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Friday, January 06, 2006

OK here we go, I knew it was only a matter of time before some whack job would decided to go after SIRIUS about their content, and Stern. Martin Bayne questions “why a company as large as Sirius - which stands to impact society in tremendous ways - would employ someone at $100,000,000 per year to attack the fiber of society. And, like others, Bayne encourages the public to take action - to boycott Sirius.� This guy has put out some Press Release that you can read here, and has started a website called In the Press Release in an attempt to give his argument about Howard Stern and SIRIUS, he quoted a story from May 2005, when John Krafcik, “Hyundai vice president of product development and strategic planning, told Inside Line that executives were stunned by the number of 'unprompted write-ins' on the survey that said customers were 'not comfortable with programming from Stern.� Now I can sit here all day and counteract his weak arguments, and wonder why someone is only targeting SIRIUS, and Howard Stern, and not other Satrad shock jocks, I normally would not want to give someone like this the attention they desire, but please fell free to check out his webpage, email or call Martin Bayne and tell him what you think of his crusade.. You might want to ask about his timing… Why he did not do something like this when Stern was on Free radio, and why he did this when SIRIUS has just had a record quarter, (most new subs becuase of Stern) and sent out a press release a day after SIRIUS released its numbers from 4Q 05,

uut performing its competition... Some questions I think Martin needs to answer. Here is contact information:
Martin Bayne and 518-724-3446

Read full PR here

Chat about this here


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