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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I woke up this morning with over 20 emails about a post on SBS, regarding our web ranking. I want to make some quick points about this; we at GSI are not worried about our web ranking, we only care about posting SIRIUS info and news. We do not want to get involved in this childish, "who is the best war", that some are trying to start. When we starting this blog back in July 2005 we said that the last thing we wanted was to have these SIRIUS fan pages at battle, like happened with XM411 and XMfan. We still fell this way. Our goal is to provide info on SIRIUS, and that is it. Not worried about numbers, because we do not sell advertising space, the banners for the SIRIUS store are run for free, because the owner is a friend. We request the SIRIUS Backstage recheck there facts regarding our ranking. If you look here on alexa, our ranking for http://getsiriusinfo.blogspot.com/ is 618,315. Our ranking for http://www.getsiriusinfo.com is 1,481,029. Most of you who check us out come via, http://getsiriusinfo.blogspot.com/ the http://www.getsiriusinfo.com domain is used for holding files, nothing more. If you are going to post info about other pages you might want to get it right.

Sure we still growing but growing fast up 4,355,927 over the last 3 months alone.

Thanks to all of you who stop by everyday. The only reason we are posting this is becuase posting incorrect info is not cool.

Update: We requested that Sirius Backstage make the correction to thier post today with Incorrect Information about us on it. We provided them with the correct info, but they told us, "
Statistically, we are correct. We used the top level domains for each of the sites listed. Ethically, we are in good standing." That is a nice spin, but we do not understand why they would not be willing to provide their readers with the most creditable and correct info.

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