CBS Files Suit Against SIRIUS

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Via a CBS PR...
Just more reason never to listen to FM any more...
CBS Radio Inc. Files Suit Against Howard Stern and Related Parties for Multiple Breaches of Contract, Misappropriation and Unjust Enrichment...

CBS Radio today announced that it has filed suit against Howard Stern, his company One Twelve, Inc., his agent Don Buchwald, his agent's firm Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc.

The lawsuit is for compensatory and punitive damages for multiple breaches of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, and misappropriation of CBS Radio's broadcast time. It further seeks damages from Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. for unfair competition and tortious interference with Stern's CBS contract.

The suit further charges that Sirius intentionally interfered with and procured Stern's breach of the Agreement. Sirius knew that Stern had a contractual obligation to maximize the prospects for the success of the CBS Radio program and to comply with his duty of good faith. Sirius intentionally induced and caused Stern to breach these contractual provisions by offering to accelerate Stern's payment of millions of dollars in stock options to promote Sirius on CBS airwaves and by concealing Stern's stock interest from CBS Radio.

Howard Stern Claims CBS 'Bullying' Him

Howard Stern hastily arranged a news conference in New York today after the New York Post published a claim that CBS Radio was filing suit against him. Stern said CBS accused him of reaching a "secret agreement" with his new employer, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., even though he disclosed it to CBS executives and discussed his intentions to move to Sirius on the air.

Stern also disputed CBS's claim that he caused them financial damages by discussing satellite radio on the air, saying it was a legitimate story about the media and helped lead to high ratings for his show and sold-out advertising time.

Stern and his lawyers indicated that no lawsuit had been filed yet.

CBS declined to make any comment.

[ABC News] [MORE]

Via Orbitcast

New SIRIUS Lineup: Announcement any day..

Monday, February 27, 2006

We are told that SIRIUS will announce a new channel lineup any day. We really know what is coming but some of the channel numbers released in press statements by SIRIUS have raised some questions… We know that The Fox News Channel will be on SIRIUS//131, witch is now home of Bloomberg Radio.. Fox News Talk will launch on SIRIUS//145 the current home of SIRIUS Right.. We are told that these stations are not going to get the boot, but there are rumors that SIRIUS Right and SIRIUS Patriot will become one… But then the question is why, did they not make Fox News Talk take over 144 the current home of SIRIUS Patriot. The other odd thing is that way back in the day COSMO Radio was slated for SIRIUS//113, witch is currently open right between Martha & Lime… COSMO is now said to be coming to SIRIUS//111 the current home of WSM. Playboy radio is also coming soon, Playboy radio sent an email out to fans announcing that they will be on SIRIUS//198.. This is way out of the range of any other SIRIUS station, except for some Canadian stations, that are on 186, 187, 188, 193 & 192. The Blue Collar Comedy channel will be on 103 moving SIRIUS Stars to 102. SIRIUS put out a press release LAST June about Radio China starting in early 2006, we have not heard a peep more about this.. XM just today posted a new lineup about some of their new stations, and SIRIUS has been play the game as of late to one up them a few days later… We are told that “some thing will be moving around�… “there will be some surprises..� We have not gotten any word from SIRIUS on new music stations or updates to the music lineup, but there are a few rumors flying around.. Some personal notes, the news/talk stations are very tight right now with very little holes in the lineup.. Some movement looks certain in the talk area.. We will update when we get more..

Martha Talks Live About Trump Tuesday @ 3pm

It looks like SIRIUS is milking this Trump vs Martha thing, as they should.. Tuesday at 3pm Martha will talk LIVE on her SIRIUS channel 112. On her page it states..
"Martha Stewart shares reminiscences and answers your questions on anything from dining to decorating and maybe even… The Donald! Give Martha a call at 1-866-675-6675."

Tune Tuesday at 3pm to hear more of this battle.. If you have not taken a listen to Martha on "Whatever" last week, they have a SIRIUS Podcast posted here.. It is so funny to hear the names she calls "The Donald!"

