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Friday, March 31, 2006

Entertainment Weekly: Interview: Forget the bitter lawsuit and the FCC -- Stern's got a new empire to conquer by Josh Wolk

Howard Talks about it all.. .Very nice story... Read most of it here

New S50 Firmware ready for download

Thursday, March 30, 2006

GSI is happy to be the 2nd to report that the new S50 Firmware is ready to download. Make sure you have the new My SIRIUS Studio software then do an update on your S50.. It looks like the update will just fix some of the bugs, starts up faster, and stations change faster...

UPDATE: Overnight the update was gone, we are told that, it was a server problem and it was not pulled. (as some rumors state on other sources) Some folks have had problems with the update, this is becuase they were not following the directions, this update is not like the ones before it is getting info from the Sats also.. The info below is right from SIRIUS please follow these directions. Some other pages on the net have bad info posted...


Before you begin, make sure the battery is installed in the S50 and it is fully charged. If the battery is not installed, or is only partially charged, the software updates may not install properly.

To fully update your S50, there are three upgrades you'll need to complete:

An upgrade to the software that operates your S50
An upgrade to the software contained within your S50's car dock
An upgrade to the firmware contained within your S50


Here's how to complete your S50 upgrades:

Step 1: Complete the S50 software upgrade

On your computer, make sure you've successfully downloaded the S50 application software updates and have closed the "Device Settings" windows.
From the My Sirius Studio software, press to eject the S50 from your computer.
Wait for the S50 picture to disappear from the My Sirius Studio window. Your computer should display the message "Safe to Remove Hardware".
Disconnect the USB cable from the S50.
Once you've disconnected the USB cable, the S50 will display "Restart for Update" and will power off within approximately 10 seconds.
Press and hold the Playlist button on the S50 to turn the S50 back on.
Once it powers on, the S50 will display "SOFTWARE Updating" and will complete the software update.
When the software update is complete, the "Update Complete!" message will be displayed and the S50 will turn itself off.


Step 2: Complete the S50 car dock software upgrade

Once you've completed the S50 software upgrade, place the S50 in an S50 car dock. The S50 will display "CAR DOCK Updating" and will complete the car dock software update.
When the S50 car dock update is complete, the blue LEDs on the car dock will flash multiple times, the S50 will display an "Update Complete!" message, and the S50 will turn itself off.


Step 3: Complete the S50 firmware upgrade

Place the S50 into a car or home dock and make sure it's receiving SIRIUS satellite or terrestrial signal.
Once it powers on, the S50 will display "Firmware Updating.. ", followed by "Updating, xx% complete". The percentage will increase as the update progresses. It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the update.
When the update is complete, the S50 displays the "Update Complete!" message for 2 seconds and then powers off.
You'll need to undock and re-dock your S50 to power it back on.
This process also updates the Sirius channels if needed.


Directed Electronics Reports Record 4Q and FY 05 Results

Directed Electronics Inc., the maker of the SIRIUS S50, Sportster, Starmate and others.. along with car security and entertainment systems, posted a fourth-quarter net loss Thursday, but adjusted results beat Wall Street's estimates and the company's shares surged after-hours.

The company posted a net loss applicable to common shareholders of $10.2 million, or 51 cents per share, compared with earnings of $7.1 million, or 38 cents per share, during the same period a year ago.

Sales jumped 69 percent to $135.5 million from last year's $80.1 million.

"Our growth was primarily driven by the continued momentum of our security and entertainment business and the strong growth of our Sirius satellite radio product sales," said James E. Minarik, president and chief executive, in a statement.


SIRIUS Satellite Radio adds NCAA baseball

SIRIUS Satellite Radio adds NCAA baseball to its sports lineup beginning this weekend, The addition of college baseball to the SIRIUS lineup includes Saturday and Sunday games only.

More here

SIRIUS signs BIG Deal

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GSI is told that early this week SIRIUS signed a "major deal", which will be big news for SIRIUS. That is all the info we are going to report at this time. I know this is very vague info.. We are told this "deal" has nothing to do with talent. So all we can do is speculate as to what this deal is, could it be a content partnership? An online partnership for music sales, like Yahoo! or MSN? Or how about a partnership with an electronics manufacture? Who knows?!?!? But let the guessing begin, all we know is that SIRIUS signed this deal, and it is major..

Chat about it in the GSI: Forum

UPDATE 4/1/06: This is not a April Fools Joke, GSI is not into posting jokes. We get info and we post it, This post calls to speculate as to what the deal is, we get info from folks who do not give as all the info becuase they could lose thier jobs over it.. Once more the Rumor is that it is a partnership.. We will find out soon..

SIRIUS Controller Edward Weber Jr. Resigned

Mr. Weber has been appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Major League Baseball Advanced Media... David J. Frear, SIRIUS' Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will serve as the principal accounting officer on an interim basis.


Stern Suit Unfounded, Karmazin Charges

SIRIUS chief Mel Karmazin talked up satellite radio during a rare public appearance Tuesday and said that his old company's lawsuit against Howard Stern was without merit.

