GSI AUDIO: Richard Simmons on Jay Thomas

Friday, February 03, 2006

On Thursday Richard Simmons was a guest on The Jay Thomas Show. I have had SIRIUS for a few years now, and this had to be the best thing I have ever heard on SIRIUS, and really the funniest thing on radio in a very long time. I know The Jay Thomas Show is liked by many and some do not like it. Over the past week his show has grown, after his appearance on The Howard Stern show, he has been the talk of SIRIUS. I have had a few emails asking if GSI had a copy of the show from Thursday… Good News we do! This is over 40 minutes for non-stop entertainment. On today’s show Jay talked about how Richard was so upset over his visit with Jay. Now Thursday was the first time in over ten years Jay and Richard talked.. After this show I would guess it would be ten more years. Please download this Mp3 file then play it. (download here) Enjoy this! Listen to The Jay Thomas Show weekdays 2p-5p and 2a-6a on SIRIUS Stars 103 (moving to SIRIUS//102 in march)


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