Today on NBC Today.. Trump was talking up The Apprentice , and Katie Couric grilled him about this whole battle.. NBC ran a story that included talk of SIRIUS… Watch the video here…

Top image via MSNBC

Directed Electronics Announces 4Q and FY 05 Conference Call

Directed Electronics, Inc. , the largest designer and marketer of consumer branded vehicle security and convenience systems in the United States based on sales and a major supplier of car and home audio, mobile video and SIRIUS Satellite Radio products, announced today that it will report financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2005 after the market close on Thursday, March 16, 2006.


Sirius celebrates Canadian Music Week with Live Concert

Sirius Canada today announced that it will be hosting a live concert in Toronto on March 3, 2006 in celebration of Canadian Music Week.

The concert, which will be hosted by Steve Anthony and Bob Segarini, will be broadcast live throughout North America from Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre and features emerging Canadian artists Stabilo, Matt Mays & el Torpedo, Pilate and Mobile. The concert will air live on Iceberg Radio (SIRIUS channel 95) starting at 7:00 p.m. and In addition, SIRIUS Canada will replay the concert at a later date on Radio 3 (SIRIUS Channel 94), Bande a part (SIRIUS Channel 93) and Energie2 (SIRIUS Canada Channel 193).

For those who don't have access to satellite radio, the concert will be re-broadcast on various Standard terrestrial radio stations such as Toronto's MIX 99.9 FM, The entire concert is being filmed for a video webcast presentation, which will be made available on later in the month.

"Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer" Join My Space

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Whatever joins the Myspace world, and it looks like Marthas daughter is pushing this whole Trump vs Stewart showdown. You can listen to clips of the Whatever show, and chat with the girls here

"The Donald has fueled the Apprentice controversy in newspaper and television interviews and now Martha Stewart has responded. Don't rely on someone else to interpret her remarks - get the scoop straight from Martha - as heard exclusively on SIRIUS, when she called Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer to share her views on The Donald and the whole Apprentice fuss."....

By the way SIRIUS has gotten a lot of FREE Press out of this mess also, from clips of Martha with SIRIUS Logos behind her, and many AP stories talk about SIRIUS...

SIRIUS Broadcast from Cleveland auto show

Jeep and SIRIUS Team Up at the Auto Show...

A new feature is an off-road driving course built by Jeep that visitors will be able to traverse in a 2006 Jeep Commander, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler or Liberty. It is composed of five surfaces — dirt, rocks, water, wood and asphalt — and includes a 16-foot climb. Each circuit of the course will take about five minutes.

More than 220 yards (5,700 cubic feet) of dirt and wood chips were used to construct the course.

The 40,000-square-foot display also includes live broadcasts by Sirius satellite radio, and a special “Jeep Kidz� area that will have a mini-Jeep driving course, an 18-foot climbing wall and video games.

A free Jeep Photo Zone will give guests the opportunity to have their photo taken.

More here

SIRIUS to Present at the Bear Stearns Annual Media Conference

Friday, February 24, 2006

SIRIUS announced that David Frear, its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is expected to present at the Bear Stearns Annual Media Conference in Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 3.45 p.m. ET.

Jay Thomas in New Orleans

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I looks like The Jay Thomas show will be getting some press, becuase they are doing their show from New Orleans next week for Mardi Gras. The LA Daily News reports, "We don't know who'll show up, how many people will be there, what's going to happen - but we'll be there," reports New Orleans native son Jay Thomas, who's heading home next week for Mardi Gras with his Sirius Satellite radio show. The actor/broadcast personality expects to ride Krewe in the Orpheus Parade instituted by fellow Jesuit High School alumnus Harry Connick Jr. on Monday night - with Steven Seagal as the king. He'll interview celebs and local luminaries and continue participating in the festivities through the next night's Mardi Gras parade and on. "My motto is, I want to rebuild New Orleans one beer at a time," he jokes. But seriously, "I'm dedicated to the idea that the United States needs New Orleans - beyond the debauchery that we always talk about, there's a spirit to it, and the culture and history. It's going to take a lot longer to rebuild than anyone thought. It will be smaller. It may be a different city, maybe more like Charleston, S.C.," guesses Jay, whose radio audience began at 1.3 million last year. "Now we're knocking on the door to 4 million."
more via LA Daily News

Court TV Adds Call-In Show to Sirius

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Court TV is adding a daily morning call-in show to its channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Court TV Morning Radio will run from 6 to 9 a.m. and will be hosted by Vinnie Politan, who hosts Bloom & Politan on the Court TV television network. It is slated to debut March 20 on Sirius’ Court TV Radio channel.