Billboard Radio Monitor reports: That karmazin, acknowledged that the big bucks Sirius is paying Stern, the NFL, NASCAR and other high-profile rights are expensive but well worth it.

"It's scary how much they cost, but I would rather have them and find a way to make money with them rather than compete against them," Karmazin said.

Karmazin said CBS' lawsuit against Stern, who left CBS in December for a multiyear contract with Sirius, only served to put Stern back on the front page.

"The last thing I would want to talk about today is Howard Stern," Karmazin said of CBS before adding: "But I'm sure CBS had its reasons."

Via Billboard Radio Monitor

Sprint/Nextel and SIRIUS Expanding..

Sprint/Nextel hopes to boost its mobile music business this year by offering a new subscription plan for downloading songs onto cell phones and by expanding its partnership with Sirius Satellite Radio, a top executive said Tuesday.

Sprint already offers
a subscription service that lets people receive about 20 radio channels from Sirius on their cell phones. Sprint is also looking to give customers the option of buying songs that they hear on the satellite radio channels later this year...

via ZDnet

Study Says 30% of Stern Listeners Moved To Sirius

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

or how about, Study Says 70% Of Stern Listeners Stayed With Terrestrial Radio..

The same story? Sure.. it is.. It is all about the SPIN!

Now, which one do you think was the headline bantered about in radio trade publications?

"Study Says 70% Of Stern Listeners Stayed With Terrestrial Radio.." was, essentially, the headline used in nearly all radio industry trade publications about data on Stern's move to Sirius. Radio & Records but even more spin on it: "Most Listeners Stayed With Radio, Waved Goodbye To Stern." (WTF) We must point out that Billboard Radio Monitor choose to use a more Pro SIRIUS headline: "Study: 28% Of Stern Fans Shift To Sirius."

One thing this report did do; many so called radio experts now have egg on their face; as many predication were that Howard Stern would have around 10% of his audience move to SIRIUS.

It's clear that Stern helped SIRIUS get one million plus new subscribers.

An analyst placed the number of Stern-related subscribers at 1.2 million. That puts the percentage of Stern fans that moved to SIRIUS at 10% (based on 12 million pre-SIRIUS Stern fans).

Thanks to this new "study" by Jacobs, they say 28% made the move.. So what this study did was show that more then 10% made the move..

You can only spin a headline, but not the facts..

You got to love how Audiographics points all this out..


Jacobs Media Report: HOWARD & SIRIUS

Monday, March 27, 2006

Rock radio consultants Jacobs Media report that Howard Stern's move has helped SIRIUS match and surpass the subscriber rate of XM among Rock radio listeners. The report adds that approximately 70% of Stern's listeners acknowledge they've stayed with commercial radio morning shows. Jacobs Media makes the statement that the biggest winners appear to be many of Stern's former FM competitors.

One very very important thing to point out, Jacobs Media is contracted by major FM broadcast companies.. According to JacobsMedia.com in the about us part: "Jacobs Media services are used by nearly every major broadcasting company, including Infinity (now CBS Radio), Entercom, Emmis, ABC, Cox, Saga, Citadel, Journal, Susquehanna, and others."

The survey was conducted in late February, roughly 5-6 weeks after Stern's debut on SIRIUS.

Read the report here with some nice little charts and graphs

One More Reason to Love SIRIUS

GSI: Comment

I first got Satellite radio way back, and got XM before SIRIUS launched. Once I got it I knew; Satellite radio was going to be a big deal, 2 years ago I got my first SIRIUS unit a JVC SR1000. I have had both services until today. More & more I found my self listening to SIRIUS over XM. I had a few favorite stations on XM. I fell in love with SIRIUS about a year ago, and started to post here less then a year ago. Still checking in with XM on and off… Today when I got my credit card bill and noticed the XM $12.99, I asked myself, WHY? XM is a hell of a service and is much better then FM.. Some think that XM is better then SIRIUS, some like Coke better then Pepsi. I found myself more of a SIRIUS guy after having both for 2 years. So when I called XM to cancel today, I was asked why I wanted to cancel my subscription.. I told them I like SIRIUS better.. I was then given a sales pitch about how much better XM is, and she really bad talked SIRIUS.. I once more repeated that I like SIRIUS better, and told this lady I have had both services for 2 years. She then said, “I can offer a year of XM service for only $50.00� I said no thanks.. Then she said how about 6 months for free.. once more I said no thanks. She then replied, “ok Sir, (very shitty) you subscription will end on April 4th� then hung up.. There would be no reason for me to post this today, but after the way I was treated by XM, I was moved to do so.

