30% of New Howard Stern Listeners Actually Knockoffs

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WOW how do people think of this stuff to research??

According to a study released today by the Arbitron rating company, almost one-third of new subscribers to Sirius Satellite Radio are actually drive-time DJs trying to get programming ideas from the self-described 'King Of All Media'.

Richard Honsan, who goes by 'Zoo Crew Drew' on WGOB in Albany, NY, was willing to discuss the issue on condition of anonymity.
"When we heard that Stern was leaving terrestrial radio", he said, "we thought we'd actually have to hire writers, or, God forbid, write our own material. Fortunately, we can save all that money and just get a subscription for $12.95 a month."...
MORE via Brainsnap

I personally know a guy in radio who has SIRIUS to rip off the music programming for his station.

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