Friday, February 17, 2006

FOX News will be back on SIRIUS in March. SIRIUS made a deal, and both SIRIUS and FOX are happy about the price.. Way to go Mel, and FOX.. good to see this worked out.. Mel also said today... "Your Welcome" to XM, because XM will also get this lower price.. that SIRIUS and FOX worked out...

Update: SIRIUS today announced a new long term agreement to carry FOX News and FOX News Talk channels beginning March 14th.The previous agreement between FOX and SIRIUS expired at the end of 2005. FOX News, which has more viewers than all other cable news networks combined, now rejoins SIRIUS' broad lineup of news and information at channel 131. FOX News Talk channel, which offers news, analysis, listener call-ins, and commentary from popular FOX News personalities such as Bill O'Reilly, Tony Snow, John Gibson and Alan Colmes, among others, will air on channel 145.... Kevin Magee, Senior Vice President, FOX News Radio said, "We are pleased to be back on SIRIUS. The renewed agreement adds to our coast-to-coast footprint for both FOX News Radio, as well as our popular talk shows, and reinforces FOX as America's fastest-growing radio news network." more here

Stern Online, "Will Happen"

Mel reported today, that SIRIUS wants to get Howard Stern online for SIRIUS subs, BUT they are worried about the "Backbone" of the internet. Howards last day on FM was LIVE on Yahoo! and that was the largest live event in internet history.. SIRIUS will do it once The security and the ability for an enjoyable listing experience are worked out...

SIRIUS Price not going up yet.....

A SIRIUS subscription price increase is still out there... on today's conference call Mel Karmazin said, "There is a significant opportunity for Sirius to raise the price,"

CNN espanol coming to SIRIUS

Coming later this year.. CNN Espanol.. This is part of the New SIRIUS/CNN agreement

Martha now Streaming online

Starting today.. you can listen to Martha online

Live Portable SIRIUS unit coming this summer

Mel Karmazin just announced that a wearable live portable satellite radio receiver with MP3, and a "Buy Button" will be on sale this summer. As we reported this new items was shown off to Senior Sales Managers at a private CES this year. They also hinted at some other Surprises.

SIRIUS 2006 Guidance

SIRIUS believes that the satellite radio industry will continue to experience strong growth in 2006, and the company expects to have over 6 million subscribers by the end of this year.

Average monthly churn is expected to be approximately 1.8% for 2006. The company expects SAC per gross subscriber addition to approach $110 for the full-year 2006 and to decline further in 2007.

SIRIUS expects to generate approximately $600 million of total revenue in 2006, and approximately $1 billion in 2007. SIRIUS expects an adjusted loss from operations of approximately $540 million in 2006.

SIRIUS ended the fourth quarter of 2005 with approximately $879 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. SIRIUS' first quarter of positive free cash flow, after capital expenditures, could be reached as early as the fourth quarter of 2006, and the company continues to expect to generate positive free cash flow for the full-year 2007.

The company expects capital expenditures to be approximately $110 million in 2006, which includes investments for new revenue generating opportunities such as telematics, video and other data services, as well as network infrastructure expansion, including payments related to the previously disclosed contract to secure a slot for a possible satellite launch prior to year-end 2010.

SIRIUS also believes that in 2010 the company will generate approximately $3 billion in revenue and approximately $1 billion in free cash flow, after capital expenditures.

SIRIUS Reports Record Subscriber Growth and Revenue for 4Q and Full-Year 2005

Subscribers Increased 190% to Over 3.3 Million at Year-End 2005 - Satellite Radio Market Share Leader For Fourth Quarter 2005 - 2005 Revenue Grew 262% to Over $242 Million - More Than 6 Million Subscribers Expected by Year-End 2006 - Company Provides Additional 2006 Full-Year Guidance and 2010 Outlook..

