Time Trax Announces Compatibility with the Sirius Sportster

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time Trax Technologies, whose hardware and software products allow people to easily deaggregate radio broadcasts to timeshift and build free music libraries, announced a product to allows its PC software, Recast, to operate with the Sirius Sportster radio. The Sirius Sportster is the first 'plug-n-play' radio that Time Trax has announced compatibility. The overwhelming interest in Sirius, ongoing strong sales and a large installed user base encouraged Time Trax to make the Sportster the first movable radio to be used to function for timeshifting and the building of music libraries.
"The Sportster has been an overwhelmingly favorite choice amongst Sirius customers and now those people can use it in their car, their portable boombox, connected to their home stereo and connected to their PC to use with Recast," according to Elliott D. Frutkin, President & CEO of Time Trax Technologies.
The Sportster compatible product will be available for pre-order on the Time Trax website (http://www.timetraxtech.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1) on Friday, January 6 and will ship in early April 2006.
Time Trax plans support for many transportable satellite radios in 2006. No information is currently available about which radios will be supported and when the company will make further compatibility announcements.


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