2 Million to get Satrad in Canada, and SIRIUS has the edge...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A new survey by Decima Research says satellite radio has become widely known to Canadian consumers, and its potential to impact the radio market is large.
A sampling of key findings from the Decima proprietary study conducted last month:

- More than three-quarters (77%) say they are aware of satellite radio. This heightened awareness is led by men (87%), those 25-34 (86%), and households with $100K annual income or more (87%).

- 3% of Canadians say they or someone else in their household subscribes to either Canadian or U.S. grey market satellite radio services.

- Another 6%, the equivalent of up to 2 million Canadians, said they would likely subscribe within the next year at a price of $13 per month. Another 14% said they might or might not subscribe within the next year.

- Sirius Canada appears to hold an early advantage in terms of current and potential market share over XM Canada. Among those likely to buy a satellite radio within the next year, more than twice as many (27%) are leaning towards Sirius Canada versus 12% for XM Canada.

(via Orbitcast and Cablecaster)


Blogger Mike said...

So, how does this effects Sirius's bottom line. I know that Sirius in the USA subscribers are kept separate from Canada's subscriber numbers. How does Sirius Canada revenue flow translate into cash flow for Sirius? They can't be completely different companies.

Tue Jan 17, 10:51:00 PM EST  

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