SIRIUS ended 2005 with 3,316,560 subscribers, reflecting a 190% increase in total subscribers for the year and record net subscriber additions of 2,173,302. For the fourth quarter, the company added 1,142,640 net subscribers, making SIRIUS the market share leader in terms of net satellite radio subscriber additions for the quarter. This was the best quarterly gain in the company's history, and a 138% increase over net subscriber additions in the year-ago quarter. SIRIUS' market share of satellite radio net subscriber additions was approximately 45% for full-year 2005 and approximately 56% for the fourth quarter.

Full-year 2005 revenue grew to $242.2 million, up 262% from $66.9 million in 2004, and ahead of guidance for the year. Average monthly churn for the fourth quarter and full-year 2005 was 1.5%, in line with guidance. Subscriber acquisition costs (SAC) per gross subscriber addition was $113 for the fourth quarter and $139 for full-year 2005, a 21% improvement over the full-year 2004 level and ahead of guidance of under $145 for 2005
"2005 was our best year ever and a major milestone for SIRIUS, setting new records in subscribers, market share and revenue," said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS. "We continue to be the fastest growing U.S. provider in this exciting new entertainment category, with strong growth driven by tremendous demand for our products and our programming, including the NFL, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern. In 2006, we believe this positive momentum will be further reflected in our automotive OEM channel, where we expect to more than double our subscriber base."

During 2005, SIRIUS added 1,554,108 net subscribers from its retail channel, a 123% increase from 696,028 net retail subscriber additions in 2004. The company also added 620,224 net subscribers from its automotive OEM channel, more than 241% above net automotive OEM subscriber additions of 181,646 in 2004. For the fourth quarter, SIRIUS added 900,645 net subscribers from its retail channel and 241,705 net subscribers from its automotive OEM channel.

SIRIUS reported a net loss of ($311.4) million, or ($0.23) per share, for the fourth quarter of 2005, and a net loss of ($863.0) million, or ($0.65) per share, for the full-year.

SIRIUS 2005 Achievements

During the year, SIRIUS achieved significant operational milestones including the following:

* Satellite radio market share parity in the retail channel -- retail
market share of 55% for the full-year and 61% for the fourth quarter,
according to The NPD Group

* Rapid acceleration in OEM subscriber additions, with further
acceleration expected in 2006

* Material reduction in SAC per gross subscriber addition, with further
improvements expected in 2006 and beyond

* Long-term exclusive agreements extended with SIRIUS' automotive OEM
partners DaimlerChrysler (Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz), Ford and BMW

* Exciting new programming exclusives with Martha Stewart, Richard
Simmons, the NBA, Adam Curry's Podcast Show, Howard Stern (January
2006) and NASCAR (2007)

* Introduced the critically acclaimed SIRIUS S50, the satellite radio
industry's first wearable device with MP3/WMA capabilities

* Launched SIRIUS Music on the Sprint wireless network, a satellite radio
industry first

* Launched satellite radio service in Canada through SIRIUS' Canadian
affiliate, SIRIUS Canada Inc.

* Enhanced balance sheet and liquidity through a successful $500 million
debt offering

* Key senior management additions in marketing, advertising sales,
retail, business development and investor relations areas Reports Stern's Use of Profanity Jumps 34%

Please file this under Bull Shit....

In a follow-up effort to their January 9, 2006 "Shockulator" media content analysis of Howard Stern's inaugural program on Sirius 100 satellite radio, reported top-line results as follows:

-- A 34% overall increase in profanity: The January 9 Howard Stern show contained 737 total instances of profanity (or 2.23 per minute), while the February 9 show contained 988 (or 3.08 per minute).

-- A 62% increase in F*CKs, with January 9 containing 77 instances and February 9 increasing to 125 (or .39 F-bombs a minute).

-- A 100% increase in SH*Ts, which doubled from 30 to 60.

-- A 100% decrease in C*NTs, from 11 instances to 0. This entry shockulated the "Shockulator" auditors most, with several people losing serious money in the pools.

-- A flat use of A*Ss, with 42 in both shows. However, since the February 9 show ran 10 minutes shorter than the January 9 show, the instances per minute increased from .127 to .131.