Just my view - Joey

Orbitcast Rumor: Howard Stern Served Subpoena

According to Orbitcast sources, there is a strong rumor that Howard Stern was served a subpoena by the SEC last Wednesday (March 22nd). The grounds for the subpoena are unknown. Get more info here

New Howard 101 Line Up

Here is the new Howard 101 Lineup.. All Time ET
9am - 2pm The Howard Stern Show (West Coast Feed)
2pm - 3pm The Wrap-Up Show (West Coast Feed)
3pm - 7pm Bubba the Love Sponge
8pm - 12am The Scott Ferrall Show
12am - 4am Bubba the Love Sponge (Replay)
4am - 9am The Scott Ferrall Show (Replay)


Ok you have to take a look at this SIRIUS spoof.. This is an x rated spoof for the Howard/SIRIUS TV Ad.. Just take a quick look.. Funny stuff HERE

via orbitcast.com

Scott Ferrall Show joins Howard 101

Find out why Stern calls this man a "Unique talent" that he finds so funny.

Scott is on fire tonight for his debut covering sports, money, chicks, gambling, travel, and adventure. Scott will also be taking your calls from Studio 15 at the SIRIUS Studios.

Show will air 8p-12mid M-F (et)

A 100 MILE AN HOUR AUCTIONEER COMMANDING A HEAVY METAL TRAIN WRECK. He's drinkin' thinkin' yellin' screamin' spittin' laughin' hurlin' and torkin'. Listening to the Scott Ferrall show is like sitting in an SUV on a road trip where one guy is rolling a 'thumb', one guy is listening to SIRIUS, one guy is watching a DVD, one guy is playing video games, and one guy is passed out & passing gas. All those guys are in Scott's head, and somehow - somehow you can still understand whats going on.

Directed Electronics New Portable Video Player

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Directed Electronics, the maker of the S50, Starmates, Sportsters, and other SIRIUS items.. just started to sell a new Portable video unit. This unit is a non-SIRIUS unit but could it be a baseline to a new SIRIUS unit? Hummm?!?! Get more info about the "PMP3520" here
Thanks Tony!

Radio Shortage Still in North East?!?!?

Via NBC 10 Philadelphia

It looks like SIRIUS radios are still in short supply in the north east. Sirius told NBC 10 sales have been extraordinary and while they have some control over what's available they think many stores underestimated how many they needed to order...

Read more here

GSI: Rumor Updates

After posting some rumor below, we got hit with over 200 emails.. Now we also got some new info on all this. This is the cool thing about the little SIRIUS world we live in, people go around and do some leg work to find new info, and thanks to all the emailers who have...

First off the TOSHIBA Rumor:
2 folks found that BDS Marketing, is also a company that is located in Irvine, CA. www.bdsmktg.com. BDS Marketing helps SIRIUS with training and visit retail locations throughout the US. So as we said, this TOSHIBA thing is just a rumor..

The S50 discontinued Rumor:
One other emailer gave a view on the S50, and if it will stay on the market..

We are told that S50 will remain in market to compete with XM's Nexus.
Like the S50 is not live on the go.
Here are some S50 advantages over the Nexus...
1. Color Display (Nexus is black and white)
2. Voice assisted navigation (not on the Nexus)
3. Channel Logos (not on the Nexus)
4. The S50 knows your 3 most listened to channels, "My Sirius Channels" (no such feature on the Nexus)
5. S50 does not require an extra "Passport" Chip to receive live sat signal (Nexus requires the "passport" to receive XM)
6. The S50 is packaged with the car cradle (nexus will only come with the home dock)
7. The S50 will have a few accessories available. Armbands, Skins, Extra Batteries, Exec docking station, etc. (none for the Nexus announced yet)
8. the S50 can be updated at anytime with firmware updates. (Nexus be updated?)

As Mel Stated on the Q1 conf call, Sirius will have a "live" portable by this Summer. This unit will receive live signal in & out of the dock, and feature a buy button. This will be the direct competitor to XM's (delayed again until May) Helix and Inno.

So thanks for all the emails, we will stay on these stories, we will update as we get more info. Sure we post rumors, and make the rumors clear from the non-rumors. We also follow up on these stories.

SIRIUS and Toshiba partnership?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rumor: Could Toshiba be a SIRIUS partner for a portable/personal audio/video SIRIUS unit?

Toshiba released something called a gigabeat mp3 player, it is a dockable unit with a color display, you say that it is like an S50 without the satrad... and Toshiba having all of the electrical components in house could put something like an s50 or a new unit together.
There is now a new SIRIUS employment opportunity the wording of the job description has some interesting parts:
"portable/personal audio/video, the word partner (singular), and Irvine California"

If you look up the chamber of commerce for Irvine to see what big business is there. The only one that came up that would relate to the above interest was Toshiba.

So we know that Apple didn't want to play ball with SIRIUS, some are thinking that Mel and Toshiba (One stop electronics components for ease and simplicity) are getting together using the Toshiba MPEG4 chip to incorporate personal/portable SIRIUS audio video streaming through a
Gigabeat like unit or even better, a SIRIUS branded unit.

That coupled with a fuel cell powered battery that Toshiba has developed could be just what SIRIUS needs to provide enough power for a portable unit....

Toshibas' Gigabeat could be a very nice SIRIUS unit.. But once more all this is a rumors and dots around the net. One thing to note about the Gigabeat, it is compatible with Napster who currently has deals with XM.. Currently Toshiba has not known connection with SIRIUS. We will follow this and let you know as we get any updates..

