Bubba Silenced!?!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

UPDATE: Check out the second FMQB story on the injunction threat that kept Bubba quiet today on his show, just minutes before he was to start telling stories of Clear Channel execs and Management that would have potentially "ruin people's lifes"

As reported by FMQB and other trade magazines, Bubba the Love Sponge was going to drop his Clear Channel "Bombshells" today at 5pm. Going into the 5pm break he promoted that he was going to be back in 5 minutes to start giving facts about Clear Channel Execs like John Hogan, Lowery Mays and Mark Mays. After playing 2 Ned songs in full he came back and said that Clear Channels Lawyers called Sirius and said that Bubba would be in breech of his contract. Bubba was going to tell all the listeners secrets that would "destroy" some of the Clear Channel execs. As Howard's saga plays out with CBS it seems that Bubba is starting to have the same issues with Clear Channel. Sirius and its 2 biggest "shock jocks" goto to battle with 2 of the countries largest radio conglomerates.

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