Howard Stern Radio Program Comparative Profanity Analysis

Instance of Profanity January 9, 2006 Vs February 9, 2006
Anal 7 - 11
B*kkake 11- 8
C*ck 13 - 15
C*m 5-11
C*nt 11- 0 (look less c*nts)
F*ck 77 - 125
N*gger 2-1
P*ss 7 - 5
P*ssy 18 - 4 (Also less P*ssy)
Sh*t 30 - 60
T*ts 7 - 11

Source: (C) 2006

Thanks for this F*ucking report, it just makes me want to listen more... I'm sure SIRIUS and Howard love all the FREE Press you give them... Also if you do not like all this.. turn off the radio!

Sirius Teams with Raymarine, Marine Weather for E-Series unit..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Raymarine E-Series Displays Now Deliver Real-Time Weather Forecasts from SIRIUS Satellite Radio's New Marine Weather Service. Raymarine, Inc., a world leader in marine electronics, today announced the availability of on-demand access to detailed weather forecast information from SIRIUS Satellite Radio via Raymarine's E-Series high performance multifunction navigation displays. This marks the first time that SIRIUS' satellite weather service has been integrated into marine electronics products. "We're pleased to launch the new SIRIUS Marine Weather service in conjunction with Raymarine," said Larry Pesce, senior vice president of services for SIRIUS. "Boaters across the country will now have access to high quality and comprehensive weather information available over Raymarine's E-Series products."

Available for purchase only in the U.S., SIRIUS Marine Weather Service coverage includes the 48 contiguous states, most of Canada, Mexico and waters extending hundreds of miles into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. A monthly SIRIUS Marine Weather subscription is required to receive forecasts onboard.

The SR100 weather receiver module for Raymarine E-Series is expected to be available in March 2006.

More about the E-Sereis unit here and info about the SR100 here
PR from Raymarine here

The SR100 Sirius Satellite Weather Service Receiver will be around $1,000.00

SIRIUS Canada teams with DaimlerChrysler & Subaru

SIRIUS to be available in two of Subaru's top selling 2007 model year vehicles and in most of DaimlerChrysler Canada's 2007 model year Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep(R) brand vehicles..

More about DaimlerChrysler here and Subaru here...


Will Mel "Showboat" on Friday, After XMs' Bad Day?

(By Scott Moritz, via
"Last week Sirius, the New York pay radio shop, successfully jockeyed to release its earnings a day after archrival XM stunk the joint out with an anticipated poor performance. Not only were XM's losses steeper than expected and costs of adding new subscribers alarmingly high, cost conscious director P. Jack Roberts abruptly quit, warning of a potential crisis ahead.
Now, with XM suffering a mini-implosion, industry observers expect a little showboating from Sirius' CEO, the media showman Mel Karmazin -- at least while the XM stumble lasts. Sirius, for example, has hinted that it may raise its monthly subscriber rate. Karmazin could justify the move by arguing that it has compelling programming, and the additional revenue could help soothe Wall Street's concerns and start to turn the tide of red ink in satellite radio business. Analysts expect Sirius to post a net loss of 22 cents a share on $75.4 million in revenue when the company reports before the opening bell Fruday. Sirius may also give a projected timeframe for when cash generated from sales starts to break even with costs. XM said it expected to reach so-called free-cash-flow breakeven by the end of this year."

On the SIRIUS side you can listen to Mel, online here, or on SIRIUS 125 at 8AM Feb 17th 2006


Sirius Satellite Radio weathers rival's woes

GSI: Stock Watch - Investors of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. responded with a shrug Thursday to problems at its chief rival, apparently willing to grant the company leeway while it strives to add subscribers. XM Satellite Radio Holding Inc.’s shares fell nearly 6% after it announced its quarterly loss widened 43% and a top executive forecast a coming “crisis� for the company and resigned. Despite a similar business model, Sirius saw its shares dip 2% to $5.71.
More via
We will see after Friday how SIRIUS is doing......

XM quarterly loss widens as costs rise - SIRIUS Numbers out Friday

Just some news from XM today about 4Q05, Revenue more than doubled, and topped Wall Street expectations, but the cost of attracting additional subscribers also rose, more here. Also note that SIRIUS will put out their numbers tomorrow.