Some Changes to the Starmate Boomcube..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

As we reported the Starmate Replay Boomcube will be out very soon. We have also gotten new info, that the look of the unit is changed a little from early photos and units shown off so far.. Here is a side-by-side look.. The new look is on the right side.. Here is more info on the Boomcube unit..

Notice the change in button location, and less of a box look..

King Of All Online Media Too...

Via Back of the NapkinHowardStern.com is still the biggest and most visited radio website, against the other entertainment based radio shows in the US. His site beats Mancow, Don & Mike, Tom Leykis, and many more. Stern even beats the big political pundits who reach millions via large syndication deals on a daily basis such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

Big Catch: Karmazin's Sirius Snags Fishing Tourney Show

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. has signed a multiyear pact to become the official satellite radio provider of fishing tournament promoter FLW Outdoors, according to FLW.

Terms of the deal are undisclosed.

Reportedly, Sirius will sponsor all 12 of the FLW Outdoors circuits, comprising more than more than 240 tournaments. These include the Wal-Mart branded FLW Bass Series and Wal-Mart FLW Kingfish Series.

via Forbes.com and BusinessWeek.com

Starmate Boomcube Hitting The Streets

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back in early December GSI was the first to leak the information about the Starmate Replay boom boxes. We have been told that the Starmate Boomcube is getting ready to hit the streets any day now.. The "cube" we sell for around $100.00. Look for the "cube" at online retailers first... It should be at the big guys in the coming weeks...

- 4 microdrivers plus a subwoofer for full-range sound
- Advanced circuitry for enhanced sound
- Front panel Aux in and headphone jack
- Antenna with built in storage
- Works with 8 D batteries or AC adapter
- AC Adapter and Antenna included

Rumor: SIRIUS S50 to be discontinued very soon

We are told by a high level source at a big box retailer that the SIRIUS S50 will be discontinued by SIRIUS early this summer. GSI is told that SIRIUS is "dropping" the S50 program because of deals they had to make with the record companies as of late. In these deals SIRIUS is now paying some music (record) companies per S50 sold. This summer a new "S50 like" fully portable unit will be out. These new unit(s) will have a buy button, not a love button, allowing users to pay per song, and not require SIRUIS to pay for the songs you want. We are also told by this source that "these new units will put the S50 and any XM unit on the market to shame." GSI is also told that the S50 jump was huge at first, but now sales are quickly falling. This was unit was big for SIRIUS, and got mixed reviews, as of late some reviews are getting more harsh. We are told that once the current batches are done, the S50 will quickly fade.. This summer the S50 will be replaced by the new units. We are not clear on this but we are told that the news units will not be compatible with current S50 docks and accessories. A side notes on all this, many have noticed that the price of the S50 is still falling at many retailers... SIRIUS still list the MSRP at around $360.

This is 2nd hand information from a source who requested to remain nameless..

SIRIUS makes more deals with Music Companies

Monday, March 20, 2006

We first reported about the SIRIUS and UMG deal here.. now SIRIUS talks about more deals...

SIRIUS reached agreements with three major recording companies to settle disputes over a portable music player that enables users to store digital copies of music, a Sirius spokesman said Monday.

Sirius wrapped up separate deals with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Sirius spokesman Patrick Reilly said.

The agreements address the music companies' concerns over the Sirius S50 player that can record up to 50 hours of music beamed by the broadcaster.

The recording industry argued that such digital radio devices could threaten online music sales because users get to keep CD-quality songs without paying.

Financial details of the agreements were not made public. But a deal with at least two of the companies calls for Sirius to pay a fee for every S50 it sells, two record company executives said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the confidentiality agreement.

more via the AP

Merrill Lynch: 6.14M subs in 2006

Today Merrill Lynch changed their 1Q06 estimate of 684,449 net additions, because as of today SIRIUS has gained 683,440 net additions.

Also they raised the FY06 revenue from $621m to $682m.

Also for FY06 ML thinks SIRIUS will have 6.14M subs.. raised from early estimates of 6M....

Merrill Lynch is giving SIRI a "BUY" rating...

source: Merrill Lynch Report 20 March 2006

Sirius tops 4 Million Subs

Bringing this year's average additions to 8,860.76 subscribers a day.

SIRIUS announced today that they have reached the 4 million subscriber mark. This goes well with the announcement on friday the agreement with Warner and Universal music to allow the songs to be played (and saved) on units like the s50.

VW, Audi, s50 music wars, and now 4 million subs... last week was a good week for SIRIUS.

More info Here and Here

Talk about here in the GSI Forum

SIRIUS done with Talent?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio have reached a de facto talent truce.

The day he announced his deal with Oprah, XM CEO Hugh Panero said, "We're done with the big programming deals.�

"We concur in that," said Sirius president of entertainment and sports Scott Greenstein. "Our lineup is complete the way it is."

