Will Howard Be On The Air Up North?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New rumors have been flying around about Howard on SIRIUS Canada, back on Dec 13th after the launch of SIRIUS Canada the CBC did a story about SIRIUS in Canada, at the 9:17 mark of this clip, the reporter tells us the Stern will be on in Canada in Jan. There is a new story here "At this time, Howard Stern is not part of the Sirius Canada initial channel lineup," said Jeff Roman, a spokesman for Sirius Canada Inc. So for you folks up north, It is not looking good for Stern on SIRIUS Canada. We will follow this story, at this time no one can tell what SIRIUS Canada is thinking, and you really can not believe anything you read or hear about this story. Roman would not comment on whether Sirius Canada decided against airing Stern in Canada to avoid a run-in with government censors. We will follow this.


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