplicity) are getting together using the Toshiba MPEG4 chip to incorporate personal/portable SIRIUS audio video streaming through a
Gigabeat like unit or even better, a SIRIUS branded unit.

That coupled with a fuel cell powered battery that Toshiba has developed could be just what SIRIUS needs to provide enough power for a portable unit....

Toshibas' Gigabeat could be a very nice SIRIUS unit.. But once more all this is a rumors and dots around the net. One thing to note about the Gigabeat, it is compatible with Napster who currently has deals with XM.. Currently Toshiba has not known connection with SIRIUS. We will follow this and let you know as we get any updates..


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