Not surprisingly, Greenstein feels that his lineup is stronger. Speaking of his Sirius stable, he said, "Let's compare. They have Bob Edwards, we have NPR. They have the MLB, we have the NFL. They have Opie & Anthony, we have Howard Stern. They have Snoop Dogg, we have Eminem."

I would like to note that SIRIUS and Stern are still looking for Talent to fill some time on 101....

more via Radio Ink

New official SIRIUS printable channel guide

Friday, March 17, 2006

SIRIUS.com has posted an easy to read & print channel guide. Mostly all text (not a poor looking word document) It looks very nice, no logos, just an easy to read list. It is something everyone needs in their car.. Get it here

SIRIUS & Universal Music Group Settle Receiver Dispute

SIRIUS confirmed that it and Universal Music Group have come to an agreement over the ability to save individual songs on the S50. Labels and publishers threatened to sue SIRIUS for copyright infringement last year over the S50, according to sources. In December there was a "standstill" agreement, extending the deadline date to reach some resolution or settlement. Last month, UMB eLabs president Larry Kenswil called such devices “cannibalization machines." Billborad radio Monitor is reporting that all the ...details of the agreement are still unclear, but sources say Sirius has agreed to compensate UMG for the service and avert a potential legal showdown. Consumer charges will not be affected, according to a source. The deal is expected to act as a template for other major labels similarly concerned with the timeshifting issue, with whom sources say Sirius is also in active negations. The agreement with Sirius and UMG is limited to the S50, but is considered a first step for coming to terms for any future timeshifting products as well. It’s also seen as a significant good faith measure for a separate ongoing debate over the licensing fees satcasters pay to broadcast music. The existing agreement expires at the end of this year.

Read lots more via Billboard Radio Monitor

Court TV Radio Morning Show coming Monday

SIRIUS new show Court TV Morning Radio launches on SIRIUS channel 110 this Monday, March 20th. (we first told you about this here)
The call-in radio news program, airing weekdays from 6am - 9am ET, focuses on the biggest legal headlines, providing commentary on interesting, and sometimes scandalous trials. Politan and his guests reveal the latest developments and topics related to crime, justice and the legal system.
The debut show this Monday will feature investigative reporter Diane Dimond and well-known attorney Gloria Allred talking about the latest Michael Jackson news and the problems he is having with Neverland Ranch. In addition, Politan will lead a discussion about Sunday night’s episode of the HBO series “The Sopranos.�

via Orbitcast.com

Volkswagen Signs Exclusive Agreement With SIRIUS

Volkswagen will offer SIRIUS as its sole satellite radio provider for vehicles sold in this country through 2012.

Volkswagen will exclusively offer SIRIUS beginning with the introduction of its 2007 model year vehicles, and expects to equip approximately 80% with SIRIUS satellite radio receivers. Additionally, Volkswagen will offer three months of complimentary service.

"There is no doubt that the growth in popularity of satellite radio has been phenomenal and that SIRIUS is at the forefront of offering listeners an incredible breadth of creative programming," said Steve Keyes, Public Relations General Manager, Volkswagen of America, Inc. "The partnership of these two great brands makes our products more desirable to our customers."


Audi Signs Exclusive Agreement With SIRIUS

Audi of America, Inc. today announced that it will offer SIRIUS Satellite Radio as its exclusive satellite radio provider for Audi vehicles beginning with model year 2007 through 2012.

Previously, Audi offered both SIRIUS and XM satellite radio, but selected SIRIUS as its exclusive provider to reduce complexity in dealer ordering.

"We decided that the Audi customer demographic fit more closely with the type of content that SIRIUS Satellite Radio provides," said Wolfgang Hoffmann, head of Audi Product Management. "And we believe that SIRIUS will continue to grow and create programming that our Audi customers will desire."

Today, the installation rate of satellite radio in Audi models is approximately 50 percent.


SIRIUS St. Patrick's Day Stuff....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

17 | Jam_ON
We're painting the town "tea leaf green" at 1 pm ET St. Pat's Day, when Tea Leaf Green guitarist Josh Clark stops by for a chat and a special acoustic performance.

18 | The Spectrum
It's Shamrock 'n' Roll all day Friday as we play World Class Rock with a shade of green – from U2 to Sinead O'Connor to Van Morrison and more, starting at 7 am ET.

24 | SIRIUS Disorder
This Friday, SIRIUS Disorder Goes Green For March Seventeen! We'll be playing Irish music all day; plus, at 1 pm ET, Paddy Maloney of the Chieftans hangs with Meg Griffin. At 2 pm ET, Celtic Crush host Larry Kirwan will be hanging with Meg. On 3/18 at noon ET, Larry will host the group Celtic Woman for a post-St. Pat's performance on his own show!

26 | Left of Center
Christopher the Minister is getting an early start for St. Pat's: from 7 am to 1 pm ET, he's going to be hanging out, on the air, with his favorite bartender! Pappy takes over from 1 pm ET to 7 pm ET, when he'll be chatting with Black 47 singer and SIRIUS Disorder host Larry Kirwan, they'll be talking about Black 47's latest, and playing their favorite Irish tunes.

