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Saturday, January 28, 2006

GSI: Exclusive
Many folks were shocked that SIRIUS did not have much to show off at CES this year. SIRIUS and retail executives had a closed meeting at CES. SIRIUS did let these VIPs see a hint as to what SIRIUS has in the works. In the past some SIRIUS units shown off at CES have not had the best of luck like the Xact Rego. Last summer SIRIUS had a media day to show off new stuff like the S50, SIRIUS One, and Starmate Replay. In the past some SIRIUS units have just popped up like the Sportster Replay. We are told SIRIUS is not looking to talk up products way in advance as they did in the past. As most know the S50 was pushed back over and over, upsetting some. Now GSI has learned that new SIRIUS units are in production. Now full details are being kept very tight, but we want to report of some tidbits that have leaked. Please note the information we are reporting is from inside sources. When we get email tips, then we at GSI check into the information and report the info we find out. Please treat this information in the following way. We know that SIRIUS has units due out around June.. and details of the unit(s) have not yet been released. We are getting some details of these units, these details are just bits of info from a number of sources. Here is what we are hearing, look for a next generation Sportster, smaller, sleeker, and "improved display layout". Our source tells us of a rumor about some new SIRIUS plug and play units going to a S50 like display, with station logos, and color display. We do not know if this new Sportster will have an S50 like display but some speculation is that it will. We are also told the "new" sportster may not work in the current sporster docks due to the smaller size of the unit. Back on Dec 8th we reported some rumors of the S50 going portable. Some internet chat was that the S50 would get a portable dock to make the current unit work on the go. The S50 car and home docks are were the satellite receiver is located. We are told that there is no plan for such an S50 portable kit at this time. Our sources tell us that SIRIUS is working on an S50 like unit that will be portable for father's day. May and June in the past has been the time when SIRIUS has released new items. We are following some trails of info about other units and we will post info when we get more sold info on them.

Once more the info above is just speculation and rumors based on info provided by GSI sources.

GSI was the first to post info about the first SatRad with a color display back on Aug 22 (here)... and the first to post info about the Startmate replay (here)... so let our track record on SIRIUS hardware be a statement on the quality of our sources.


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