COSMO Coming to SIRIUS 111 & More....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A new COSMO page is up at SIRIUS.COM.. Get ready for a line up, update coming "VERY SOON" to ADD COSMO, Playboy, Blue Collar Comedy, etc... There is also a Blue Collar tease here, Blue Collar will be on 103, moving SIRIUS Stars to 102...

So look for these changes soon...
111- COSMO
??? - WSM (right now on 111) - Could be on 109

sirius radio

ESPN Deportes Radio Broadcasts on SIRIUS

ESPN Deportes poped up back on Dec 1 2005, and now is in full swing, according from this PR from SIRIUS today..

24-Hour Spanish-Language Sports Radio Available On Channel 181 SIRIUS Is Exclusive Satellite Radio Provider Of Talk And News Programming On ESPN Deportes Radio. ESPN Deportes Radio offers Latino listeners a variety of sports talk programming, news, information, and live events and features a premier talent line-up anchored by Jorge Ramos, one of the country's most respected Spanish-language sportscasters. SIRIUS Satellite Radio is the exclusive satellite radio provider of all of the talk and news programs available on ESPN Deportes Radio.

ESPN Deportes Radio programming highlights on SIRIUS include:
-- Jorge Ramos y 10 mas: Weekdays 4 - 7 p.m. ET. Features interviews with
newsmakers in the world of soccer, appearances by ESPN Deportes
commentators and analysts, and a breakdown of the day's hot topic.
-- Atacando con tres: Weekdays 2 - 4 p.m. ET. Soccer talk show hosted by
Rolando "El Veloz" Gonzalez, long-time radio personality and official
radio voice of the Chivas. Gonzalez is joined by co-hosts Hernan
Pereyra and Noe Vasquez.
-- ESPN al despertar: Weekdays 6 -10 a.m. ET. Fast-paced, informative
morning drive for the sports enthusiast. The show mixes sports news,
analysis, entertainment, and interviews with the biggest newsmakers.
-- A los golpes: Weekdays 10 -11 p.m. ET. A one-hour, fast-paced
weeknight program that features all the news and information from the
world of boxing.
-- SportsCenter: Updates every 20 minutes throughout the day, featuring
breaking sports news and sports highlights.
-- MLS una pasion que crece: Weekdays 11p.m. -12 a.m. ET. One-hour
weeknight program that features the latest scores, updates and
highlights of Major League Soccer.
-- America, Chivas cara a cara: Weekdays 1 - 2 p.m. Daily afternoon show
that features news and information about Club America and Chivas
Rayadas de Guadalajara - historic archrivals in Mexican League soccer.
-- Gol a Gol en ESPN: Saturdays and Sundays 4 p.m. - 12 a.m. ESPN Deportes
Radio commentators cover every soccer game and every goal as it
happens. With up-to-the-minute coverage, analysis and opinion on all
the issues and soccer games underway in Latin America and the rest of
the world.

SIRIUS Canada Selects Fusepoint to Manage Web Email Services

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fusepoint Managed Services, a leading provider of outsourced IT services and infrastructure, today announced it has been selected by SIRIUS Canada to host, manage and maintain a high-performance, high-availability Web site and Microsoft Exchange email solution, including wireless Blackberry support. More

Could this be the first step to getting listen to SIRIUS Canada online??


Monday, February 13, 2006

The Sirius Store will give away 2 S50s to the people that write the best guides for each of the products they sell. You can submit an entry for any of the 24 eligible products that are listed HERE. The S50s will be given to the 2 best entries. You enter by emailing your guide, in HTML or DOC form, to In the subject of your email put the name of the product for which you are submitting the entry. You are welcome to enter more than once (but only once for each product). See all the rules and details here.

Rolling Stones Radio Ending....

GSI is told that Rolling Stones Radio will end this week. Look for the Globe to start on SIRIUS//98 on or about Saturday 2/18. Rolling Stones Radio was to only run from Aug 23 to Sept 29 2005, but as we know Sept 29th came and went, SIRIUS Extended Rolling Stones Radio, and then we were told it would end Jan 1 2006. DISH Network also got this report changing their programming guide. Then once more SIRIUS extended it, GSI reported it would end mid-Feb 2006, after the Stones do the Superbowl. So we will see if the Globe will finally start on SIRIUS! It is also worth making note of the fact that XM will multicast a Stones Concert on Feb 18th...