28 | Faction
At 7 pm ET on St. Pat's the only punk band man enough to wear a kilt – the Dropkick Murphys – host our Hostile Takeover!

75 | Standard Time
This Friday, it's A Standard Time Shamrock, as Bing Crosby and friends will be singing the songs of the Emerald Isle, beginning at 7 am ET!

112 | Martha Stewart Living Radio
Want to share the luck of the Irish? Cook up best-loved recipes with "Everyday Dinners" on Afternoon Living, and hear St. Patrick's Day tales on the Kids Hour.


BLUE COLLAR RADIO: Kicks off Tonight 7:30 pm ET

SIRIUS is kicking off Blue Collar Radio backstage at the filming of Blue Collar Comedy: One for the Road. Raw Dog Ch. 104’s Raw Dog’s Phil will be there at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC with Larry the Cable Guy opener PJ Walsh. Who else will be there to officially pull the switch that brings Blue Collar Radio to life? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

sirius radio

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SIRIUS Radio Car Kits
SIRIUS Radio Cases
SIRIUS Radio Remote Controls

S50: Logo/Voice Updates & My SIRIUS Studio Update

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

S50 Voice Tags now Station Voice Talents voice.. Most music stations now have the S50 voice tag recorded by the station V/O talent.. VERY COOL
Updates in My SIRIUS Studio V1.0.2 Release:
  • Supports new channel lineup starting 3/14/2006

To obtain new channel logos & channel announcements:

  • Download and install V1.0.2 release of My Sirius Studio.
  • Launch My Sirius Studio PC application.
  • Make sure you have an active Internet connection.
  • Connect you S50 unit to your PC using the USB cable.
  • Go to File -> Device Settings, and choose “Check for Software Updateâ€�.
  • If your S50 unit does not have the latest published device software, update it now by clicking “Update Softwareâ€�.
  • If your S50 unit does have the latest published device software, click “Cancelâ€�.
  • Your new channel logos and announcements are being updated in the background, please do not eject or disconnect the device from the USB cable for 5 minutes.

Update version (~6MB), which contains:

  • My Sirius Studio Software

Note: This version is recommended for users who have completed the initial install of My Sirius Studio and only need an update.


NEW: Road Dog Trucking

Shows like Beer Radio and Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline, move from SIRIUS Advice to the new Road Dog Trucking... SIRIUS has also is updating the line up on 147. Carl P. Mayfield, and others to join the new lineup, kicking off next week.. Get all the details here

Other shows moving around are listed here..

Sirius update UP! PLAYBOY RADIO online Activation

Turned on your Sirius receiver this morning and had to wait the 2 minutes while channels updated? YEP! The new channels are up and running. Fox channels are back up and going strong! The Cosmo channel is up and talking about Cosmo stuff (yeah I could only listen for like 2 minutes!) Blue Collar Comedy was in a loop this morning and had a "COMING SOON" on the screen! All of the other music changes seem to be done as well

And Playboy Radio is up. When you first try to tune to the channel it tells you to call to activate, but you can also do it online.

1st log onto the "Manage Account" system on Sirius.com. Then Click on your ESN number at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to where you can "Add PLayboy Radio" Click on that and then follow the steps on the next page and click on "send Activation"

You receiver will then say "Subscription updated. Press any key" And you can then hear Playboy Radio.

More information about playboy Radio here and here

And the instructions again here at the GSI:Forum


Stern on Letterman Reaction By: Don Kaplan via NY Post

CBS brass quickly slammed Howard Stern last night fol lowing his vitriolic appearance on David Letterman's "Late Show."

"We believe his appearance was his desperate attempt to distract attention from the facts of the case," CBS officials said in a surprisingly harsh statement.

The scathing interview - in which Stern called CBS boss Les Moonves a bully - was in response to Moonves and CBS slapping him with a breach-of-contract lawsuit after he left the company for Sirius satellite radio earlier this year.

In it, they accuse him of hiding a contract clause in which Sirius would pay him several million dollars in stock based upon how many people subscribe to the service.

On Letterman, Stern blasted Moonves in a rant that lasted through several commercial breaks. "CBS took a third rate 'Love Boat' actor and made him CEO," Stern said, mocking his former boss' early career as an actor.

Stern sat for the interview wearing a T-shirt bearing images of Moonves and his wife, "Early Show" host Julie Chen, and the words: "I Hate Les Moonves Tour '06."

Stern says the lawsuit is Moonves' "vendetta" against him because the ratings for CBS' radio division collapsed after he left the company late last year.

"We hope, in subsequent coverage of that ['Late Show'] appearance, the media is not seduced or fooled in any way. Howard Stern has done something wrong and we intend to demonstrate this wrongful conduct in court," CBS officials said.


Once more CBS, you are just letting this "Desperate" person hit your air... and get you big ratings.. I'm sure all this FREE press will really hurt Stern..

GSI: Inside Stern/Letterman taping.. Howard has a wild rant...

