New SIRIUS Lineup: Announcement any day..

Monday, February 27, 2006

We are told that SIRIUS will announce a new channel lineup any day. We really know what is coming but some of the channel numbers released in press statements by SIRIUS have raised some questions… We know that The Fox News Channel will be on SIRIUS//131, witch is now home of Bloomberg Radio.. Fox News Talk will launch on SIRIUS//145 the current home of SIRIUS Right.. We are told that these stations are not going to get the boot, but there are rumors that SIRIUS Right and SIRIUS Patriot will become one… But then the question is why, did they not make Fox News Talk take over 144 the current home of SIRIUS Patriot. The other odd thing is that way back in the day COSMO Radio was slated for SIRIUS//113, witch is currently open right between Martha & Lime… COSMO is now said to be coming to SIRIUS//111 the current home of WSM. Playboy radio is also coming soon, Playboy radio sent an email out to fans announcing that they will be on SIRIUS//198.. This is way out of the range of any other SIRIUS station, except for some Canadian stations, that are on 186, 187, 188, 193 & 192. The Blue Collar Comedy channel will be on 103 moving SIRIUS Stars to 102. SIRIUS put out a press release LAST June about Radio China starting in early 2006, we have not heard a peep more about this.. XM just today posted a new lineup about some of their new stations, and SIRIUS has been play the game as of late to one up them a few days later… We are told that “some thing will be moving around�… “there will be some surprises..� We have not gotten any word from SIRIUS on new music stations or updates to the music lineup, but there are a few rumors flying around.. Some personal notes, the news/talk stations are very tight right now with very little holes in the lineup.. Some movement looks certain in the talk area.. We will update when we get more..

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