UPDATE: Dish Network must have gotten the same word as we did, if you look at the programing lineup for 6098 you will notice it now has The globe listed... Who knows when this Stone thing will end...

"Calvin and Me" Comedy Sports Show to SIRIUS

Calvin Murphy makes his comeback on Sirius Radio Channel 122 in a big way with a fresh and new sports/comedy weekly radio/TV show scheduled to begin production at the Fox Sports Grille in Houston titled "Calvin and Me". The two-hour radio program will air weekly on Saturdays @ 1-3pm EST. There will be one rebroadcast during the week. The radio Show will air via Sirius Ch. 122/Sports ByLine.

Calvin Murphy is an NBA Hall of Famer and National Baton Twirling Teenage Champion, Calvin is now known for his fast tongue and classy dressing.

Olympic Attention on Bode gets Free Attention for SIRIUS

Saturday, February 11, 2006

If you got to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies Friday night on NBC, in the 8pm hour there was a lot of talk about Bode Miller. NBC was running B-roll footage of Bode Miller when he was plastered with a large SIRIUS logo on his chest. It was very noticeable, and SIRIUS should be happy with the free advertisement it got on NBC tonight, The opening ceremonies normally bring in very nice ratings. I think the SIRIUS/Bode sponsorship has paid off. SIRIUS will also run some special Olympic programming and is also the home for Bode Millers’ radio show. More about Bode Miller here.

A SIRIUS Valentine's Day

Friday, February 10, 2006

SIRIUS has you covered this year for Valentine's Day. With musical line ups for the lovers and the haters.. Check out the full SIRIUS Valentine's Day line up here and more via orbitcast.

New source for SIRIUS Programming Info

DOGSTARRADIO.COM is new, and is very helpful to find out whats on SIRIUS... It has over 5,000 programs listed weekly, and with special events & sporting events it is the only place to get SIRIUS programming info. With over 96 channels listed, this is one hell of a place to get the most of your $12.95. Check it out at

SIRIUS to Air Daily Reports of Olympic Winter Games

Thursday, February 09, 2006

SIRIUS Satellite Radio will air up-to-the-minute news, interviews with athletes, recaps of the days’ most exciting performances and previews of upcoming competitions on the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy.

The SIRIUS Sports Olympic Desk will air nightly throughout the Torino Games from 6–7 pm ET starting Friday, February 10th - just before the Opening Ceremonies – on SIRIUS Sports, channel 123. The program will then air 5-6 pm ET on Sundays and 7-8 pm ET on Mondays. SIRIUS' Mike Yam will anchor the series and veteran sportscaster Tim Ryan, who will be in Torino covering the Games for NBC, will provide a nightly recap for SIRIUS on location from Italy.

Also from the SIRIUS Faction crew, Olympic gold medalists Jonny Moseley and Kerri Walsh and former Olympic skier Carrie Sheinberg will provide reports from Torino on Faction.
(via orbitcast)

Subaru to Offer SIRIUS as port and dealer option

Subaru B9 Tribeca, Legacy and Outback models pre-wired for XM Satellite Radio -- Subaru Forester and Impreza models pre-wired for Sirius Satellite Radio.. Subaru will pre-wire most of its Forester and Impreza lineup with Sirius Satellite Radio. SIRIUS to be Standard on Subaru Outback Sport Special Edition More

WSI to Provide Aviation Weather Over SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WSI Corporation today announced that it is developing a system that will enable aircraft to receive WSI's leading aviation weather information over SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and SIRIUS' audio programming for passengers. The new WSI InFlight system will be available over SIRIUS for aircraft flying in the SIRIUS satellite coverage area.
WSI Corporation today announced that it is developing a system that will enable aircraft to receive WSI's leading aviation weather information over SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI - News), and SIRIUS' audio programming for passengers. The new WSI InFlight system will be available over SIRIUS for aircraft flying in the SIRIUS satellite coverage area.