Monday, March 13, 2006

BREAKING: Howard Stern goes wild at the Letterman taping...
GSI: just got off the phone with someone who was in the Letterman taping. We are told that Letterman kept Stern on for 3 full segments, this is something that was only done once and that was with Oprah. Most guest are lucky to get 1 full segment. We are told that Stern went on a RANT about CBS.... "Howard went WILD!"... "Letterman let him go off".. "Howard looked like a crazy man who wanted to kill..." Our insider added, "CBS will have to cut the hell out of this"....

The interview or rant is on CBS tonight at 11:35pm ET..

Bloodhoung Gang Radio Show.. On Howard 101

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tune in to Howard 101 from 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. Eastern on Monday, March 13th, to hear the mess that is "The Bloodhound Gang Radio Show."
- Thanks Terry

Cablevision On Board for Stern VOD

Beginning March 14, In Demand LLC will make its Howard TV subscription-video-on-demand package available to Cablevision's digital-cable customers, affording those subscribers the opportunity to look at the first two months of the shock jock’s Sirius Satellite Radio shows, according to In Demand president Rob Jacobson.

SIRIUS Canada Tops 50,000 Subscribers

Friday, March 10, 2006

Earlier this week XM Radio Canada publicly announced that it signed up over 50,000 customers as of February 28th and Sirius Canada's new activation fee suggests that it too has signed up just over 50,000 customers. From December 1st 2005 until February 28th 2006, Sirius Canada did not charge new subscribers an activation fee.

In a November 29th press release the company said that it would waive the activation fee for the first 50,000 subscribers.

The following quote is from that release:
SIRIUS Canada also announced that in celebration of its December 1 launch, the company has waived its activation fee for the first 50,000 subscribers.

Learning of the new activation fee, Digital Home contacted representatives for the company to find out when Sirius had topped the 50,000 subscriber mark, in order to determine which company hit the 50,000 mark first.

The privately owned company refused to acknowledge current subscriber numbers and in an email reply , a representative would only say "As you know, SIRIUS Canada is a privately company and does not release subscriber numbers."

Via Digtial Home Canada

Playboy Radio Programing

Bump-Up on Some Talk Stations' Bandwidth on Tuesday

GSI is told that SIRIUS Stars, Martha, Raw Dog, and some others will get a little bump up in bandwidth, on Tuesday.. It will be up some; still not as good as music stations; but it will make some talk stations sound a good deal better...

More Howard on Howard 100...

As of Monday a new Howard 100 Lineup...
6am ET The Howard Stern Show LIVE
11am ET The Wrap-Up Show LIVE
12pm ET Howard 100 News LIVE
1pm ET Howard Stern Show Replay
6pm ET Howard 100 News LIVE
7pm ET Howard Stern Show Replay
12am ET Howard Stern Show Replay
5am ET Howard 100 News Replay
New Howard 101 Lineup...
6am - 9am ET Howard 100 News Replay
9am - 2pm ET The Howard Stern Show (West Coast Feed)
2pm - 3pm ET The Wrap-Up Show (West Coast Feed)
3pm - 7pm ET Bubba the Love Sponge
8pm - 12am ET T.B.D. w/Tissue Time
12am - 2am ET Howard 100 News Replay
2am - 6am ET Bubba the Love Sponge Replay

SIRIUS Talk Shows on the Move

Starting next week.. Some talk shows moving around...

G. Gordon Liddy to SIRIUS Patriot, Ch. 144

Mike Church now on SIRIUS Patriot, Ch. 144

Michael Reagan moves to SIRIUS Patriot, Ch. 144

Ben Furguson can now be heard weekends on SIRIUS Patriot, Ch. 144

Pentagon Radio moves to overnights on SIRIUS Patriot, Ch, 144

The Dave Ramsey Show can now be found on Christian Talk, Ch. 159.

Cigar Dave can now be found on SIRIUS Patriot, Ch. 144.

Into Tomorrow can now be found on Road Dog Trucking, Ch. 147.

World Café is moving to The Spectrum, Ch. 18.

Kids Corner can now be found on Kids Stuff, Ch. 116.

Online Tonight can now be found on SIRIUS Stars, Ch. 103.


SIRIUS Canada's Premium 100 Channel Lineup Just Got Even Better

SIRIUS Canada getting some new stations also!

With 62 channels, SIRIUS now features the most commercial-free music in Canada...

SIRIUS Canada today announced that it will make its premium 100 channel lineup even better by adding a number of extremely popular news and entertainment channels including FOX News Channel, Cosmo Radio and Blue Collar Comedy. The additions to SIRIUS Canada's channel lineup will be effective March 14, 2006. In addition, SIRIUS will add SIRIUS Disorder - a free-form commercial- free music channel - to its Canadian lineup to bring its total number of commercial-free music channels to 62. With the addition of SIRIUS Disorder, SIRIUS Canada will feature the most choice of commercial-free music in Canada.


