Rumor: SIRIUS S50 to be discontinued very soon

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We are told by a high level source at a big box retailer that the SIRIUS S50 will be discontinued by SIRIUS early this summer. GSI is told that SIRIUS is "dropping" the S50 program because of deals they had to make with the record companies as of late. In these deals SIRIUS is now paying some music (record) companies per S50 sold. This summer a new "S50 like" fully portable unit will be out. These new unit(s) will have a buy button, not a love button, allowing users to pay per song, and not require SIRUIS to pay for the songs you want. We are also told by this source that "these new units will put the S50 and any XM unit on the market to shame." GSI is also told that the S50 jump was huge at first, but now sales are quickly falling. This was unit was big for SIRIUS, and got mixed reviews, as of late some reviews are getting more harsh. We are told that once the current batches are done, the S50 will quickly fade.. This summer the S50 will be replaced by the new units. We are not clear on this but we are told that the news units will not be compatible with current S50 docks and accessories. A side notes on all this, many have noticed that the price of the S50 is still falling at many retailers... SIRIUS still list the MSRP at around $360.

This is 2nd hand information from a source who requested to remain nameless..

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