New S50 Firmware ready for download

Thursday, March 30, 2006

GSI is happy to be the 2nd to report that the new S50 Firmware is ready to download. Make sure you have the new My SIRIUS Studio software then do an update on your S50.. It looks like the update will just fix some of the bugs, starts up faster, and stations change faster...

UPDATE: Overnight the update was gone, we are told that, it was a server problem and it was not pulled. (as some rumors state on other sources) Some folks have had problems with the update, this is becuase they were not following the directions, this update is not like the ones before it is getting info from the Sats also.. The info below is right from SIRIUS please follow these directions. Some other pages on the net have bad info posted...


Before you begin, make sure the battery is installed in the S50 and it is fully charged. If the battery is not installed, or is only partially charged, the software updates may not install properly.

To fully update your S50, there are three upgrades you'll need to complete:

An upgrade to the software that operates your S50
An upgrade to the software contained within your S50's car dock
An upgrade to the firmware contained within your S50


Here's how to complete your S50 upgrades:

Step 1: Complete the S50 software upgrade

On your computer, make sure you've successfully downloaded the S50 application software updates and have closed the "Device Settings" windows.
From the My Sirius Studio software, press to eject the S50 from your computer.
Wait for the S50 picture to disappear from the My Sirius Studio window. Your computer should display the message "Safe to Remove Hardware".
Disconnect the USB cable from the S50.
Once you've disconnected the USB cable, the S50 will display "Restart for Update" and will power off within approximately 10 seconds.
Press and hold the Playlist button on the S50 to turn the S50 back on.
Once it powers on, the S50 will display "SOFTWARE Updating" and will complete the software update.
When the software update is complete, the "Update Complete!" message will be displayed and the S50 will turn itself off.


Step 2: Complete the S50 car dock software upgrade

Once you've completed the S50 software upgrade, place the S50 in an S50 car dock. The S50 will display "CAR DOCK Updating" and will complete the car dock software update.
When the S50 car dock update is complete, the blue LEDs on the car dock will flash multiple times, the S50 will display an "Update Complete!" message, and the S50 will turn itself off.


Step 3: Complete the S50 firmware upgrade

Place the S50 into a car or home dock and make sure it's receiving SIRIUS satellite or terrestrial signal.
Once it powers on, the S50 will display "Firmware Updating.. ", followed by "Updating, xx% complete". The percentage will increase as the update progresses. It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the update.
When the update is complete, the S50 displays the "Update Complete!" message for 2 seconds and then powers off.
You'll need to undock and re-dock your S50 to power it back on.
This process also updates the Sirius channels if needed.


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