Howard Stern Drives Viewers to Hannity & Colmes

Thursday, March 09, 2006

via TVNewser
Greta and Sean have discovered how to beat Bill O'Reilly in the (demo) ratings: Score big interviews with tabloidy newsmakers.
Howard Stern helped give Hannity & Colmes a ratings win in the 25-54 demographic on Tuesday night. Sean Hannity's interview with the shock jock delivered 524,000 demo viewers, up 44 percent vs. Feb. 2006, making H&C the #1 cable news program in the demo. The hour also averaged 1,827,000 total viewers, up 24 percent vs. Feb. more

You can watch both parts of the interview here

SIRIUS Cuts Advice, Right, Mexicana & EWTN Hispanic

After SIRIUS put out a PR with details about the update coming on Tuesday.. (more here) many noticed that some stations are be over taken with no word about those stations ... GSI is told by a SIRIUS spokesperson, that Mexicana; EWTN Hispanic; Sirius Advice; and Sirius Right will get the cut on Tuesday. She said most of the programs on SIRIUS Advice and SIRIUS Right are moving or already have moved to other channels. There is a lack of demand for the programs of EWTN Hispanic and Mexicana.

The Smoking Gun: CBS vs Stern

You can now read all the paper work filed by CBS...Thanks to "The Smoking Gun"

SIRIUS to Broadcast Every Game of the 2006 NCAA(R) Division I Men's Basketball Tournament

Uninterrupted Broadcast Lineup Will Allow SIRIUS Listeners to Hear Every Second of Every Tournament Game

SIRIUS will be the exclusive satellite radio provider of every game of the 2006 NCAA(R) Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

SIRIUS will provide uninterrupted coverage of every match-up from the opening tip of the opening round game on March 14 through the final buzzer of the championship game on April 3. All games will be offered in their entirety with no blackouts and at no extra charge to subscribers. SIRIUS is the only radio broadcaster to broadcast every game of the NCAA(R) Division I Men's Basketball Tournament in its entirety.

Games will air on channels 121, 123, 125 and 181. Regular SIRIUS host Steve Torre will anchor SIRIUS' coverage, providing up-to-the-minute scores and highlights and directing listeners to games around the dial. Full SIRIUS tournament brackets, with match-ups and channel assignments, can be downloaded from http://www.sirius.com following Selection Sunday, March 12.


SIRIUS New Lineup

Effective at 5 am ET on Tuesday, March 14.

New :
Cosmo Radio - channel 111
Playboy Radio - channel 198 (this is an opt-in channel but is available at no additional charge)
FOX News - channel 131
FOX News Talk - channel 145
Blue Collar Comedy - channel 103


CNBC - Moving from channel 130 to channel 129
Bloomberg Radio - from channel 131 to channel 130
WSM Radio/Grand Ole Opry - channel 111 to channel 117
SIRIUS Stars - channel 103 to channel 102
SIRIUS Trucker (channel 147) will be re-named Road Dog Trucking


More Canadian stations to be added to US Service?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

GSI can not confirm this report, but word is that SIRIUS may add all the SIRIUS Canada stations to the US service. This will add 2 more music stations, Energie2 & Rock Velours. As we reported XM has now dropped the 100% commercial Free Music slogan, now boasting the MOST commercial Free Music.. If SIRIUS adds these 2 stations and some others XM will not be able to say the have the most commercial Free Music stations.. Oh how I love a pissing match... Once more this is just a Rumor.... Could this happen next week, or in a year.. I guess we will find out...

Stern on Letterman, March 13?

Broadcasting & Cable.com is reporting that Stern will be on Letterman on March 13th. As you know CBS is going after Stern and SIRIUS in court.. This sounds very odd that CBS will let Stern on their air.. You can read more here

Howard was last on Letterman Nov 17th

Stern was on FOX News, " Hannity & Colmes" you can watch and read more here via Orbitcast

"This Week in the AFL"

The Arena Football League and SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the Exclusive Satellite Radio Provider of the AFL, will premier "This Week in the AFL" tonight at 7 p.m. ET on SIRIUS Channel 125. This week's show will be rebroadcast on Thursday, March 9, at Midnight ET on Channel 126.

"This Week in the AFL" will be hosted by PETER SCHWARTZ and former AFL player WAYNE MORRIS. Guests on this evening's show include AFL Commissioner DAVID BAKER, Austin Wranglers Head Coach SKIP FOSTER and Las Vegas Gladiators OL/DL WILKY BAZILE.

Next Tuesday, March 14, "This Week in the AFL" will move to its permanent home on SIRIUS Channel 110. (we do not know why this PR would say SIRIUS//110... This is the current home of Court TV on SIRIUS... Could this be all part of the channel mix up next week??) The show will air at 8 p.m. ET and will rebroadcast each Thursday at 1:00 a.m. ET on SIRIUS Channel 123.

In addition to "This Week in the AFL," SIRIUS will broadcast multiple games each week through and including the playoffs and ArenaBowl XX Las Vegas.

AFL on SIRIUS (All times ET)

This Weekend Channel

Friday 3/10 8:30 PM Colorado @ Chicago 181

Sunday 3/12 12:00 PM Dallas @ Tampa Bay 125

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