CNBC Moving to 129....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Just a quick update on what we know about the upcoming changes on Tuesday... There is now a spot running about CNBC Moving from 130 to 129. FOX News, is going to move in on 131, the current home of Bloomberg radio.. One can guess that Bloomberg will move to 130. We are told that CNN and CNN Headline news will stay at 132 and 133. (There is chatter that Headline news will be cut, we are told that CNN and SIRIUS have a new deal also, and more CNN stations will be added this year, like CNN Espanol.. ) We also know for sure that SIRIUS Stars will move to 102, and Blue Collar will move in to 103. Foxs news talk in moving into 145, the current home of SIRIUS right.. Once more chatter online is that SIRIUS right and SIRIUS Patorit will become one station.. That is just rumor right now.. The other change is at SIRIUS 111, the new home to COSMO, were will WSM go? We are told to look for some offical word from SIRIUS any day now...

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