Bubba The Love Sponge: Interview

Corey Deitz talked with Bubba The Love Sponge in an Exclusive interview on
Deitz ask Bubba about life after he was kicked off radio. Bubba talks about how he had an ongoing open dialog with SIRIUS...and then after he met Howard [Stern] on November 30 of ‘04, Howard told Bubba to his face - "man to man" - “Trust me. It’ll work out. I’ll make it happen.� And it did. You can read all 3 parts of this interview on Bubba is also the searched-for radio personality right now at

International Launch Services (ILS) announces SIRIUS Launch Deal

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

International Launch Services (ILS) announces three awards as it kicks off its participation this week in a satellite industry conference in Washington, D.C.

Sirius Satellite Radio has purchased a spot for spacecraft launch prior to December 2010. Its three in-orbit satellites were all launched by Proton in 2000.

Mel talked about this back on Jan 9th when he talked with Citigroup.. To have something up by 2010. You can listen to Mel talking about this here

More about International Launch Services here and here
Photos and info from SIRIUS 1st 3 launches (1 2 3)

Win SIRIUS for Life from La Quinta Inn and Suites

You could win!!!
Over 300 SIRIUS Radios with Lifetime.. Stay between now and April 30th to earn Triple Returnsâ„¢ Points** when you book through You'll also have a chance to win one of 300 SIRIUS Satellite Radios with 1-year subscriptions. And, everyone who plays will also receive a special 7-day free online trial of SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Could this be a start of a new relationship with SIRIUS and La Quinta??

The La Quinta Corporation is one of the largest owner/operators of limited service hotels in the U.S. With its La Quinta and Baymont brands, La Quinta Corporation now owns, operates, or franchises more than 600 hotels in the U.S. and Canada.


Right now W Hotels and SIRIUS have a this deal..

Rumor: SIRIUS Raise Sub Rates by $1??

Sirius has spent a fortune acquiring talent like Stern, and some investors are starting to want to see some payback on their investment. One analyst says it wouldn't be surprising to see Sirius raise its monthly rate $1 to $14. Consumers might not flinch if they think Sirius has better programming, and Wall Street can appreciate the move's boost to the top line.

We at GSI are looking in to this and contact some folks we know in the know, and they did not have any info to give us....


SIRIUS Playing Chicken with XM over 4Q Numbers

It was very funny today to see XM come out around 10am with info on reporting its 4Q05 numbers. Then just a few hours later SIRIUS comes out telling us they will report their 4Q05 a day later. Scott Moritz from wrote:

"When programming executives take charge, you can expect a little jockeying for exposure.

Analysts and investors have been awaiting fourth-quarter updates from satellite radio rivals Sirius and XM. As earnings period rolled along and the companies remained mum on their reporting dates, speculation arose that Sirius chief Mel Karmazin didn't want to share the limelight with his rivals down in Washington.

That talk seemed to prove out Tuesday, as XM said it would post fourth-quarter numbers next Thursday and Sirius followed suit with plans to report the day after. Sirius committed to its Feb. 17 appointment less than four hours after XM announced the timing of its own release.

Observers suspect that XM may report the weaker numbers, with higher-than-expected costs per subscriber addition and possibly a slip in market share as Howard Stern pulled users to Sirius. Some momentum at Sirius certainly appeared visible last month, when the company surprised bystanders by outgaining its bigger rival for the fourth quarter on the subscriber rolls.

Sirius declined to comment and XM did not return a call seeking comment

More via


Sirius shares jumped 19 cents to $5.68, while XM fell a penny to $23.54 in afternoon trading.
More info on SIRIUS 4Q numbers

SIRIUS to Announce 2005 Financial and Operating Results On February 17

SIRIUS plans to release 2005 financial and operating results on February 17, 2006.

SIRIUS will hold a conference call at 8:00 am ET to discuss these results. Investors and the press can listen to the conference call via the company's website,, and on its satellite radio service by tuning to SIRIUS Channel 125.

A replay of the call will be available

Also get info about what Merrill Lynch thinks


Protect your S50 with a rubber

If you are looking for a way to keep your S50 safe, get a rubber to protect it! Speck Products has just released a line of Skin-Tight Skins for the S50 ... more

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